War In Libya: NATO runs out of bombs, Germany going to supply munitions (07/04/2011)


2 Responses to War In Libya: NATO runs out of bombs, Germany going to supply munitions (07/04/2011)

  • NATO is just taking commands from it’s master the UN/Satan. But just remember, there is a court which is highter than the world court. It’s called the Universal Court. The Universal Court is where Satan lost his case against Humankind when he stated to God that man would only worship God for selfish reasons. Well God proved Satan a liar by permitting Job to lose everything he had. Job remained faithful throughout the whole ordeal. This court hearing was invisible to Job as it is to us. But Satan and his demons know full well that their time is running out and they are trying to take down as many humans as possible. Just think about this, would patriotism,politics,education,media and music have been very important before the great flood of Noah’s day? Neither will it be important during Armaaggedon in which bilbe prophecy points to coming very soon. God’s Kingdom is the most important thing for all humans to condsider during this point in time. Ladies and Gentlemen, there will be an earth shattering event that will occur very soon. This event will open the way for religion to be banned by the UN. This will mark the great tribulation which will lead to Armageddon. And please don’t worry about the UN reducing the worlds population by 80 percent. This is satanic propaganda that won’t happen. Satan and his demons are very powerful wicked spirit creatures but they have limitations bestowed upon them by the true God himself. If Satan had this kind of power, then we humans would have been dead a long time ago.

  • They never run out of bombs, it’s BS they just want more money for them. It would be my guess with the euro going down they want the tax payers here to foot the bill. The royals want to bring this country down and our politicians are getting paid to do just that. We should fire and prosecute all of them. Prosecuting them would be simple, you need to look at their voting record and convict anyone of them that voted for anything that is against the original Constitution. I am not talking about jail time I am talking about treason.

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