Was Amy Winehouse Killed By The Illuminati As A Ritual Sacrifice?

(USA HITMAN)   Now after doing this post on the Club 27 Deaths.. I found some more information about the death of Amy Winehouse.. Could it be a coincidence that a lot of people died in the entertainment industry at age 27? I found this piece of information which is interesting; Cognitive Decline Begins Around 27. So does this ‘brain decline’ have anything to do with all these mysterious deaths?! After that I found this fascinating quote by Kurt Cobain’s Mom which was on BBC News : “Now he’s gone and joined that stupid club, I told him not to join that stupid club.” What is she talking about? Did he have a choice? I just don’t know what to think about this conspiracy or if there even is one! The quote below explains the crazy connection between the Illuminati and the Amy Winehouse..

The 27 year old singer was found dead at her home. The reason for death has not been confirmed yet, but “drug overdose” is the suspected cause. Though how she died might be still a question, we have a clue who exactly was responsible. Joining more than 34 artists in the “27 club”, she was a sacrifice.

Winehouse was quoted saying, “I have a feeling I’m gonna die young”, in 2008 to her former personal assistant, Alex Haines who’s exact quote was: “She reckoned she would join the 27 Club of rock stars who died at that age. She told me, ”I have a feeling I”m gonna die young.’” December 2008, also the exact year of her Blood Sacrifice art sculpture of her shown dead and shot with blood out of her brains *Monarch Mind Control and a Minnie mouse mask *Mickey Mouse Programming, November 2008. Her sacrifice was planned out 3 years later, and she died 3 days after last performance. Many artists do a photoshoot or movie that depicts their own death and in that exact way they are dead. In her case, a blood sacrifice art sculpture left her in a blood sacrifice for the 27 Club. She predicted her own death after the photoshoot which is typical: Brittany Murphy, Tupac, Heath Ledger, and many more all knew they were going to die. However she was heavily under mind control and programming at the time of her death.
Amy Winehouse was programmed since birth or rather born into ritual/typical Mk-Ultra abuse, and Kelly Osbourne tweeted that who is also a Mk-Ultra slave whom her dad has the key to her alters.

Rehab is another word or code for reprogramming, so yes she was in her programmed alter/state of mind (dissociation) when she died. Found ‘dead’ on 7/23/11, age 27 and 311 days. Obviously masonic 311 stands for 3 x 11 or 33 (degree). Since she is a member of the 27 Club, the amount of days after they turned 27 is important and counted. So exactly on the 311th day after tuning 27 she is dead. The whole date together (7+2+3+1+1) is 14 and 27 (2 x 7) is 14. 7×2=14 3×11=33 or 7×2=14 3+11=14 so 14/14 from the date: (7/2)(3/11) 7/23/11 . Now using the total 14: 14-11 is 3 and 14-3=11. See the pattern? 2011 (2+0+1+1) is 13. Numerology works with a number/number, so (2+3+1+1)=7 or 7/7. 14/14. Double digits or the same number repeated 77 gives power to the ritual. Add the numbers (7+2+3+11), you get 23 altogether. Add (7+2+3+2+0+11), you get 25 or 7. Artists are known to die on the date 25/age 25 or age 27. This is because 25 in the occult stands for 7 while 27 stands for 9. 7, 9, 11, 13, 23, 25, and 33 are occult numbers which are all used in the date. Her tattoos consists of a bluebird, ruby shoes, lightening. Kelly Osbourne tweeted this: “I miss my friend. I’m going to be off Twitter for awhile.

Thank you for all your support!” How many artists said the same exact thing when someone in their family died or a friend? Soulja Boy and Nicki Minaj both tweeted ‘thanks for the support’ or ‘i’m going to be off twitter for a while’. Always on twitter (bird dehumanization). The ‘support’ or thanking from their fans is part of the whole ritual sacrifice the feed off the mass media publication. The number 27 is a lunar symbol, for light in darkness or light itself. 27 Club consists of other artists specifically rock who also had problems with drugs, addiction, and substance abuse which led them to death or a ritual sacrifice. Note this. At age 27, there’s the highest brain activity, and then it starts to deteriorate slowly. That’s why it’s called the “Forever 27 Club” or 27 curse. It is linked with Mk-Ultra- living “forever young”. She was a blood sacrifice to Kelly Osbourne (most likely) other conclusions her godchild or her father. R.I.P For more on Amy Winehouse: click here Her body was taken out of her home in a complete, red body bag. Red is the color of ultimate blood sacrifice and a ritual. Time of death: Amy Winehouse was found in her apartment at 4:05 P.M. 4+5=9. She died 27 years 2+7=9.

