(FEDERALJACK)   The Occupy Wall St protesters are taking votes on the list of demands, help get a new investigation into 9/11 on that list.

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  • Private investigator for 9/11 truth, asking other investigators to demand the same. Investigate!

  • We The People do not need a new 9-11 investigation. We know the government lied to us and that is all we really need to know. It is time to decide what to do with a government that lies to us all. A new investigation is just a delaying tactic, another opportunity for the government to lie to is all at taxpayer expense, and worse, it takes the focus off the real issue behind OccupyAMERICA, which is an end to the Federal Reserve, the jailing of Wall Street crooks, and the end of a federal government that serves a foreign power ahead of the American people.

    I have spent much of the last ten years working on 9-11 at, and I say it is time to stop investigating and time to act on what we all understand and agree on right now.

    Fire the liars!

  • I agree with Mr. Rivero, we don’t need more proof that our government is corrupt.
    It needs to be replaced and the current and past criminals incarcerated.

    Revolution is the Solution!

  • If there is one Wall Street billionaire that wants to maybe save his behind and be a hero – put some serious money into support of real news – like WRH – and a bounty for missing/hidden evidence on 911 e.g the Black boxes – for the demo people to come forward – even in a death bed statement to tell the truth about the explosives. And get the largest – now inert – lobby group in the US – the 27 million veterans to get off their collective behinds and demand to know the real reason their comrades are dying.

  • In San Francisco most new public facilities are named after less than notable Jewish people. Why? Sue Bierman Park (changed from Ferry Park) is the most recent named-change right between Sid Walton and Justin Herman parks offset from Herb Caen Way in possible the most expensive real estate in the US. Why?

  • Firing the liars isn’t quite enough unless by fire you mean the order given to the firing squad.

    Exposing the truth of 9/11 with undeniable proof would bring down the rest of the shit pile the US government and economy has become. From that hopefully, we can re-instate the constitution and return to the rule of law instead of the rule of (mad) men we have now.

  • Then whats the point, Mike? You can preach to the choir all you want. We don’t need another investigation for ourselves. We need it for our country.

  • 1. Independent citizen-led investigation of 9/11 with subpoena power.
    2. Financial industries must be re-regulated. They should all be audited. Fraud and wrong-doing should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    3. Congress must be subject to the same laws that we are. If Welfare recipients have to take drug tests, then so should Congress and their staffers. Congressional staffers should not be exempt from paying back student loans. Congress must be subject to the same wage and benefit laws as the rest of the U.S.
    4. Congressional pay and benefits should be tied to the median income and benefits of the people of the U.S.
    5. The Pentagon should not receive any more funding until they pass an audit.
    6. The Pentagon should be investigated for participation in fraud.
    7. The U.S. military should be subject to the same environmental laws as the rest of the U.S.
    8. Increase the number of polling places, until the voting population is not crowded out, and has sufficient time to vote.
    9. Return to hand-counting of ballots. Perhaps this should be done by boy scouts and girl scouts. Publicly. And while being filmed.
    10. Exit polls should be mandatory. Vote counts that do not accord with exit polls should be automatically recounted.
    11. Abolish the Democratic and Republican Parties for 25 years. No one who was an official or electees from either of these parties can take part in politics for a generation. This will give us a new deal of candidates and parties.

  • Article 1. Section 9.3} No bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall
    be passed.

    The 14th Amendment fails these basic tests of Constitutionality. That amendment is a bill of attainder
    and it was passed ex post facto. Article 1. Section 9.3 is probably the reason that the Antebellum South so confidently seceded. Seceded or not, the North was and still is bound by that limitation of power. The North had no power over slavery in 1861, and it still had no legal power over slavery in 1865. The history of the 14th amendment has been well documented, and it truly is a testimony to the power of murder by the Government.

    Article 3. Section 3.2} The Congress shall have power to declare the
    punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work
    corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person

    Article 1.Section 9.3} declared
    that Congress may not pass Bills of Attainder or ex post facto laws. Now
    we see an exception or a mistake. The Constitution contradicts itself here.
    Attainders of treason are permitted with some very serious restrictions
    on them to protect the descendants of the traitors. That is us. The most dangerous problem is the 14th Amendment.

    The value of the slaves and Southern war bonds concern us here. That value is the forfeiture that is Constitutionally bound to be returned to the Southern people , as we shall not suffer Corruption of Blood or lose our property EXCEPT
    during the lifetimes of the Confederate Politicians and Soldiers. They
    are now all dead. Also, the theory known as the Incorporation Doctrine
    is defunct. The application of the 14th Amendment to the States and the people is illegal. The traitors are dead!

    The application of the Incorporation Doctrine is Corruption
    of Blood and is Unconstitutional. We, the Southerners living now, are
    not and have never been Traitors to the United States. We are thereby
    under the jurisdiction of the original Constitution . Corruption
    of Blood is being allowed to function as the Supreme Law of the Land
    rather than the Constitution of the United States. This cannot continue.

    Further, in black and white, Amendments are NOT Unconditional. They are a delegated power to the Federal Government, and are vested as a privilege. Notice the Articles of Confederation had no such delegation. It has been abused time and again by the Federal Government .

  • I have to disagree with Mike Rivero, for many reasons. We have to PROVE that 911 was a crime legally, (this should not be a problem) regardless of how much we can obviously see. We also need to know WHO was criminally and directly involved, and who became involved either voluntarily or involuntarily.
    There are questions about WHAT exactly happened, (i.e. hologram planes, Flight 93, evidence destroyed, NORAD, CIA, FBI, Mossad, Bush-Cheney and the lying mainstream media all need to be accounted for and verified,)
    What should be done with these traitors? Not a mob lynching, but a justified and legal form of punishment should be carried out.
    We need facts and matter how long it takes, to do this legally.

  • I appreciate and respect the opinions of Mike Rivero. It is time to act against the criminals in government. I still would like a real investigation that starts putting these criminals not only behind bars, but loss of all their assets including their citizenship.

    The Patriots have to stand up and set the message to the criminals inside the Beltway. Your days of robbing and lying to the American people are over!

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