(YouTube)   The VATICAN is now preparing us for the BIG MESSAGE the GOVERNMENT and NASA are planning to announce soon. This is in anticipation to more ‘ DISCLOSURE and SHOCKING ‘ NEWS soon to be realeased little by little.


  • ugh I hate Fox News. Anyway, I cannot effing wait for this announcement, I know that it’s going to be alien life.

  • When will NASA confess that the 6 moon landings were staged???

  • so it’s really getting annoying that I can’t repost FedJack articles on FB 🙁 Have we figured out what’s going on there? It has to be a hack on your actual site, not a problem with FB, and then when linking it over to FB it reads a different site extension or something? The article describtion comes up and the correct thumbnails, but it still shows the spam headlines! I’m sure you’re aware of, and are currently working on, the problem but I figured I would randomly bitch again <3 Love you guys!

  • Ok, seriously? I just wrote a piece on this for my website that will go up on Thursday. This is the biggest load of crap out there. Can we say “false flag”? If the US, NASA and the Vatican (none of which are trust worthy, not to mention FOX news) do come forward and say there is intelligent alien life we know its another pile of rubbish push for global government and global religion. People will buy anything. Heck they were jumping out of windows and committing suicide after Orson Wells’piece War of the Worlds.

  • exactly why I posted it!

  • @Ashley jordan. I hope your not going to buy the alien bull as most of the world. These so called aliens are not from other planets. they are from here and they have been here since God cast them down.Even the top ufo guy for the government stated that there was no way they were from anywhere but here, and that they were inter dimensional. In Genesis 6:4 it explains these beings being here. And they were the reason God flooded the earth, to kill the bloodline of these half human hybreds.They survived the flood, and this is why he instructed moses and joshua to cleanse the land from all of these survivours. this is why that part never makes sense that God would kill his own people, even children. this al;so explains the confusion as to why the jews feel they are chosen. the book of enoch confirms that woman were lusting after the nephilim, and bareing children to them. And they were abnormal, and caused evil, and were cannibals. Then in mathew 24 you hear jesus speaking about the end of the age being as it were in the days of Noah. prophecy is dual fold. one meaning is people will be going about there life, and wont think anything is coming. the second part is that again the fallen ones will trick us, and again we are lusting after them.And we dont even know WHAT they are. I suggest you also look up project blue beam. it is a bunch of satellites that together combined form images. the people making the holograms leaked the info. its a series of figures, buddha,christ,allah,muhamad,ufo’s, and yes aliens. etc. but they will give a deceptive message. That message will make people believe there jesus is false, and that the earth should be worshipped, with a one world government and religion.the people that are aware will not believe this, and have new found faith, as this too is predicted in mathew 24:23-28, and also in 2 thessalonians 2:11.This is why they will be persecuted, because they know this is demons on earth preparing the way for satan. In knowing that , a true understanding person in bible scripture knows that God is the absolute and only truth. Heres some new info that should knock you on your butt when you see this hidden message in the bible, right in front of your eyes, you wont be able to explain it other than God is all knowing and not bound by time. its called “Daniels timeline” on you tube. this will be the best hour of your life ever spent. wake up, and educate yourself. left right, fox,cnn, its all mind control deception.

  • was there ever an anouncement??

  • The earth will not be destroyed, only the wicked. The last days will be marked by flooding,earthquakes,etc, all the result of human greed. God will destroy those who are ruining the earth. The illuminati have absolutely no control over bible prophecy.
    If you fight the coming one world government, then it will be a losing battle. This is bible prophecy. The United Nations is the last (human)kingdom on this earth. This is the wild beast(United Nations) of Revelations. The great harlot is none other than “The world empire of false religion”. The wild beast will turn on the harlot. In other words all religion will be banned. But there is only one religion that is true. Even Satan himself is unable to stop it. He will however try. He will use his earthly cronies in government to do so. This will be the start of the great tribulation leading into armageddon or the destruction of the wicked. You cannot sit on the fence. You must choose sides. Satan or Jehovah. Jesus has already made the way for you. It is up to you to decide.

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