Red body bag, blood sacrifice ritual.

-Found dead 4:05 P.M (9)
-Died 27. (9) 27 Club.
-Screaming, howling, drums beating early morning by her neighbor which he said was completely unlike her, he is certain she died Friday. I do too.
-Carried out in complete red.
-Died 27 years old and 311 days (33)
-Blood sacrifice art sculpture with blood and a minnie mouse mask 3 years before her death.
-Died 3 days after last concert.
-Told her manager she was going to die exactly 27 years old.
-7/23/11 (Contains all numerology in date)
-Unknown cause of death, Autopsy fails, inconclusive. (lethal injection) 100% not caused by overdose or drugs for autopsy failed.
-So she was killed on Friday in a ritual than her dead body found in her apartment on the exact numerology planned date. If she died Friday, which I 100% believe she did just as her neighbor confirmed noises. she would have died 7/22/11 22+11=33 the same day as the Olso bombing, still masonic either way 311 days 3×11=33. They couldn’t have the death on the exact same day too much distraction. So Amy’s death was planned the next day.
-Was a 100% Monarch Programmed slave born into ritual.
-Murdered as ritual killing, blood sacrifice to someone, solstice sacrifice to the Forever 27 Club.


Her Neighbor in Camden Heard ‘Screaming and Howling’

One of her neighbours said he is convinced she died in the early hours of Friday because he heard screaming.“I think something happened that night. It sounded like some weird sexual game. There was screaming and howling.”The man, who would not be named, said he was woken by the sound at around 2am that night.

“It just sounded really weird and my son said he heard some kind of drum beating.” This afternoon he heard one of Winehouse’s friends crying in the house, and realised she was dead. He believes a friend left her at home after a night out, and returned this afternoon to find her body.

“She’s been quite low-profile and that’s why, when I heard these sounds – screaming – I thought it was unlike her.

“I said to my son ‘Maybe she’s taken a bad drug’.” He said he saw her about three weeks ago being helped into the house by her minders, and was unable to walk at 10am. “She couldn’t walk, she could hardly put one foot in front of the other.”

Her cat, Sky, would come into his house for food and to sleep, he said.Local restaurant owner Ze Silva, 56, said Winehouse would come in as regularly as twice a week.

She saw her last Tuesday and said she had stopped drinking. “She had nothing to drink. She said to me ‘Darling, don’t give me any alcohol, I’m not drinking any more’. “She was normal. She would speak to everyone, have pictures taken with the kids, give autographs to the kids.





25 Responses to Was Amy Winehouse Killed By The Illuminati As A Ritual Sacrifice?

  • Rubbish

  • I WISH it were rubbish! Try reading Trance Formation of America by Cathy O’Brian. It answers so many questions. It took me 10 years of having it in my possession before I had the courage to read it. I don’t want to believe that corporate conglomerates traffic in sex slaves. But they DO. I STILL don’t want to believe that there’s a group of people who believe in blood sacrifice.What do you think war is all about?

  • Poor Michael Knack.

  • “(7+2+3+1+1) is 14 and 27 (2 x 7) is 14. 7×2=14 3×11=33 or 7×2=14 3+11=14 so 14/14 from the date: (7/2)(3/11) 7/23/11 . Now using the total 14: 14-11 is 3 and 14-3=11. See the pattern? 2011 (2+0+1+1) is 13.”

    Hahahaha ^^

  • When I read the part about this young woman possibly dissociating at the tinme of her death, well then I began to believe it. I myself is inflicted with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). I was inflicted at infancy age. What was the reason why I was inflicted? My german family side were defiant people. They fought against the immoral german federalist governments in the 1880s. They fought against the german leadership during WWl. WWll they fought against Hitler. They also were defiant towards the world global banks. Well because of these humane actions there was retaliation. By the end of WWl my german family side could no longer escape to anywhere(like to america where my grandfather fled after WWl)because of technology, transportation, telephone, etc. And then, after WWll the nazis and their friends the bankers and the Roman Catholic Church had finally had enough of my german family. Approximately 3/4s of us were either killed or maimed. Slow torture was their favorite technique and Dissociative Disorders infliction was a tool they used. The nazis used physical and mental torture, the bankers used smiles and “you’ll never have anything in this world” as their sayings, and the Roman Catholic Church performed religious cult and pedophilia. Fortunately I survived with the help of family and courageous friends and I was able to overcome the mental programming that was brainwashed into me. With Dissociate Identity Disorder (DID) there are what is called alter personalies. In describing these alters are like new birth infants with no knowledge and they can be programmed and years later an individual inflicted with DID can trigger and dissociate at a specific pre-progammed time and the mind controlled alters that were programmed will committ the actions that they were programmed to do.

