Welcome To Carnis Village, The Mock American Town Set-Up For Domestic Urban Warfare Training


(FederalJack  Editors Note: I want to preface this article by giving a very special thanks to the brave individuals who obtained exclusive photographs of the facility, leaking the initial report to our agency.

FORT CHAFFEE, ARKANSAS — Carnis Village is what the Army National Guard calls it. A mock American town which even contains dummy citizens for domestic training purposes. Located on the grounds of the Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center, the massive training compound is likely a dead-ringer clue foreshadowing the grim path we are now traversing as a nation.

No longer are we free, “Big Brother” lurks around every corner, further pushing the populace into submission. In fact, it’s now widely accepted that cameras are everywhere, watching every facet of our lives, tracking us in real-time.

We also notice the massive police state presence that has been ramping up. Free humans are not even allowed to photograph or film in public anymore in some cases. What ever happened to the concept of photography or journalism? Avenues that are being blocked by the globalists now on all levels.

While likely all of this is a forced conditioning procedure implemented on the populace by the powers-that-be, we as free thinking individuals need to recognize the warning signs and dangers that are swiftly pulling us into an unstoppable downward spiral as a nation.


Now, upon publication of this exclusive Federaljack.com expose’, the U.S. Army has some explaining to do regarding this massive training facility which sits adjacent to the city of Forth Smith, alongside the Arkansas River. The facility is currently active and is in use by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), military and other domestic agencies.

While the military may be able to explain away this facility for use in overseas training, DHS and other domestic agencies simply can not.


FORT CHAFFEE, ARKANSAS: Carnis City, The mock American town appears to even have a church included for added detail. (Photo: Federaljack.com)

The entire mock town has an eerie feeling to it.

Why would the U.S. government need such a facility?

The mock town details are astonishing to say the least, there is even a mock bus stop for various role-playing and urban warfare training scenarios.


FORT CHAFFEE: Urban Warfare Training Facility. Bus stops outside of what apears to be either a municipal building like a townhall, or a hospital. (Description: Popeye of FederalJack.com / DTRH, Photo:Federaljack.com)

The following statement was submitted by the individual who took the photographs;

I am a former US soldier, and I have trained at Military Operations, Urban Terrain (MOUT) sites many times prior to visiting this facility at Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas.

The sites are generally very generic in appearance, block buildings that cannot be identified to any specific location or culture, block buildings used for basic entry tactics and training to fight in urban locations anywhere world wide.

My first experience at a facility that looked as if it had been designed for a specific region was at Ft. Irwin, California, at the National Training Center. In that location they have a MOUT “City” which is set up to resemble a middle eastern location. Quite logical given the current war on terror, with its focus on the middle east.

However, the center at Ft. Chaffee seems eerily similar to any given US downtown location. There is a church, not a mosque. There is a bank that has a drive in ATM and even has the triangle of the local Arvest Bank. There are townhouses, a city hall, a two story high school with boys and girls restrooms and more.

The fine details of the facility make it quite obvious to myself that this site was set up for domestic warfare training proposes or for a westernized nation that shares a similar culture of architecture to that of America.

We like to say that we train as we fight. Given the current political climate developing in the United States, don’t be so quick to dismiss this as a conspiracy theory. Millions of dollars were spent developing this facility with a very specific concept in mind.”

It’s scary knowing that all of this is underway right here in America.


In fact, an Infowars.com article published back in May, details how the military now needs no presidential authorization to act in times of civil disturbance. An excerpt from the article written by Paul Joseph Watson reads, “A recent Department of Defense instruction alters the US code applying to the military’s involvement in domestic law enforcement by allowing US troops to quell “civil disturbances” domestically without any Presidential authorization, greasing the skids for a de facto military coup in America along with the wholesale abolition of Posse Comitatus.

The instruction, which was originally released in February yet has only come to light this week, outlines DoD policy regarding, “DoD support to Federal, State, tribal, and local civilian law enforcement agencies, including responses to civil disturbances within the United States.”

This is particularly disturbing to some as the military has seemingly now gone rogue.

Another article by Wsws.com points out how urban warfare drills are being conducted now in major cities such as Chicago and others reading, “In the late evening hours of July 22, several Blackhawk helicopters flew low over central areas of the city of Chicago without any lights, startling a number of residents who were not aware of the scheduled military helicopter training exercises.”

All of these drills, including “Active Shooter” drills which are now taking place now all over the country, are not in the best interest of the American public. In fact, in most cases people now fear their government, likely from scenarios such as the ones described here.

