Turning Algae into Biofuel


2 Responses to Turning Algae into Biofuel

  • This isn’t going to work because algea needs CO2 and lots of it. CO2 causes global warming right? Between bacteria, blue-green algea, and extremely high amounts of CO2 is what triggered the start of life in the Precambrian Era.
    I’m an investor because I love the stock market(free market of course) and I get my inside fundamentals from Agora Fininacial Greg Geithner, Addison Wiggins… they touched base with this company and what this altenative offers is beneficial. Algea produces more oil/sq. acre than corn, soybean (toxic), and even my friend Mr. Hemp therefore its got its benefits as long as it can be produced in America, doesn’t do America any good if its all being manufactured in China.
    But we can also look at the whole global warming hoax and squash the green house gas myth and bring back the SUV’s and the Hummers. But then we have to consider peak oil and the effects its going to have on the consumer/tax payer or how ever they label us. Peak oil is no joke because their’s an inside story about what G.W. Bush was told behind closed doors about the manipulated Saudi’s reserve’s (Agora Financial). But as we all should know by now that inflation plays a primary role here.
    But my opinion for the best alternative is solar energy because of the potential of its appilcations are outstanding. I can go on forever about solar energy but briefly put solar has entered the nanotechnology era. Take a look at shrinknanotechnologies.com and just think of the endless possibilties of this new breakthrough.

    PS.. Take a look at tidal energy and wave energy as well.

  • Almost forgot… END THE FED and nullify the constitution so this country can finally see prosperity in the free market, no more speculation (credit).

    I love my country along with my fellow citizens.

    PS… don’t give up on your vitamins and minerals, check out northstarnutritionals.com/vitapurples mother-earth’s favorite color PURPLE, thus one serving a day is equivalent to 7 servings/day of all the purple fruits and veggies, picked selectively and exotically around the world.

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