US Mayors have secret meeting in Miami to discuss martial law preparations

US Mayors have secret meeting in Miami under tight security to discuss martial law preparations

Reporters arrested, denied access as nation’s mayors discuss secret plans to integrate military and federal agencies into city level agendas


by Alex Haxor –

( – June 23, 2008 – Through the weekend of June 20-24 the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami, FL is the site of the 76th Annual Meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors. Hundreds of mayors from across the nation are meeting under tight security with a heavy police presence surrounding the perimeter of the hotel. The security perimeter extends into annexing and restricting activities in the neighboring Bayfront Park and throughout local waterways.

The agenda of the conference includes various panels, workshops, and forums that are geared towards the integration of the federal government and military forces with city level agencies and protocols during both times of normal governance and times of emergency.

Sunday morning’s workshops included a morning discussion of military integration during times of declared emergency. During the afternoon, all press were removed from the area while mayors broke out into workgroups that discussed potential ways to further the efficiency of federal government integration into city affairs. The afternoon session was held in secret, and was listed to be for "mayors only." The attending press was not allowed to observe the proceedings.

On Friday July 20th Susan Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code PINK and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, along with an associate, were arrested inside the hotel.  She was arrested when she attempted to film the events of the conference and tried to obtain footage of Miami mayor Manny Diaz.. obtained an exclusive video interview with Ms. Benjamin’s associate, Lynn, who detailed what transpired during their arrests. They ended up being charged with trespassing (despite having preregistered and possessing valid passes and credentials), disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest without violence. The interview with Lynn can be viewed below.


Curiously, no public officials were arrested for violations of the Florida "Sunshine" Laws, which prohibit public officials from meeting to discuss state or local governing matters in secret.

The charge of resisting arrest without violence is the same charge a reporter was charged with when he was arrested while filming a federal Multi Agency Gang Task Force during Memorial Day weekend on Miami Beach. This is indicative of a disturbing trend in South Florida regarding the protections of the First Amendment and the rights of journalists. The actions of law enforcement and city officials serves to demonstrate the true repressive third world status of Miami, Florida.


Reporters for preregistered as press to attend the conference, but were not allowed to pass the security perimeter to the registration desk. Police officers and a hotel security member said that official credentials were required to enter, and needed to be obtained at the registration desk. However, they were not permitting reporters to access the registration desk.

After some prodding, a hotel security guard by the name of "Alex" told a reporter to call the hotel and ask for the press room to ask for an escort. A phone number was provided, and contact was established with the press room. Reporters were told by "Christina" of the press room that an escort would not be provided to the registration desk, and would not provide a reason. Even corporate media reporters had a difficult time obtaining access. An NBC6 reporter was observed being given the same runaround, before being finally allowed to pass the perimeter.


Featured keynote speakers included Senator Barrack Obama on Saturday June 21, and Bill Clinton on Sunday June 22nd.

The Intercontinental Hotel also served as the meeting place for the notorious FTAA Summit of November 2003 which resulted in the creation of the "Miami Model" as a method of neutralization of dissenting public opinion. A documentary detailing the violence and repression that took place during that conference, entitled The Miami Model, is viewable by clicking here.




The official agenda was obtained from the official website of the USCoM located at A list of mayors who were in attendance of the conference is also available on the official website, or can be viewed at the end of this article.

More information, including video, will be available as it is obtained. If anyone has any footage, commentary, or information regarding the events of the conference, please contact or use our Feedback Form.

Registered Mayors Scheduled to Attend 2008 Conference

There are 207 mayors registered as of 6/22/2008.