Bill Van Auken points out the fact that, “Such operations are unquestionably of central importance to the US military. Over the past decade, its primary mission, as evidenced in Afghanistan and Iraq, has been the invasion and occupation of relatively powerless countries and the subjugation of their resisting populations, often in house-to-house fighting in urban centers.

The Army operates a 1,000 acre Urban Training Center in south-central Indiana that boasts over 1,500 “training structures” designed to simulate houses, schools, hospitals and factories. The center’s web site states that it “can be tailored to replicate both foreign and domestic scenarios.”

What does flying Blackhawks low over Chicago apartment buildings or rolling armored military convoys through the streets of St. Louis accomplish that cannot be achieved through the sprawling training center’s simulations? Last year alone, there were at least seven such exercises, including in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Tampa, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Creeds, Virginia.

The most obvious answer is that these exercises accustom troops to operating in US cities, while desensitizing the American people to the domestic deployment of US military might.

Preparations for such deployments are already far advanced. Over the past decade, under the pretext of prosecuting a “global war on terror,” Washington has enacted a raft of repressive legislation and created a vast new bureaucracy of state control under the Department of Homeland Security. Under the Obama administration, the White House has claimed the power to throw enemies of the state into indefinite military detention or even assassinate them on US soil by means of drone strikes, while radically expanding electronic spying on the American population.”

What will be the governments limit to the unlawful violation of our rights as free individuals and ongoing trend of increased draconian police state measures and protocols in America?

It’s time the public demands answers.





Rep. David Meeks Ft Chaf

Arkansas State Rep. David Meeks at Ft. Chaffee. Don’t let the lawmakers fool you. They know.



FORT CHAFFEE: Urban Warfare Training Facility. This is a target dummy that is dressed up in whatever garb “the enemy” is wearing, and made to make sudden movements. Since the operators are using paintballs instead of live fire they can be reused. (Description: Popeye of FederalJack.com / DTRH, Photo: Federaljack.com)



FORT CHAFFEE: Urban Warfare Training Facility. The building on the left looks like a warehouse type building complete with open bay doors. The building on the right looks allot like a two story hotel, like a Days Inn. (Description: Popeye of FederalJack.com / DTRH, Photo: Federaljack.com)


FORT CHAFFEE: Urban Warfare Training Facility. Bus stops outside of what apears to be either a municipal building like a townhall, or a hospital. (Description: Popeye of FederalJack.com / DTRH, Photo: Federaljack.com)


FORT CHAFFEE: Urban Warfare Training Facility (Photo: Federaljack.com)



FORT CHAFFEE: Urban Warfare Training Facility. Here we have any town USA. On the left you see a building which looks like any apartment, or townhouse building here in the states. On the left you have small houses and out of the picture on the right is what looks like any store front in a modern city here in the states. (Description: Popeye of FederalJack.com / DTRH, Photo: Federaljack.com)


FORT CHAFFEE: Urban Warfare Training Facility (Photo: Federaljack.com)


FORT CHAFFEE: Urban Warfare Training Facility (Photo: Federaljack.com)


FORT CHAFFEE: Urban Warfare Training Facility (Photo: Federaljack.com)


FORT CHAFFEE: Urban Warfare Training Facility. This building looks like a very common store front set-up you would see in any big American city. (Description: Popeye of FederalJack.com / DTRH, Photo: Federaljack.com)


FORT CHAFFEE: Urban Warfare Training Facility (Photo: Federaljack.com)



FORT CHAFFEE: Urban Warfare Training Facility. The store even has an alley next to it with a gate for access to the side and rear areas like most American stores have. (Description: Popeye of FederalJack.com / DTRH, Photo: Federaljack.com)



FORT CHAFFEE: Urban Warfare Training Facility (Photo: Federaljack.com)

29 Responses to Welcome To Carnis Village, The Mock American Town Set-Up For Domestic Urban Warfare Training

  • ONE DAY AFTER 9/11 , Dan Rather said that Fort Chaffee was on Osamas top 10 hit list.Saw it on the six o’clock news my self.That’s what I want to know.WHY? Never another word said about that….?

  • Preparing for your jail sentence, traitors.

