Wearechange Boston/ Rhode Island Confront Bill maher and Ann Coulter

What you won’t see, due to security within the venue, is Bill Maher and Ann Coulter make a mockery of intelligent debate, for that you will just have to see anything they have ever produced. Before a thoroughly disappointed and reactive audience at the 2009 "speaker series" Maher and Coulter insult veterans, widows, and those who would dare express love for God. Many audience members are ejected as the actors on stage wave for security to escort out of the building anyone daring to break the rhythm of their scripted exchange. Coulter states that the Jersey widows who lost their husbands during the 9/11 attacks can whine all they want about a fair investigation while Maher is worse, not to mention pathetic. Outside, with the people, Maher and Coulter show themselves to be the cowards they are, protected by heavy security and whisked away to the safety of their shared hotel. Mark follows Coulter’s tightened windowed black tinted ride through the streets of Boston on his bike reminding her at every crossroads that the American people are awake. Nate remains behind on the sidewalk surrounded by Maher’s security as they question his right to stand on the street in America and figure out how to back Bill’s car right up to the door for a neater getaway. Get Active. The Time Is Now. We Are Change. Peace.

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