Washington Social Services Exposed – Browser logs and e-mails leaked

I found it hilarious that these emails whined about not having the tenth of November off and what to eat for lunch; however, the most interesting part about the emails is the template or form letters used to kidnap infants from the hospital.  Considering that a social worker really needs to have an infant taken from a hospital, shouldn’t they be writing the truth in a personalized letter to the hospital with the genuine reasons for ripping a child from their mother at birth?
It would stand to reason that if it is necessary to rip a newborn (who needs the mother’s antibodies in at LEAST the first three days of life) from their mother at birth, it would constitute a few moments to write an individual letter to explain why.  I encourage everyone to see their tax dollars hard at work in these emails.  There is a lot of repeating going on in them, but if you read through the entire thing, you will find everything I am discussing in this article.
Also, in the browser logs from the day our videos of the social workers were deleted, it showed that they were logging on to http://www.federaljack.com and http://serenahsangels.co.nr/ and our guess is that is how they came to know that we had the videos.  They searched for any information on the Berty family’s situation being publicized and did all they could to eliminate all evidence of their atrocious crime of kidnapping their newborn for no reason.  I wonder how they feel about the fact that we have the videos up on an offshore server that they cannot touch now.  One can only imagine.
C. Patience Summers can be reached at serenahsangels@yahoo.com

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