United States Police Departments Being Trained By Mossad, Treat Citizens Like Terrorists

(PRESS TV)   US police forces train with Israel’s Mossad agents, treating peaceful American protesters like terrorists, an online columnist tells Press TV. Experts say US police are increasing their use of excessive force against protesting students. Earlier this week, US police used pepper spray and heavy-handed tactics against students in California’s Santa Monica College against their college’s tuition policies. A four-year-old girl is among the at least 30 victims. Last November, students at a University of California campus were also pepper sprayed by police. Press TV has conducted an interview with Allen Roland, online columnist, to further discuss the issue.


17 Responses to United States Police Departments Being Trained By Mossad, Treat Citizens Like Terrorists

  • All indications are (there is a huge amount of evidence to that effect) that Mossad was one of the parties that was at the very least complicit in the nine eleven atrocity attack on American citizens by organized crime elements in the United States, Israel, and their lackeys in the muslim world.

    Israeli companies should not be allowed to do business in the USA where they work for Mossad against our interests. Israeli interests are at odds with American interests and the interests of the world. Cut Israel lose! Completely lose! Let Israel go it alone!

  • "Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified information." — US official quoted in Carl Cameron’s Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

  • http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1830468/pg1

    Why America is being transformed into a police state
    The late Joe Vialls used the phrase Fortress America to help us see our dire predicament. America is owned, the owners are the central bankers of a particular tribe and America is being rapidly turned into a police state.

    Many may ask why?

    Because, according to Vialls, America is the military arm of the New World Order, and since America is bankrupt and the middle class near extinction, there is probably going to be a rebellion against their supremacist masters. So the plan is to put America into lockdown and if necessary kill/imprison the citizens while the owners carry on with world domination.

    Here’s a general outline of events thus far:

    1. In late 1913, early 1914 the Federal Reserve and Income Tax are installed, the purpose of these two is now very clear, to completely loot an entire industrial nation. The income tax is what you pay for using their money.

    2. Near the end of the looting, the productive nation ravaged by inflation and now a welfare state and near financial ruin, the jobs gone, the false flag 911 is faked by these people, google "israel did 911" to read more.

    3. The noose is tightened, the pre-written Patriot Act is passed along with Homeland Security and TSA, these Gestapo like agencies are being used to suppress freedom and exert totalitarian control. No fly lists, no gun buy lists, a fence around the country to keep us in, and if you don’t pay your taxes then you can’t get a passport. The installed Prez appoints czars and ignores Congress.

    4. Americans are unable to resist because of their religious indoctrination, they have been programmed to view god’s chosen and Israel in a good light even though they are clearly the perpetrators, to make things much worse, 70 million Evangelicals and Baptists are allied with the Zionist traitors.

    5. Baptist ministers are now being trained as Judas goats, to steer their flocks into passivity and FEMA camps, they are told to teach Romans 13. BELIEVE and OBEY.

    6. Police are militarized, many are trained in Israel in military tactics, police brutality encouraged, the courts change the laws so the citizens have no rights, Congress approves thousands of drones, Obama signs a law allowing a foreign state, Israel, to execute Americans. The NDAA is passed, all rights are gone…

    7. DHS orders 450 MILLION rounds of hollow point ammo, other agencies jump on the bandwagon. TSA orders bullet proof highway checkpoint booths. Romanized troops are being trained in riot control:

    [link to http://www.facebook.com]

    8. The patriot with the bullhorn down there in Texas labels the real perps as Nazis or globalists or offshore banks, every term except for who they really are, he even says Hollywood is run by Arabs.

    9. New Age lecturers put forth incredible disinfo like Tolec saying the Andromeda Council is zapping underground Reptilian bases; Dolores Cannon saying the earth is going into 5d, so be happy and don’t resist, she even says don’t try to change anyone; David Wilcock saying mass arrests of elite in April; and the worst is David dIcke who has the incredible gaul claiming the elephant in the living room are Rothschild Zionists and not the Torah jewish people. Zionism is political Judaism, Zionism is the ONLY logical expression of Judaism.

