TSA Treats 95-Year-Old Wheelchair-Bound Veteran Like a “Terrorist,” $300 Stolen


(INFOWARS)    Wheelchair-bound 95-year-old veteran Omer Petti and his 85-year-old partner Madge Woodward were treated like terrorists by TSA agents at San Diego International airport, ostensibly so TSA workers could separate them from $300 dollars in cash which subsequently went missing.

“Can you imagine an 85-year-old lady and 95-year-old retired Air Force Major in wheelchairs being treated like terrorists?” Petti asked the Detroit News’ Marney Keenan.

Given the TSA’s recent history – yes – veterans and old people are two of the federal agency’s primary targets and are routinely subjected to intense harassment and abuse.

After Petti had removed his shoes, belt, clothing and other accessories he was ordered by a TSA agent to place a money clip containing $300 in folded bills into its own separate bin.

After walking through a metal detector, both Petti and Woodward were patted down, with Woodward being taken to a separate room for extra “screening” due to the fact that residue from her nitroglycerin heart pills had set off an alarm.

“When I was patted down, I’ve never before been touched in every part of my body before,” Woodward said.

After TSA workers had routed through their personal belongings and fondled their every body part , the two were allowed to leave but Petti noticed the $300 was missing.

“When I told him we were going to miss our flight he asked me if I was objecting or refusing his request.” Petti says. “I said: ‘No, I’d do anything I was asked, I would just like to know where my $300 went.’ “

Fearing they would miss their flight, Petti and Woodward had to settle for filling out a “Tort Claim Package,” and were subsequently rushed to the departure point at a dangerously high speed by a wheel chair attendant.

After analyzing security tapes of the incident, San Diego Harbor Police said the footage was “too blurry,” and the TSA seemingly just wants Petti to forget about his missing $300.

Without writing an article of book-length proportions it is impossible to list all the examples of TSA agents having been caught in criminal acts. It comes to the point where simply regurgitating prior incidents serves no purpose. There can no longer be any doubt that the Transportation Security Administration has become a beacon for perverts and criminals who take a TSA job because it gives them free reign to abuse, sexually harass and steal from the public – often targeting the weakest members of society.

Let’s try a different approach. Listed below are just the most recent headlines from Google News concerning TSA workers involved in criminal activity, negligence and harassment.

– TSA agents admit to working with CT drug dealers
– Former TSA officer pleads guilty to drug charge
– TSA employee indicted for stealing iPads
– Bar Refaeli Latest Victim of TSA Groping
– TSA to harass Americans on Buses too
– Video captures woman’s agonized sobs during TSA pat down
– Are TSA Agents Too Rude??
– TSA bars security guru from perv scanner testimony
– Ex-TSA official charged in prostitution case
– TSA agent attacks pilot with cup of hot coffee
– Newark Airport closes after TSA agent dozes
– TSA Agents Fired Gun, Threw Furniture Out Window in Drunken Hotel Ruckus
– TSA body scanners’ apparent flaw raises airport security concerns
– US body scanners go unused in several airports, wasting millions
– TSA staff need to be more friendly to foreign visitors – US senator
– Ex-Boston TSA screener sentenced for child porn
– TSA Whistleblower: Body Scanners Routinely Fail
– TSA Brags About Creating “Imperious” Security Team

Remember, all these stories are just from the past couple of weeks. How can any federal agency with this level of rampant corruption, incompetence, criminality and sheer negative publicity still manage to survive in its current form?

If the words of former TSA head Kip Hawley, who this week spoke of how the TSA had made traveling within the United States an “unending nightmare,” carry any weight, hopefully not for very much longer.


5 Responses to TSA Treats 95-Year-Old Wheelchair-Bound Veteran Like a “Terrorist,” $300 Stolen

  • the intent or PURPOSE OF TSA WAS TO PROVIDE additional security and prevent crime not promote crime and inappropriate behavior, the authority hiring the personnel should have a background scrutinizing background clearance on anyone on the hiring list with complete former job performances all in the interest of providing the best qualified employee, any violator needs a maximum of five year sentence without trial. return the $300. to the elderly couple,shame on those that stole the money!!!