          Mark Begich


          Boyd Dunn

          James Cavanaugh

          Robert Walkup


          Dan Coody

     Little Rock
          Mark Stodola

     North Little Rock
          Patrick Hays


          Beverly Johnson

     Beverly Hills
          Barry Brucker

          Donald R. Burr

          Jim Edwards

     Deer Park
          Wayne Riddle

          Janet Lockhart

     La Mesa
          ART MADRID

     Long Beach
          Bob Foster

     Los Angeles
          Antonio R. Villaraigosa

     Manhattan Beach
          Richard Montgomery

          Rob Hammond

          Chuck Della Sala

          Jill Techel

          Ronald Dellums

          Jennifer Hosterman

          Norma Torres

     Rancho Cordova
          Linda Budge

     Redondo Beach
          Mike Gin

          Heather Fargo

     San Francisco
          Gavin Newsom

     San Gabriel
          Harry L. Baldwin

     San Leandro
          Anthony Santos

     San Rafael
          Albert J. Boro

     Santa Ana
          Miguel Pulido

     Santa Barbara
          Marty Blum

          Anthony Spitaleri

     West Sacramento
          Christopher Cabaldon


     Colorado Springs
          Lionel Rivera

          John W. Hickenlooper


          Bill Finch

          Kenneth Flatto

          Richard Moccia

          Dannel P. Malloy

          James Miron

District of Columbia

          Adrian Fenty


     Coral Gables
          Donald D. Slesnick

     Coral Springs
          Scott Brook

          Juan Carlos Bermudez

     Fort Pierce
          Robert J. Benton, III

     Hallandale Beach
          Joy Cooper

     Key West
          Morgan McPherson

     Lauderdale Lakes
          Samuel Brown

          Richard Kaplan

          Manuel A. Diaz

     Miami Lakes
          Wayne Slaton

          Lori Moseley

     North Miami
          Kevin A. Burns

     North Miami Beach
          Raymond Marin

     Palmetto Bay
          Eugene Flinn

     Pembroke Pines
          Frank C. Ortis

          Gary Matzner

     Pinellas Park
          William F. Mischler

     Riviera Beach
          Thomas Masters

     South Daytona
          Blaine O’Neal

          Steven Feren

          John Marks

     West Miami
          Cesar Carasa

     West Palm Beach
          Lois J. Frankel


          Shirley Franklin

     East Point
          Joseph Macon

          John Fretti


          Mufi Hannemann


          Roger Chase


          Lorenz Hartwig

     Arlington Heights
          Arlene J. Mulder

          Catherine Melchert

          Stephen Stockton

          Richard M. Daley

     East St. Louis
          Alvin Parks

     Highland Park
          Michael D. Belsky

     Hoffman Estates
          William McLeod

          Joseph Broda

          Chris Koos

     North Chicago
          Leon Rockingham

          Gene Marks

     Oak Park
          David Pope

          Gary Graham

          Rita Mullins

     Palos Hills
          Jerry Bennett

          Al Larson

          Laurel Prussing

          Richard Hyde

          William Rahn

          William F. Murphy


          James Brainard

          Gregory Ballard


     Des Moines
          T. M. Franklin Cownie

          Roy Buol


     Kansas City
          Joseph Reardon

          Carl Brewer


     Bowling Green
          Elaine N. Walker

          William May

          Jim Newberry

          Jerry E. Abramson


     Baton Rouge
          Melvin Holden

     New Orleans
          C. Ray Nagin

          Cedric B. Glover


          Sheila Dixon


          E. Denise Simmons


          Bobby J. Hopewell

     Rochester Hills
          Bryan Barnett

          Brenda Lawrence

          William R. Wild


          Elizabeth Kautz

     Eden Prairie
          Phil Young

          R.T. Rybak

          Ardell Brede


          John Robert Smith


          Darwin Hindman

     St. Louis
          Francis G. Slay


          Mike Fahey


     Las Vegas
          Oscar B. Goodman

New Jersey

          Gwendolyn Faison

     East Orange
          Robert L. Bowser

          J. Christan Bollwage

     Fanwood Borough
          Colleen Mahr

          Timothy McDonough

          Wayne Smith

          Alberto Santos

          Brian C. Wahler

          Douglas Palmer

     West New York
          Silverio Vega

New Mexico

          Martin Chavez

     Santa Fe
          David Coss

New York

          Wayne J. Hall, Sr.

          Brian Stratton

     Spring Valley
          George Darden

          Matthew J. Driscoll

North Carolina

     Chapel Hill
          Kevin Foy

          Scott Padgett

          William V. Bell

          Jennifer T. Stultz


          Donald L. Plusquellic

          Ken Patton

          William J. Healy, II

          Mark Mallory

          Frank G. Jackson

          Michael B. Coleman

     Cuyahoga Falls
          Don L. Robart

          Rhine McLin

          Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher

     Garfield Heights
          Thomas J. Longo

          Donald Patterson

          David J. Berger

     Middleburg Heights
          Gary Starr

     North Olmsted
          Thomas O’Grady

          Kevin Patton

          Darreyl Davis

     Walton Hills
          Marlene Anielski

          Dennis Clough


     Oklahoma City
          Mick Cornett

          Kathy Taylor


     Lake Oswego
          Judie Hammerstad


          Wendell N. Butler, Jr.

          Michael A. Nutter

Puerto Rico

          Edwin Garcia Feliciano

          Rolando Ortiz

          Angel L. Malave Zayas


          Pedro J. Garcia

          Jorge L. Marquez

          Isidro Negron

     Trujillo Alto
          Pedro A. Padilla

          Waldemar Rivera Torres

Rhode Island

          David N. Cicilline

South Carolina

          Joseph Riley

     Myrtle Beach
          John Rhodes

          Joseph T. McElveen, Jr.

     West Columbia
          Bobby Horton


          Sharon Goldsworthy

          Scott Foster

          Karl Dean


          Robert Cluck

          Will Wynn

          Becky Ames

     College Station
          Ben White

          Tom Leppert

          David Green

          Maher Maso

          Raul Salinas

          Bill Whitfield

          John Monaco

     Port Arthur
          Deloris Prince


          Daniel C. Snarr

     St. George
          Dan McArthur


          William Euille

          Dr. James W. Holley, III

          L. Douglas Wilder

     Virginia Beach
          Meyera E. Oberndorf


          Peter Lewis

          Grant Degginger

          Joe Marine

          John Marchione

          Greg Nickels

West Virginia

          Danny Jones


          Jeff Speaker

     Green Bay
          Jim Schmitt

     New Berlin
          Jack F. Chivocatero

          Gary Becker

          Dave Ross


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