    The New Age message is exactly the same as the Christian Patriot message: do nothing, don’t resist, be happy because the shift is on or Jesus is coming back. It is the message of disempowerment while the forces of darkness are in the final preparation stages of attack.

    How can you fight the enemy if you can’t name the enemy? It’s time for Americans to break out of their political and religious spells and see the reality of Jewish despotism that has destroyed their once great nation.

    We are starting to glimpse the end game, they are near finished with the financial looting, they have destroyed the currency, they have used our military power to wage genocidal war on the enemies of Israel and demoralized and the nation.

    Many are in a state of shock, many are stunned, like deer caught in the headlights on an onrushing semi, America the land of the free and the home of the brave, a nation which considered itself a light unto others has fallen into the trap of Jewish Talmudic control. We are a corpse, a nation of zombies awaiting our execution.

    Why? How did this happen? Why didn’t we rise to our defense? How could a nation of 300 million allow a small minority to destroy it from within? The nation is spellbound by Christianity, the nation is under a black magic spell, the nation is under Jewish control because the Achille’s Heel of America was its Biblical beliefs. How could America resist the jewish people when they believe the jewish people to be God’s chosen people?

  • QURAN says: "God does not change the situation of a people until they change what is within themselves."

    Amerika, as a people forced evil puppet dictator police states on innocent peoples worldwide. Since your false-flag 911 you have totally changed yourselves within as a people into an evil generation inflicting death, pain & misery on untold millions of innocents to satisfy your blood lust. It is Amerika & it’s side-kick the U.K. (U.S.U.K.) who are sliding into evil fascist dictatorships and all the oppression and loss of freedom that implies.

    Just as you did to others it is NOW COMING DOWN on your own heads because of what YOUR OWN HANDS have sent forth. Amerika you are spiralling out of control. Welcome to your nightmare of your own making – and it is just beginning. You have destroyed yourselves.

  • The police use such brutality for one simple reason. Because they can.

    Because they know the people will not fight back. At most protests, the police are outnumbered 5 to one. That’s a lot of manpower. But the protesters invariably do nothing with that power. They sit, they chant, they post videos on YouTube.

    But they don’t do the one thing- the only thing- that will work. Fight back.

    When the police receive immediate, direct, and personal reaction to their tactics, things will change. Until then, nothing will.

  • Israel did 911 here is the evidence:


    Christopher Bollyn is offering a free download of his book Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World. A must read. He is one of the best 911 investigators.


  • we are a tyranny under marshall law

    the US is no more.

    if the cops and soldiers don’t realize it then we are toast


    HOLOCAUST I was a mistake.

    It was the Defenseless Innocent part of the Khazars (the so-called “Jews”) that were Exterminated, while the Khazarian banksters (the Rotschilds, Rockefellers, etc.) were Shielded and Profited from the Genocide.

    Even more Astoundingly, the Zionists Actively Prevented all of the Offers the Nazis made to spare the Lives of Doomed from becoming Realized ! And they proposed future NAZI/ZIONIST cooperation !

    In Complete Contempt for the unspeakable Suffering of the Millions of Murdered and Their Bereaved Families, and Shamelessly Exploiting the Suffering for Political Propaganda Gains, the Banksters continued and Expanded Hitler´s Policies after the war and imported a lot of Nazi War Criminals to the US.

    Owning the US Banks, Corporations, Media, Congress and Government, the Nazionists (= Nazi + zionists) and Their Accomplices now Form the Cancer Tumor of the Planet by Way of the US Empire of Evil.

    Although Hitler is Their Model with regard to Globalism, False Flag Deception and Terror, Torture, Brutality, the Banksters have long Outpaced Hitler Technically. Their New World Order, NWO, has much more Efficient Means at Their Disposal than He had.

    For instance, for the NWO*s planned Talmudic Decimation of the World Population, They have Organized Starvation, Laboratory Developed AIDS, EBOLA, Airborne Bird Flu, Infected Vaccinations, Carpet Bombing, GMO, Chemtrails, spreading of Radioactive Uranium Dust all over the Planet, etc.,etc.

