U.S. Government admits Global Governance via FOIA request to the CIA



One Response to U.S. Government admits Global Governance via FOIA request to the CIA

  • We, as international bible students have known this for decades.

    Wild Beast =UN
    Anti Christ= The US/United Kingdom
    Uninspired Utterences of the demons = US/United Kingdom propoganda
    Babylon the Great = The world empire of false religion.

    Very shortly, the UN is going to eradicate all forms of religion. This is when the Great tribulation of Revelations will begin. Satan is behind this whole script. They will be successful except for the one true religion. The people will be very violent towards one another. It will be a very difficult time for all of us. Satan will be very furious that he could not eradicate the one true religion. He will use his cronies in government to attack them. That is when the true God Jehovah will intervene to save his people. This will be the beginning of Armaggeddon. The destruction of the wicked. Only those who call upon the true God Jehovah will be saved. I would advise all of you to seek the true God while he may be found. The door to Noah’s spiritual ark is closing rapidly. don’t worry about this Government and it’s army. They will turn on themselves. It is already happening.

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