Unarmed, Innocent Man Shot, Killed by Miami Beach Police

(FEDERALJACK)   Video shot by a witness shows the hectic moments after a Miami Beach Police officer shot and killed 29-year-old Husien Shehada, a tourist from Virginia. 

SOBE PD KILLS A GUYA crowd of people gathered on Washington Ave near 11th st on South Beach early Sunday morning, watching as rescue crews tried to save Shehada. They pumped his chest feverishly, trying  to save the man but it was too late. 

“He did not deserve to die at 29-years-old,” said Samir Shehada, Husien’s brother who was with during the shooting. 

Miami Beach police say they got a call that two men fitting the description of Husien and Samir were walking around with guns.  There was some kind of confrontation,  and then the officer shot Husien.  Samir says they were unarmed.

“They confronted the two subjects. During that time one of the subjects was shot by one of our officers,” said Deborah Doty, a spokesperson for Miami Beach Police.

“He doesn’t even own a gun! We were vacationing, we were vacationing.”  Said his brother

Police will not say if they found a gun, citing an ongoing internal investigation and investigation by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office.

“We have to give our detectives the opportunity to complete a thorough investigation,” said Doty with Miami Beach Police

Police questioned Karpel (Samir’s girlfirend) and then arrested Samir the same night,  accusing him of beating up his girlfriend.  According to the Miami Herald, Samir’s girlfriend denies he hit her. The Shehada family just can’t understand how this all happened. 

“He wasn’t armed, how can you shoot someone for no reason? I need to know the reason, we all need to know what happened and we don’t know,” said Husien’s cousin Najwa Ghannam. 

For now, there are no answers. Miami Beach Police won’t even release the officer’s name while they investigate, though he is now on desk duty. 

And now Samir’s final memories of his brother—a man who lived with their mom and supported her financially—are of him dying on the pavement. 

“There was no hating him, there was no disliking Husien, you loved Husein (chokes up) that’s how it is!”

The shooting happened on Shehada’s last day of vacation. He had a return flight Monday morning. His sister says there was no reason to kill him.

“Husien never wanted to hurt anybody. Husien would never do anything bad. Husien was a wonderful person,” his sister said, adding that he was afraid of the law.

Miami Beach Police Department’s Internal Affairs unit and the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office are investigating this shooting.  A prominent Arab rights group, The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is questioning whether the shooting was racially motivated.  They say police asked witnesses whether Husein was “Arabic”, or if he was speaking Arabic.


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21 Responses to Unarmed, Innocent Man Shot, Killed by Miami Beach Police

  • Straight up murder. Things are accelerating across the country. Prepare. Train. Wait.

  • The more skittish the Police become the more mistakes they make. That’s what happens when you strike a deal with a criminal government and your heart knows it’s wrong. Police, your job is to protect and serve, do your job, lose the attitude and purge your department of the Federal influence.

  • Wow, that is so sad. It is useless lowlife PUNK cops like this I just LOVE to hear about in the news that get clipped in the line of duty!


  • Can’t wait to see these bastards roasting over a spit…

  • I cant see how anyone would be surprised that a SOUTH Miami Beach cop went too far when dealing with a citizen. That seems to have been their MO for as long as i can remember. Its almost like they are trained right out of the gate, that if anyone talks back to them or questions their “authority in any way, to just beat them sensless and haul them away out of public view as quickly as possible. Oh and if you even might suspect that they could possibly have a gun, then just shoot first and let someone else worry about the details. Just another shining example why im so glad i left miami

  • I cant imagine why, every time i tell someone im from miami when they ask, they either roll their eyes or just say “Oh… ” and then usually the subject gets changed.

  • Instead of getting to know their communities and participating in local activities, Cops these days would rather taser somebody or shoot them in cold blood than try and work out the problem rationally.

  • This is bullshit… someone should take care of this proper….

  • Typical thug police behavior. It happens all across this country. America needs to wake up and start protecting themselves from these thugs. The police are the enemy.

  • Fuck these guys. I can’t stand cops. Cops are just uneducated pieces of shit who want a gun and a badge to make up for their little penis’ and lack of intelligence. I’m with you on this one HazMat, things are accelerating and cops will be on the opposite end pretty soon.

  • About a year ago I was down in miami doing some work. I was pulled over for not coming to a complete stop. After giving my licence to the officer he made some statements I could not believe. He said to me, “In America, you dirty Muslims need to stop at stop signs.. ” I was in shock. First of all just because i have a middle eastern name does not mean i am a Muslim, second.. I was born in this country.. White racist cops..

    At least he was nice enough to leave me with a warning.

  • I’m good in judging people and I can tell these brothers and their family are low life scum. The police might be a’holes, they don’t shoot you out of the blue and just like the bouncers confirmed, they were not cooperating so they must have done something really wrong. I live around the corner and I see many incidents, mainly related to people of foreign descent (Latin, black, eastern etc). Respect for the police taking another criminal down.

  • You know Martin everyone you see is not the scum of the earth. If you know anything he had his own company and took care of his family. He has never had a police record or anything else. you must be a real stupid person to even say something like that about people that don’t know. If you can’t already see they have already said they were not armed or anything else. Martin GROWN UP. I forgot you don’t know what that means.


  • Wow Martin… I guess officer Adam thought just like you when he shot this man. Is this what you think about every suspect you come across this is why their is a problem between the people and police. Martin if you are a cop you need to ask them to train you better.

  • Martin… i was about to say this is not about you, sadly, i think it is.

  • Miami beach police are the dirtiest cops. im telling you because i live here, bunch of ass*****. they are not there to protect, they are there to stand in front of wet willys and fat tuesday and talk to their bouncer friends.

  • this cop must not have no fucking education all what he is looking for is showing his fucking badge in front of his bitches that they will one day he will get shot on the street

  • martin go fuck ur self u must be one of this fucking officers that they dont satisfied their woman/girlfriend/wives so they go out and try to make up for them selves. With ALL the Respect For the Other Honest and Brave POLICE OFFICERS OF USA We Love YA ALL AND thank YA for ALL but can u plzz take this ass hole cop off in miami

  • (Now look Trayvon Maritn is dead) Another innocent person minding his business. I am trying to not be angry. I knew Husein and he was like a son to me and no, I didnt know Trayvon Martin but a life has been taken once again and will continue if these laws are not change. When is this going to stop.

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