What in the world are they spraying?! (FULL MOVIE PLAYLIST)



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  • This is great! You have a header on the chrome browser FedJack! W007!

  • This is really shocking;; i need to do some research about it too..

  • Nice! Downloaded until I can buy it >.<

  • I will mail u a copy. Just email me ur new address.

  • Speaking on the subject: ‘What are they spraying???’

    Today, (12/8/2010), I witnessed the most massive ‘Chemtrail’ spraying that I have ever seen. I counted at least 15 to 20 separate ‘Chemtrails’ being sprayed over Orange/Seminole county’s, FL. The planes were flying in from the southeast to the northwest like a fighter squadron in at least 3 to 5 waves. The sky was covered from east to west with the trails reaching from north to south. (Sorry, no pictures, I do not own a video camera nor do I carry a camera with me because of the risk of theft.)

    People, did anyone witness the ‘Chemtrails’???

    Good Day.

  • Where can I find this video where it hasn’t been ripped off the internet?
    someone please let me know.

  • go to our truth movie section, the button is on the right side of the website. a link to the movie is there

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