US government proposes law making it illegal for them to kill you

()   Last Friday, US Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced HR 6357, a bill which aims to ‘prohibit the extrajudicial killing of United States citizens’ by the federal government. In other words, in the Land of the Free, they need to pass a law to prevent the government from indiscriminately murdering its own citizens.

Now if this doesn’t give one reason to pause and consider the distortions of liberty that have taken place in western civilization, I don’t know what will. Think about it:

Does a free society send government hit men to eliminate anyone they perceive to be an enemy of the state?

Does a free society have hundreds of police agencies, each with the authority to deprive a man of his life, liberty and property in their sole discretion?

Does a free society have hundreds of thousands of laws, codes, rules, regulations, and policies which effectively criminalize nearly every aspect of one’s existence?

Does a free society lead the world in prison population?

Does a free society hunt down criminals and terrorists by treating its citizens like criminals and terrorists?

Does a free society tell its citizens what foods they are / are not allowed to consume?

Does a free society steal your money at gunpoint to buy bombs that they drop by remote control on brown people in faraway lands?

Does a free society debase its currency and plunder the purchasing power of its citizens?

Does a free society saddle unborn generations with obligations they never signed up to bear?

Does a free society award near total control of the economy, the money supply, and everything tied to it, to a tiny elite few?

Does a free society brainwash its citizens into believing that they live in a free society? (at least the Chinese know they’re not free…)

Ask yourself, are you really living in a free society? Are you free? If not, why not? What else could possibly be more important?

It takes courage to answer honestly. But once you realize the truth and begin to see the system for what it is, it can be a liberating and life-changing experience.

You’ll find that there are places where you can live free in this world. There are ways to preserve your dignity, your privacy, your livelihood. You’ll find that you can build great camaraderie and mutual trust with like-minded souls because you share the same values, not the same color passport.

My guess is that you’re reading this because you’ve already started down the road to freedom. But you might feel alone… intellectually isolated in a sea of automatons.

You’re not alone. More and more people are waking up every day and beginning to realize the incredible fraud that has been perpetrated against them. When enough of them figure it out, this system will be finished.

That’s why I fundamentally believe that today is one of the most exciting times to be alive since the French Revolution. And we’re just getting warmed up.

If you have any friends or loved ones who still exemplify that self-deluded, bombastic serf mentality, I encourage you to pass this along to them… and challenge them to answer honestly.

More to follow.

4 Responses to US government proposes law making it illegal for them to kill you

  • HEY,HEY,HEY here now, we don’t send our kids off to war for freedom,we send them to kill anyone who opposes being robbed,we work for the BANKS of ENGLAND and they love to kill and so do americans,FREEDOM has nothing to do with it………….whats with this stupid shit "don’t kill americans" some of them are standing in the way of americas conquest of the world,AMERICA glady supports hate, death and war,THATs one of the reasons we only vote FORIEGN NATIONALS FOR LEADERS,we’er politialy correct,don’t the world understand that…………….

  • I heard they will be serving bon bons and and cake at the FEMA camps,so all the fat pigs who watch opra everyday won’t be bitching about the food, DON’T worry about the kids, the chinese are going to feed them to their guard dogs,and you pesky "christains",there going to chop off your heads(fifth seal) YES life will be wonderful in the fema camps,swimming pools,movie stars,lots of boze and parties all the time………………………

  • US Congressman Dennis Kucinich is one of the great Congressman in American politics. I’m sure he’ll be recognized in history books in a positive light. HR 6357 is needed today more than ever. No government that considers itself a free society and a democratic republic that is governed by the rule of law have a legal right nor the moral conscious to carry out extrajudicial executions of its own citizens abroad or at home. I’m going to tell my congressman to get off his corrupted ass and vote for the bill.

  • I am Ron Branson of JAIL4Judges. I recommend that we pass a law that mandates that all government officials obey their Oaths of Office. Whoops, I almost forget, the Constitution is supposed to be the supreme law of this land. So what law do we follow when no law is works? We pass another law that says the former law shall be obeyed

    When will the People learn? The answer is not in passing more laws, but enforcement of the laws we already have. We have ten thousands of laws, and even more injustices. And we shall never have such enforcement of any laws until the People themselves, within the forum of an Independent Special Grand Jury, give them enforcement.

    Within our government, the Judicial system is supposed to be the backstop when it comes to enforcement of laws, however, we find that he judges themselves hold the laws in contempt by urging that they have judicial immunity and cannot be held liable when they willfully and maliciously violate the law.

    So what is the answer? It is found in The Judicial Accountability Initiative Law. Until We the People are the Enforcement ourselves, there shall never be a remedy, neither in the Judiciary, the Legislative, nor in the Executive.

    Ron Branson
    National JAIL4Judges Commander-In-Chief

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