Visitors to Arizona prisons hit with $25 fee

(TRUTH FREQUENCY)   PJ Longoni has shelled out hundreds of dollars to pay for toiletries, a television and legal fees for family and friends locked up in Arizona prisons. When she learned she’d have to pay a one-time $25 background check fee to visit her son, she was angry.

Under a new state law, some adults who want to visit incarcerated inmates must pay the fee, with the money raised going toward maintaining 10 state-run prisons.

“For me, it is not the $25 fee that is an issue,” she said. “It is when it is combined with the other costs of caring for an inmate, then it becomes a burden to me.”


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  • Incarceration otherwise known as Slavery is the new commerce of the US. There are greedy politicians and corporations who make billions of dollars on this new form of slavery. Their money is tainted with blood and misery. They will never get the satisfaction of true happiness. Happiness comes from giving. Happiness is being aware of our spiritual needs. The human family is one of the most beautiful creations that God has created. Satan wants to destroy not only the human family but also the earth. He knows his time is short and he is rapidly using greedy commerce to do it. We are now living in a pre-flood era so to speak. Satan did not succeed then and he will not succeed now.

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