Walmart Fires Cancer Patient for Legally Using Medical Marijuana

WALMART(Mike Meno)   Joseph Casias, 29, has sinus cancer and an inoperable brain tumor.

Despite his condition, he has dutifully gone to work every day for the last five years at a Walmart in Battle Creek, Michigan, where in 2008 he was named Associate of the Year.

Casias is also a legal medical marijuana patient under Michigan state law. He uses marijuana with the recommendation of his doctor to relieve the effects of cancer.

But Walmart, the world’s largest public corporation, has no sympathy for his condition or regard for Michigan’s state law. Last November, Walmart fired Casias because he tested positive for marijuana during a routine drug screening.

Here’s what a Walmart spokesman had to say:

“In states, such as Michigan, where prescriptions for marijuana can be obtained, an employer can still enforce a policy that requires termination of employment following a positive drug screen. We believe our policy complies with the law and we support decisions based on the policy.”

To add insult to injury, Walmart is now challenging Casias’ eligibility for unemployment. Simply outrageous. This is the thanks he gets for showing up to work and doing his job for the last five years, despite being stricken with a life-threatening illness. “I gave them everything,” Casias told a local news outlet. “One-hundred-ten percent every day. Anything they asked me to do I did. More than they asked me to do. Twelve to 14 hours a day.”

Sadly, the dilemma facing medical marijuana patients who still have no legal protection from being fired is nothing new.

Readers who would like to register a complaint with Walmart can find corporate contact information here.

4 Responses to Walmart Fires Cancer Patient for Legally Using Medical Marijuana

  • what’s the problem here patriots? marijuana is illegal under the laws of our republic. don’t you guys respect the republic? i thought you were patriots. stop acting like socialists and commies. free markets means walmart is free to fire whoever the fuck they want. either re-think your backwards-ass libertarian political ideology, or shut the fuck up, ok? because you can’t have it both ways….. idiots.

  • no marijuana is legal under the old true republic,before the greedy war mongers hyjacked the constitution !marijuana used to be used as medicine a very long time ago,and hemp for material!and was mainly used by mexicans and black jazz players in the usa.and then aslinger who hated blacks made it illegal to screw the black folks over,and depont chemical company did not want hemp around ,so they depont could cut down more trees and things like you see it all became illegal ,there was once a law in the usa if you had a farm and did not grow a certain number of hemp plants ,you could be fined for not growing them

  • so ya the deuponts owners ,family member was nephew aslinger who made started the weed ,it was made illegal because of prejudice and corporate greed and then all the propaganda lies started refer madness,a pack of lies .weed was once part of the old herble medicine and then they took it out of the see big greedy pharma is losing profit because of it ,and wal mart is a scumy corporation that has polluted water ways,they use slave wage labor in third world countries,they run mom and pop stores out of business in the usa and else were,they block unions here in the usa ,there workers are shorted .so ya this guy gets screwed over by some greedy company wal mart.and i bet at least 25 per cent of wal marts workers smoke it!

  • FacelessCoward,
    You are the idiot..what republic are you living in?? If you have’nt noticed yet we are well on our way to Socialism. In some states it is legal for medical use. State law says it is legal and federal law says it is not. If you knew anything…federal law is not suppose to over ride state law. So, again, our socialistic government is sticking their nose where it does not belong. I guess you agree to have a national id card to be PROTECTED!! People like you are what is wrong with this country. Before you go around calling people idiots maybe you should do some research and get your facts right. All Wal-Mart is doing is making there federal friends happy by not supporting state law. They are the commies and socialists you idiot.

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