WeAreChange – LA Confronts the Real Black Pope

black-pope(WeAreChange – LA)   WeAreChangeLA wanted to get the skinny on the Jesuit General’s nickname and the legendary High Oath of the Jesuits. Who better to go to than the General himself?! We also threw some 9/11 Truth questions at him, you know us. Anyway the General didn’t do so hot.
I thought for sure he would be ready for such questions since the Vatican has been vehemently denying the existence of the High Oath for decades. I’m not calling the Father dishonest, but I would be VERY surprised if he had never heard/seen the striking and, dare I say it, damning text before we met.

I’ve got insight for anyone who believes that this man, the Black Pope, is “the most powerful man on earth.” Fear not. He has nothing on us. This little fellow cowers and shrinks in the face of a Truth Teller. He seemed totally overwhelmed by my very presence and needed his handlers to rescue him. I’m not kidding, the Black Pope has the presence of an oyster.

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  • You espect that he confesses?


    Read Vatican Assassins a Book of 1840 pages of pure muscle about the jesuit order across the centuries.

    700 photos and 1200 pages of just quotes from books from the time they are talking about (from the order’s start to 20 century) and supressed books.

    This man is the Total Head of The New World Order.

    Just think about it; a little history recordatory. In the middle ages, like now, the Kings and their family ruled the people, and The Popes Ruled Above them… actually nothing has changed!

    Realize that:

    +David Rockefeller= Knight of Malta (papal knight of malta)
    +Amchel Mayer von Rothchild = Knight of Malta
    +Bush Senior= Knight of Malta
    +Heinrich Himmler =Knight of Malta.
    +Tony Blair =Knight of Malta (now Converted Roman Catholic)
    +(King) Juan Carlos, King of Jerusalem= Knight of Malta
    +Henry Kissinger =Knight of Malta (envoy of EEUU to the Vatican)
    +J. Edgar Hoover =Kinght of Malta
    +Juan Peron=Knight of Malta (the dictator who got the mayority of the nazis after ww2)
    +Rupert Murdoch =Knight of Malta (c’mon, but he is a jew!.. They are just a tool to blame, just like previos ww2)
    +Robert Zoellick =Knight of Malta (world bank anyone?)
    +Lucio Gelli =Knight of Malta (Masonic P2 lodge)
    +and on and on.

    Se a conection here?



  • no doubt

  • You guy wannna here something fascinating. I just saw this video on youtube outlining the crest for prince charles of whales and it ties right into the book of revelations chapter 13 as the anti-christ. If he becomes the head of the U.N. then the end might be closer then we think. The U.N. has an election in late June of this year for the new secretary general. We might se him come about then whoever the anti-christ will be. Just wait and see. Revelations 13.

  • Great Job!

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