TSA is ‘Useless’ Claims Former FBI Agent and Anti-Terrorist Expert


(AIR NATION)   Steve Moore, a man who claims 25 years as a special agent for the FBI and a counter-terrorism expert who ran Los Angeles Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) Al Qaeda squad has ripped in to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

In blog post titled ‘TSA: Fail’ and dated in January of this year, Moore says point blank theTSA is “useless” and ‘one of the worst-run, ineffective and most unnecessarily intrusive agencies in the United States government.’

Steve Moore:

‘TSA has never, (and I invite them to prove me wrong), foiled a terrorist plot or stopped an attack on an airliner. Ever. They crow about weapons found and insinuate that this means they stopped terrorism. They claim that they can’t comment due to “national security” implications. In fact, if they had foiled a plot, criminal charges would have to be filed. Ever hear of terrorism charges being filed because of something found during a TSA screening? No, because it’s never happened. Trust me, if TSA had ever foiled a terrorist plot, they would buy full-page ads in every newspaper in the United States to prove their importance and increase their budget.’

Moore quite frankly paints a rather uneasy and scary picture when it comes to terrorist threats and Al Qaeda in particular:

‘Failure is not an option for Al Qaeda; they are as risk averse as the public relations department at Disneyland. Al Qaeda is a brand to protect, and failure is bad for the brand. If there is a one in ten chance that an attack will fail, the powers-that-be will not likely green-light it.’

In other words, Al-Qaeda will wait and wait and be patient until the circumstances are right before they carry out an attack.

Sobering words from an expert.

Moore makes an unflattering summary of the TSA:

‘I have dealt with TSA since its inception and FAA security prior to that. I have witnessed TSA operate since they became a separate organization in 2002 and seen their reaction to intelligence provided them. I have now watched them operate for a decade, and I have respect for their hard-working employees who are doing a thankless job. But I have come to the conclusion that TSA is one of the worst-run, ineffective and most unnecessarily intrusive agencies in the United States government.’

You can read his complete post HERE.


One Response to TSA is ‘Useless’ Claims Former FBI Agent and Anti-Terrorist Expert

  • Well the recent story in the Washington Post about the gross inadequacies of
    the FBI crime lab would render this story a bit of the pot calling the kettle
    black. Neither agency has any reason to crow about their competency or their
    trustworthiness. Ever since the Ruby Ridge and Waco the FBI has no claims
    on virtue. They are just another form of the Stazi doing the bidding of the
    power brokers.

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