USDA Admits Exterminating Birds, Crops, and Bees

(WORLD TRUTH)   The USDA has been under fire recently for its admitted assault against nature, after multiple investigations have uncovered its deliberate tampering with both plants and animals alike. One such investigation has put an end to the mystery surrounding the death of millions of birds, with USDA documents revealing the organization’s role in the massive slaughter. In addition to the mass bird killings, it turns out the USDA was fully aware that a highly-popular herbicide chemical was a known bee-killer, which may have aided the bee decline. The USDA has also threatened the genetic integrity of the nation’s crops. Information has surfaced regarding the USDA’s illegal approval of Monsanto’s biotech crop, sugar beets. These crimes are simply an excerpt from the long list of USDA crimes that are continually being exposed.


3 Responses to USDA Admits Exterminating Birds, Crops, and Bees

  • Is there a federal agency anywhere that isn’t doing all they can to kill us?

    Payback’s a bitch.

  • The NEW SPIRITUAL rEVOLution is coming . Listen and learn the TRUTH

  • YOU assholes,what about your kids?? these killers are destroying them and they don’t give a shit about them or you,Knowing 90% of american guys are fagots,ask your wife if she will go buy an Ar-15 and consider protecting the children from these bastards before its to late.NOW these whores got the vote under the pretence of protecting their rights and children.IT is now time to prove it or have it taken away, as I personaly think, you whores lied to get the vote cause your real plan was to destroy america,and you and your friends have done a dam good job of that,Now you fucking WHORES get out there and put a stop to this shit or face the loss of everything!!!!!!!IF this crap turns into a war, when its over only the ALPHA males you whores couldn’t destroy will be left.

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