    A Holocaust II for correction of Holocaust I by targeting the Bankster mafia is long overdue.


    The Accused:

  • Like in the Nuremberg Trial the difficult part of the Task is to limit the Trial by Focusing on the Most Guilty out of the Huge number of Accomplices.
    One of the main Conclusions of the Nuremberg Trial is that having been Ordered to do Wrong does not Exempt from Responsibility.

    For Temporal and Practical reasons the trial Will Start with the Main Guilty and later Continues with the Hit Men when They have been Identified.

    They include the Murderers and Torturers of the Palestinian Children, Women and Men, Mossad/CIA´s Various Types of Experts that Carried out the 9/11 Terror, Mossad/CIA´s death squads, “Suicide”-Bombers and Snipers sent into all of the Middle East Wars to keep them Going.

    It is easier to put Names on the Various Layers of the Notorious NWO Pyramid:
    The Rothschilds, The Rockefellers
    The AIPAC and Israel leaders …
    The neocons (Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Rove,…)
    Foreign Puppet State Leaders like Rasmussen(DK),…


    The International Court in the Haag
    assisted by
    Representatives of the Millions of Victims
    The Occupy Movement
    Other revolutionary movements

    Potential Executioners:

    Decent and Sane Patriotic US Generals
    The Chinese Financial Leverage
    The Social Media
    The World Revolutionary State and Private Forces
    The Established Worldwide Direct Democracy


    If the Banksters* Own Talmud was Followed, the Convicted Criminals should Face an Eye for an Eye Philosophy and First Endure their own Abu Graib, Bagram and Guantanamo Treatments, before They were Executed.

    But in order to Reinstate the International Law they Systematically have Broken Down, They Will be Treated in a Civilized way.

    During the Trial They Appropriately can be Gathered in their Own Concentration Camps Established all over the US for Their NWO Project.

    Time Frame:

    Before the Banksters start the 3rd and last World War by attacking Iran.



  • stock em up and fire em when its time!!!

  • Zionist Jews are propagating the everything. Why? Because they control America, they did 9/11, the are infesting the American Gov’t, and their aim is to turn America into an Israeli Police state. As is happening while we speak and this is just more proof the Zionist israeli’s are at it again. It needs to stop ASAP and the zionists need to be rooted out of Gov’t for it to end. This is exactly how pre-war Weimar Republic was ask Hitler?

  • My husband and I were recently hit with an Injunction requiring us to turn in our guns. Our crime: Threatening to put U.S. Bank’s lawyers in jail for perjury and extortion. The judge ruled that this is a credible threat of workplace violence. We are not prevented from visiting their offices or standing right next to them. We just can’t say mean things to them or own guns.

    That is ONLY possible under Jewish law. We are Black American citizens — pre-Civil War. Hubby is an Air Force veteran and I am a former Navy civilian. Now I’ve uncovered a plot between the banks and our local police department (Chris Dorner lived less than 5 miles away) to murder my entire family. They claimed that when I wrote "I am a free citizen of the United States of America" that I was claiming to be a "sovereign state". They claimed that when I wrote "I will obey your local laws" that I meant "I don’t have to obey any laws". They wrote it in a report and tried to get it introduced into evidence.

    But it’s out there. Law enforcement will see my big Black husband or large Black teen and assume that they are threats, law-breakers, and anti-America. They are an Eagle Scout, Boy Scout, and we work with veterans. They want to kill us because I fought the banks and have a long history of documenting the racial abuse of our local police department.

  • There is not another people on planet that has plans for world domination besides the Jews. My book, Conspiracy of the Jew World Order (Kindle), exposes this. ALL the anti-gun legislation is proposed by JEWS. Please support this effort to get the truth out.


  • Hmm. I think the people who say “let Israel go it alone-cut em’ off.” Are angry but trying to be civil about this. If Israel needs us SOOO much, then it can stand to shape up and listen to it’s prophets (it’s friends trying to help it not deserve hate).


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