(VIC LIVINGSTON)   This veteran journalist has documented how U.S. intelligence, homeland security, and law enforcement agencies and commands impose draconian censorship on the telecommunications of thousands of Americans who have been extrajudicially targeted as “dissidents” or slandered as criminals or undesirables — using high-tech computer algorithms, real-time interception and malicious tampering to suppress free speech and the expression of political opinion.

As long as these draconian programs remain in place, ideologues who hide behind the wars on terror and crime to pursue a hidden agenda of “social cleansing” appear to have insulated themselves from an Egyptian-style “Facebook revolution” in America.

• Military contractor Lockheed Martin uses warrantless surveillance programs as a pretext to censor, re-direct and manipulate web content, apparently even to “blog spam” political sites with comments written by cyber unit operatives on the public’s tab.

Continue reading at NowPublic.com: U.S. GOV’T CENSORS INTERNET POLITICAL SPEECH VIA FRAUD, DECEPTION | NowPublic News Coverage http://www.nowpublic.com/world/u-s-govt-censors-internet-political-speech-fraud-deception#ixzz1p2Eh4fSu

Continue reading at NowPublic.com: U.S. GOV’T CENSORS INTERNET POLITICAL SPEECH VIA FRAUD, DECEPTION | NowPublic News Coverage http://www.nowpublic.com/world/u-s-govt-censors-internet-political-speech-fraud-deception#ixzz1p2Eh4fSu

This covert U.S. government suppression of telecommunications freedoms  is not the work of a relatively few rogue officials.  It is a multi-billiondollar systematic censorship regime run out of Lockheed Martin Information Systems, the prime cyber-security and information technology contractor to the federal government, and funded by Congressional appropriations to military and law enforcement agencies and commands.

Censorship American-style is both technologically sophisticated and incompetently ham-fisted and, upon close inspection, patently obvious. This veteran journalist was prevented from signing up for any social network website for several years, and as recently as yesterday received a “spoofed” or counterfeit on-screen message while using Facebook stating:  “Sorry, you do not have permission to add this comment.”

Facebook, quite obviously, does not censor the individual postings of site users in real-time, nor would it have the capacity to do so even if the site owners wanted to act as a proxy for Big Brother military intelligence censorship.

This journalist’s Facebook page and his blog site comment section are populated by “friends” and contributors whose comments often convey knowledge of personal, occasionally intimate information that could be gleaned only from electronic surveillance of his telecommunications or his premises.

The censorship regime’s thin disguise makes it all the more outrageous that no mainstream media outlet has picked up on the story of military contractor censorship of free speech in America.

Below are links to seven articles which document the federal government’s supposedly covert censorship methods and tactics — revealing the hypocrisy of the Obama administration’s criticism of foreign governments that censor the political speech of their citizens.

The U.S. is no better — just sneakier and more devious, and at substantial public expense.  These serial violations of the first amendment rights of American citizens are an affront to civil liberties — a scandalous waste of taxpayer dollars in pursuit of what amounts to a political purge…


… a deliberate conspiracy by ideologue officials of military intelligence, secretive Homeland Security and law enforcement agencies and commands who have employed high-tech trickery and fraud to pull the wool over the eyes of naive, entrained, or politically compromised elected officials.






P.S.  The author is not making the above links “active” because he has discovered that malicious code has been inserted into his articles in the past, sometimes re-directing would-be readers to a “black hole” — to a spoofed “404 Page Not Found” message, or to a spoofed web site under the control of the Lockheed Martin U.S. government censorship regime.  A dead giveaway:  If the link reads “my.NowPublic.com” instead of “www.NowPublic.com,” or a similar variation thereof, the link likely has been re-directed to the censorship regime.



  • Hi Vic. I am sorry to hear that this vicious system is still targeting you. At least Edward Snowden came out with some facts. There will be a shift and society will find out the revolting truth. Have you see Dave Hodges and The Common Sense Show? There is also Deborah Tavares who has Stop the Crime. I know that most protest sites are fake protest run by the “brute few.”

    They actually sedate me, kidnap me and perform surgery on my face, altering each feature. They have also surgically removed my thumbs and reattached them lower. Horrible –but true.

    The above is not my website. I am being anonymous for now.

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