  • I haven’t flown since 9/11 and the TSA was put in place. I will not simply stand by while my 4th Amendment rights are trampled.
    How much are we as a society going to tolerate?!

  • Repeal the Act of 1871. Give us back our Constitution!

  • The TSA, fraud, of US CORPORATION, fraud, lie, Democracy of the 1776 Illuminati zuinust, jews of judah-ism, fraud, Phuc-a-bunch-a 1776 Illuminati, 740 AD Khazar Zionist, “International Elite,” 1787 jews=frauds, do not exist, of the Organic 538 BC Pharisees of Pharisee=ism,= religion, = “ism”, who murdered Christ in 0033 AD, hated by God.” KJV Zionist today, frauds, “jews”, frauds, “liars, thieves and murderers”, sons of the devil, “who worship Bubba,” Lucifer the devil, John 8;44, the Hi Chef of Hell, Satan’s Big BBQ Pit, “over the Eternal Lake of Fire.” Matt 23:33 “What makes you you 538 BCPharisees think you will escape the Judgment of hell,” the Eternal Lake of Fire. Jew. a new word by an English play write, Sheridan, in 1775 was perverted by the “liars”, 1776 Illuminati Zionist, jews=’liars”, KJV, and put in the 1787 Rheim NT, fraud, by the Popery, “liars”, of Catholic-ism of Atheism, frauds, created by the in 0033 AD, 538 BC Pharisees of Pharisee-ism, Judah-ism, fraud of none Jews, do not exist, of the “liars, theives and murderers”, John 8:44, who murdered Christ in 0033 AC. Our Organic Law of the Land, of the 1599 Geneva bible, the Constitution For Christian America 1776, “union of several states”, the only, Organic, Nation on the Continent, 1620 America, Under God, “to further advance Christianity,” Of, For, By the 1812 united states of America, Republic, under God, subject to We the People, God’s Israelites, 12 sons of Jacob, tribes of Israel, God’s chosen Israelites, Born again Christians, “Sons of God”, His Chosen People, The Government, and authors of the Organic Law of the Land. the usA republic under God. What is Under God is a Christian People, Nation under God. The TSA, another perversion of God’s Truth, by the “liars”, the conversion of the 1812 usA republic, under god, into the 1781 US CORPORATION, fraud, democracy of Corruption, Destruction, chaos, PC Lawlessness of CODE, “color of law”, fraud, crime enforced over Christian America 1776 by the 1787 jews, ‘liars”, frauds, of the 1776 Illuminati Zionist, ‘jews’, frauds, sons of the 538 BC Pharisees of Zionism, Judahism, atheism, liberal-ism, Satan-ism, Pharisees, “all, “isms”, religions, are, hated by God.” KJV. Before we can talk about America, the usA republic under God, Christian America of 1776, coming out of the 1620, America, compact, Under god to “further advance Liberty=Christianity, under god the Promise Keeper, john 14:14 “If Ye ask Anything “in My name” I shall do it.”, we must know, understand that there is no UNITED STATES CORPORATION, fraud, Democracy of Lawlessness, with 14th Amendment “citizens’, frauds, “property” of the state. US CORP., fraud, does not exist. Know Christian America’s history, Truth under the Truth Sayer, only Law Giver, CODE, ‘color of law,’ fraud, of men, 1776 Illuminati jews, “liars”, KJV, is not Law under God, the Creator and Promise Keeper. All “government’, ONC, agency of US CORP., fraud are lies of the “liars”, KJV “in the image” of “The Liar”, Satan “the Enemy.’ Bubba the snake in the dust. Lucifer the Serpent and the “little snakes”, the “sons of the devil”, john 8″44 crawling in the dust and filth of God’s Chosen Israelites. Plus the none Israelites, folks of color. Jews and the other Ishmaelites.= Arabs. Fuel for the eternal Lake of fire where Satan and his sons shall BBQ Eternally. Cool !! The TSA, BSA, USA, etc, and the 1948 ISRAEL, INC, fraud as is the UIK, EU are CORPORATIONS, frauds that do not exist. Lies of the “liars” of Satan the “LIAR”! The usA Rrepublic, under God, Christian America 1776 with it’s Law taken from the 1599 Geneva Bible.

  • Please publish America heeds to know God’s Truth jim

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