(BEN SWANN)   Shane Hinkle, a 38-year-old Lexington Bluegrass Airport TSA manager, was arrested and charged with sexually abusing a female, airport employee yesterday afternoon. On two separate occasions, the female employee was sexually abused by the TSA manager. First on July 31st, and again on August 4th. Both counts occurred at the airport, and the August 4th event was even on video. The female employee says that Hinkle touched her breasts and put his hands down her pants.

These types of events certainly happen in every place of employment. However, the TSA is unique because of its unconstitutional over-reach. One immediately wonders- if a TSA manager would do this to a fellow employee at the airport then God only knows what he has done to random travelers. You know- the kind that are vulnerable, non English speaking, praying just to get to their destinations without being detained and not knowing any better about the “procedures” being performed.

I just had my own run-in with the TSA this weekend. I was traveling from Nashville, TN to Niagara Falls, NY. I was chosen for a “random” pat-down. This isn’t the first time I’ve been so lucky. However, this pat-down was far more invasive than the one I had received last year while traveling to San Diego. This time, the agent literally put his hands down my pants and touched the top of my genitals. It made me wonder- Is there no actual concrete, procedural methodology used to conduct these pat-downs? If so, why are they so extremely varied from agent to agent?



  • ben its about conditioning
    and teaching people to obey authority
    yes you will get the sickos flocking to this kind of work and the powers that shouldnt be couldnt care less as they will never be examined in the same way as you or i.
    the guards in auchswitz time after time said they were just doing their job.
    people are followers and this myth we all long for freedom is just that a myth.
    what people want is the illusion of respect while they are being enslaved.
    the monetary system is the perfect example of people living in denial.
    to exist on this planet we all must to a certain degree live in denial.
    but this system of control is so blatantly in your face, to deny it enslaves us all is simply breathtaking.

  • a classic symtom of a psychopath that feels he is above the law because of his imagined superiority and does’nt care and is remorseless

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