    Excuse me for the caps. MIND CONTROL DOES EXIST!

  • The Nazi’s discovered the teachings to create mind controlled slaves through Ancient Egyptian archeological finds. This method used by Egyptians, was adopted from Ancient Babylon, as was their religious system. Babylon was the birthplace of Paganism and where Lucifer set himself up to be worshiped. He was known as the “Light Bearer” or “The Illuminated One” This is where they get the name Illuminati.

  • Shared sentiments with broadcaster on Amy’s life and death until the 27 trigger told me it was a ritual sacrifice. Odd, that in the days preceding her death, I tuned into a programme on R4, interviewing Tony Bennett (desert island disks). To my mind, Bennett’s a hood, part of the JMafia. What struck me was his praise, almost an eulogy, of Amy’s professionalism and talent – I wondered if I’d really missed something special. Bennett was over promoting his latest CD featuring Amy along with other artists; he was really bigging her up. So when the news broke about her death, there was a connection. It’s all really sick. At the least, Amy’s death won’t hurt Bennett’s sales as the last recording etc. Her ‘father’ was probably her handler. It’s a horrible nightmare existence to awaken to; the image and reality are fused yet segmented and there’s no-one outside a tight circle of vultures you can talk to. I imagine more rehabs are ordered as a result of a slave breaking out of trance and asking for help.

    All those millions of media-intoxicated children, longing for fame, to be a celeb, to be ‘somebody’ neither they nor their parents have any idea that this is what they become ‘some body’ any body to be manipulated and abused for display in luring others into the glittering, brash nightmare.

  • Grace Kelly was said to have been raised Dissosociative. Lisa Lopes from TLC dies on a solstice April 25 and like Amy, went to Honduras to clean up. Amy went to Saint Lucia. Britney Spears made a movie called crossroads similar to robert Johnson’s album. Britney also did rehab and is still under conservatorship. But older than 27. Also Kelly Osbourne cracked her head recently. Probably another ritual. I got my eye on that Miley Cyrus girl sayign she smokes a lot of weed, already working?

  • I also suspect Freddie Merucry was killed by the Illuminati. He died on November 24 1991 so look up the numerology. He was gay and died of AIDS. I think he, Michael Jackson (pedophilia, spinning dance moves a sign of the devil about to take you) and Amy Winehouse (gave a Piers Morgan interview about the illinumati turning her into a triangle) were all killed because they were very good and were going to expose the establishment. I also suspect the numerologies of:
    the shah of Iran cancer (July 27 1980);
    Bob Marley (May 11 1981) died of cancer;
    Elvis numerology August 11 1976;
    Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev 6 January 1993 AIDS;
    William Shakespeare 23 April 1616.

    William is a funny name. Gernamic. A lot of satanic activities in Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm Prince William William Shakespeare Bill Clinton

  • Now that I thought of it Megan Fox had a friend who died right after Transformers, the movie. All of these famouse people have a person around them that died. Megan’s ex boyfriend was a “sports star” and she attended the funeral in a red dress. Also has a tattoo of the kid. Article below

  • damn,why her?the one i had a crush on just had to pass…….
    atleast shes in a better place.. <\3
    rest in paradise my lady


  • I do not know, but anything is possible, for we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but spirits of good and:: evil. I think to many people have died because they had out lived their usefulness. It is apparent nothing will be done about it.

  • Lol Shakespeare was dead WA before illumination came about. I know im right because surely these assholes would credit themselves with that fact to impress like minded evil fucks!!

  • I am sure this is accurate. The thing that sort of scares me that I got saved 10 years ago and God called me to be an actor in Hollywood. Before, I wondered on how I will be suffering (besides struggling) but I am sure this has something to do with it. I don’t know what will happen but I am given this calling- along as a screenwriter, telling great secular moral stories- hoping that I can pursue his will and promise.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  • Oh amy, what a troubled soul 🙁 those stupid demons maybe broke into your home just because you refused their stupid group and exposed them back in 2004 🙁 Always love u 4EVER from L.A.

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