What Happened to JFK’s Brain???

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(FEDERALJACK)   This is shocking video taken from a mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, in which Paul K. O’Connor testifies about the whereabouts of JFK’s missing brain. O’Connor was an attendant at the autopsy in Bethesda. Even though it was a mock trial, the judge, jury and attorneys are real (not actors), and the witnesses testify under oath. The prosecutor is Vincent Bugliosi, the defense attorney is Gerry Spence. O’Connor is clearly nervous about testifying. He says some pretty shocking things; even Bugliosi is shocked and surprised by the testimony. O’Connor is especially nervous about what he has to say at the end.



4 Responses to “What Happened to JFK’s Brain???”
  1. Andre' E. Williams says:

    Why would the investigators and the initial personnel give a description of JFK’s brain in such detail. Perhaps there was two sets of evidence. One from a fake autopsy and the other from the real autopsy? O’Connor is nervous because perhaps the brain had been removed before the autopsy. To admit that there was no brain, may have suggested that the brain cavity had been cleaned out and disposed of. Well, that’s what I think.

  2. vicki says:

    What difference does it make if there were a brain or not. Dead is dead, why are they making this big hoopla over his brain?

  3. Tucker says:

    Let me throw out a possibility. Now, I am no forensics expert and most certainly not a medical expert, but is it possible that the brain tissue might have been examined and could such an examination have revealed that multiple gunshots had impacted JFK’s head, and could the forensics technology available at the time been able to determine the most probably angle and directional flight path of each bullet entry hole?

    This information could have proven that the lone assassin narrative – which obviously had been cooked up prior to the actual murder occurring – would have melted under any exposure of this forensics information? Hence, the brain had to be disposed of, because it might have been evidence to disprove the preplanned narrative?

  4. Bob says:

    What if Tippit’s brain was substituted…

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