  • THE american people will be asleep for the most part in the coming take over(which they fail at)BUT just like KENT STATE UNIVERSITY,no would have believed the national guard would GUN DOWN COLLEGE STUDENTS who were unarmed and protesting an illegal war,BUT THEY WERE WRONG,military kids are so brainwashed they’d shoot their six year old little sister,IF THEIR SARGENT TOLD THEM TO,and he will…anyone who believes the US MILITARY won’t attack and kill their own family,refer back to kent state..they intend to kill and capture as many americans as possible so they can chop off their heads and even if your to stupid to understand this, YOU WILL THE HARD WAY..CAUSE ITS COMING and all the BELLS ARE RINGING on this,saying DANGER,DANGER WILL ROBINSON,danger,danger america……get ready its coming your way…………and being the COWARDS they are, IT WILL BE A SURPRISE ATTACK,and you can take that to the bank…..RED DAWN…….guaranteed………….

  • It should be obvious by now that one of the purposes of the invasion of Iraq was urban guerrilla warfare training.

    As Arizona stated above, the Kent State massacre was a precursor of things to come.

  • facebook whore. what. i cant read an article on your site without liking federal jack on facebook first? fuckoff. your site sux. notice i left my real name and real website. because i have some integrity. dumbass. the like i had to click to leave this comment is rescinded immediately, and note to self to never visit your site.

  • Although I agree with the points of this article, I would add my conjecture that these type buildings are not solely found on American soil e.g. Modern districts of larger Mexican and South American cities, Israel, American worker’s compounds in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, etc. Basically it makes a good supplement to the more stereotypical "very foreign" or Middle-East Arab town with what appears to be generic modern construction buildings – despite having interior "American" details. To keep costs down, I imagine off-the-shelf blueprints ( naturally containing American style amenities ) would be used, as well as labor firms that need no experience or training in unfamiliar construction designs. Most of all, and maybe most importantly, this type town would allow a dual-use as a training site for U.S. federal or local law enforcement that would indeed need training for something like an American bank robbery / hostage situation / school shooting where an American style layout would be most needed.

  • to learn regarding WMD and Chaffee google this combo: [ fort chaffee + hamish + chips + ioc + pastel ] Don’t be afraid of them, they are afraid of us. Another useful combo [ max cleland + field mcconnell + chambliss + bush +2002 ]

  • Actually you can just close the pop up out by hitting the little X in the corner. It is a reminder to the readers that we have a facebook page where we post links to the articles on the website. It’s another way for the readers to get updates faster. The irony in this is that you call yourself “zen shaman,” yet are far from zen, or a shaman. Next time pay close attention and use a wee bit of logic before opening your mouth, that way you won’t look so ignorant.

  • I retired from the Army in early 2013. I am somewhat discusted with how the country is being ran right now and I know the conspiracy therists out there are looking for anything to grasp onto and post to the internet. I saw a video on utube about a train full of military equipment going through south California and the narrorator was acting as if it was a big deal and the Military had some big secret to keep as to why that train was in south California. Well, I have an answer for you about that train. Are you ready for this “Big Secret” Its called Fort Erwin, there is and always has been a training ground there for all services. Its called The National Training Center. Its not a secret, its real…you can even Google it. The Military helocopters in Chicago? Well all pilots have to have night flights and those were most likely NG on an training flight. The equiplent that soposedly went through St. Louis? DEPOT for rebuild.

  • You should see the one here at Ft. Knox. I would send pictures but it’s secret enough that you’ll be shot if you try to take any. They frequently send e-mails out to government workers to participate as rioters or detainees for operations at the center. I’m retired military and worked as a civilian here until recently. I used to get at least one e-mail a month advertising for role players.

  • this is fear porn.

    recall the deep underground bases? recall the 50 missing NUCLEAR weapons nobody is talking about any more? recall the over 200 senior military commanders removed from duty?

    sounds like the recipe for extinction of humanity to me.

    this mock town is a scarecrow.

  • NO!


  • Waco , Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City , 9-11 were all test to see how the public would react.

    With each of the above we lost more freedoms and it continues.

  • I spent 13 years in our Army. 7 years active duty with 4 of those years as a combat medic with the 82nd Airborne. I spent another 5 years in the Guard and Reserve. I know for a fact that the men and woman I served with would never fire on American citizens. They were not brainwashed children and would never kill family and friends. That said, I think that the world order thing is a very real threat. The Bible does state that it will come about and all I can say about that is keep your Bible close and your powder dry.

  • They also have one of these facilities at Fort A.P. Hill in VA.

  • Where in the pictures are the crossed swords that lead in to Carnis Village? Replicas of the crossed swords in Baghdad. Which was urban terrain, complete with hotels, hospitals, municiple buildings, police and fire stations.
    The MOUT site at Fort Chaffee is used to prepare soldiers for the 3 dimensional Battlefield.

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