Tucker from Greece: Bilderbergers own President Obama

James P. Tucker
The American Free Press
May 15, 2009

Bilderberg luminaries all appeared grim-faced as they stepped from their limos on to the grounds of the Nafsika Astir Palace Hotel in Vouliagmeni, Greece. They arrived from the airport in nearby Athens, escorted by police with sirens blaring. The world economy is at the top of the Bilderberg agenda. Bilderberg will debate how to exploit the global recession and fabrications about “swine flu” to advance its world government goals. Bilderberg’s agenda has expanded, even as public awareness has grown.

Sources within Bilderberg said President Obama will be instructed to make another effort to get the United States to sign on to the International Criminal Court. The ICC treaty, if ratified by the Senate, would be superior to the Constitution, able to overrule Congress and the Supreme Court and impose “world law” on America.

Bilderberg leaders said they understood the effort would have to be handled with “subtle delicacy” because of the Senate’s traditional hostility to joining the ICC.

Former President Bill Clinton, who attended Bilderberg as the obscure governor of Arkansas in 1991 and was elected president in 1992, OK’d the ICC treaty, even though a test vote showed more than 90 senators objecting to the treaty, including world government advocates who were scared off by patriotic voters made aware of the perils by The Spotlight, the inspiration for AMERICAN FREE PRESS. So Clinton dared not submit the ICC treaty for ratification, and was forced to wait for a wind change in politics.


But Bilderberg owns President Obama, who sees himself as a “citizen of the world.” He will be sweet-talking Senate supporters who are afraid to back the treaty. He will be hoping for an even more left-wing Senate after the 2010 election, His goal, as dictated by Bilderberg, is to persuade the new Senate (to be seated in January 2010), to ratify the ICC treaty late on a Saturday night, too late for the Sunday papers or to make changes in the Sunday TV talkies.

You will not read of this in the Bilderberg-controlled Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times or hear about it on network news broadcasts.


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