Wagging The Dog: BBC Airs Footage From India & Says It Is Tripoli, Libya

(FEDERALJACK)   Wagging The Dog In The Libyan War, BBC Airs Footage From India & Says It Is Libya


8 Responses to Wagging The Dog: BBC Airs Footage From India & Says It Is Tripoli, Libya

  • Looks like a home made fake! – Why is there no other copy anywhere?
    The BBC are NOT that stupid. Even if they made a mistake – they would have apologised for the mistake.

  • Are you really that dumb or are you working PR for them? The news lies all the time, grow up and deal with it. And it was recorded by a video camera duhhhh.

  • The BBC thinks the viewers are stupid and/or the BBC is stupid enough to think they can get away with it. Now there are at least two times the BBC was caught doing something stupid. The other time was when the BBC reported that building 7 had fallen twenty minutes before it had fallen and while the building itself was visible through a window right by the reporter. Also yet another stupid thing was when after this blunder received publicity, the BBC pulled that video clip from their website and claiming it got lost then maybe they felt that they could not get away with that stupid claim, the BBC then attempted damage control with the reporter explaining it as an “honest mistake”. No one makes “mistakes” like that reporting an event which now the engineers working for the officials have been forced to admit that the cannot explain how that building could possibly have come down.

  • Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the media is being fake gay or retarded.. Being politically correct leaves you with the assumption this is fake.. But isn’t BBC completely fake anyway?

  • This should not surprise any American, True American. Daily we are seeing what the CIA is doing not only in the USA as it Illegally SPIES on Americans via Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. But how the Media is covering Libya.

    There is a Push in this country to go Pro-American in all Blogs and All Media content. There is no news of how the CIA is directing the High Value Air Strikes of NATO, Known as the NORTH ATLANTIC TERRORIST’S ORGANIZATION.

    No word of how NATO blew up the Libyan Water Project that supplies “Fresh Water” to 5.8 Million people and Irrigation too. Water so good that it will last 100 years from it’s wells and turn the Desert into a Oasis. Then we have NATO’S Bombs as they take out Civilian Targets like State TV and a Radio Station that was (WAS) as Powerful as the BBC. Everyone that ran these were as said, Civilian and now… DEAD!

    The Universities that Gaddafi built, Bombed! School’s – Bombed. And what is so nice about NATO’S actions is these are all billed as Humanitarian Aid.

    I am not sure how Parent’s in the United States feel about the U.S. openly Supporting the “Same Al Qaeda” that Murdered 4467 American Lives (Soldiers) in Iraq. If I were a Parent, I would call that TREASON had my Son died for that Worthless LIE.

    If Obama were to loose his job as President, I am sure that Marvel Magazines will make a Movie about him and call him: “CAPTAIN KINETIC” He wont have to War with any Foe’s as he will just express his WILL over them and have them BOW to his Mighty Powers. Of course, Much of this depends on whether or now he is Indicted on Federal Weapons Charges and Murder of 3,000 Mexican’s and the Aiding and Abetting in the Sales of Automatic Weapons to known Drug Lords. Also Subpoenaed (Hopefully) will be Wachovia and Wells Fargo Banks for sending Money to finance this whole charade.

    Meanwhile, In Somalia. Hillary want’s 17 Million MORE Dollars for 4 Million Starving people. WHY? Could it be BLOOD GUILT? Blood Guilt for the U.S. Sending Weapons to Somalia to the Ugandan’s who are so poor from their pay and starving too, That they are Selling these U.S. Weapons to the very ones they are Fighting, (More Al Qaeda) So indirectly the U.S. is creating WAR and the Death’s of Thousands.

    In people have not seen the Movie via FREE Download on the Internet the Movie Zeitgeist Addendum where it talks about how the BANKS send in these Economic “Hit Men” to destroy the Economies of many Nations. Thus making them SLAVES to the U.S. Banks and so far in debt that they barter their Public Works like School’s, Port’s, Prisons, and allow U.S. Military to setup Military Bases in their country. How to Build the American Empire via GREED! The Poor in these Countries are the ones left to pay these High Debt’s which they Can’t.

    Independent Reporters in Libya are also being Threatened by other MSM Reporters with their Lives. There is an Agenda in Libya and the Real Story is not being told. Those that have tried are being Shot at by Snipers. Many of the Protest’s in Libya were confirmed as Staged. Who can win a WAR when ever you see these Rebels, They fire their Guns in the Air and waste so much Ammunition that anyone could see why “Boot’s on the Ground” would be needed.

    Still, Why would the U.S. setup a Government in Libya that is controlled by Al Qaeda and going to Install Shari Law. Is that not working BACKWARDS? How does Sharia Law give Freedom to the Rebels and Women in Libya? They might as well raise Sheep because someone is pulling the wool over their eyes.


  • @Appliantologist One thing you have to learn about BBC: They Lie. By reading the Following…

    You will see that it was the BBC that said Gaddafi was using “CLUSTER BOMBS” On his own People. Yet the use of Cluster Bombs can be traced as their residue lasts for months. It was this report that called for the U.N.’s Actions for Humanitarian Aid and NATO’s AIR Support for a No Fly Zone. All Lies.

    The Media should be brought up on charges for their lies and Charged for the Death’s of these Civilian’s that died as a direct result of BBC’s Lies.


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