TSA Declares a Scared 4 Year Old Child a “High Security Threat”, Proceeds to Terrorize Her and Her Mother

(Michelle Brademeyer)   Last weekend I traveled to Wichita, Kansas to see my older brother get married. It was a beautiful wedding, and the reception was fantastic, despite that it took place during one of the worse storms Kansas has seen in thirteen years. In fact, we ended up spending a portion of the reception inside a tornado shelter. When we began our trip home the next morning, I figured tornadoes were the most intimidating thing we would encounter on vacation.

I had no idea how wrong I was.

My two young children, aged four and six, were particularly excited their Grandmother was catching the same flight out of Wichita. Since she lives in California, and we live in Montana, they’ve never had a chance to fly with her. Tired and eager to return home, we began passing through security. My children and I went through without an incident. My Mother, however, had triggered the alarm. She was asked to go through the scanners again, and when the source of the alarm could not be identified she was told to sit aside and await a pat-down. All of this was perfectly routine.

When my Four-year-old daughter noticed her Grandmother, she excitedly ran over to give her a hug, as children often do. They made very brief contact, no longer than a few seconds. The Transportation Security Officers(TSO) who were present responded to this very simple action in the worst way imaginable.

First, a TSO began yelling at my child, and demanded she too must sit down and await a full body pat-down. I was prevented from coming any closer, explaining the situation to her, or consoling her in any way. My daughter, who was dressed in tight leggings, a short sleeve shirt and mary jane shoes, had no pockets, no jacket and nothing in her hands. The TSO refused to let my daughter pass through the scanners once more, to see if she too would set off the alarm. It was implied, several times, that my Mother, in their brief two-second embrace, had passed a handgun to my daughter.

My child, who was obviously terrified, had no idea what was going on, and the TSOs involved still made no attempt to explain it to her. When they spoke to her, it was devoid of any sort of compassion, kindness or respect. They told her she had to come to them, alone, and spread her arms and legs. She screamed, “No! I don’t want to!” then did what any frightened young child might, she ran the opposite direction.

That is when a TSO told me they would shut down the entire airport, cancel all flights, if my daughter was not restrained. It was then they declared my daughter a “high-security-threat”.

Two TSOs were following her and again I was told to have no contact with my child. At this point, I was beyond upset, I disregarded what the TSO had said to me, and I ran to my daughter. I picked her up. I hugged her. I tried to comfort her.

The TSOs were not pleased.

I was forced to set my child down, they brought her into a side room to administer a pat-down, I followed. My sweet four-year-old child was shaking and crying uncontrollably, she did not want to stand still and let strangers touch her. My heart was breaking. I will never forget the look of pure terror on her face. A TSO began repeating that in the past she had “seen a gun in a teddy bear.” The TSO seemed utterly convinced my child was concealing a weapon, as if there was no question about it. Worse still, she was treating my daughter like she understood how dangerous this was, as if my daughter was not only a tool in a terrorist plot, but actually in on it. The TSO loomed over my daughter, with an angry grimace on her face, and ordered her to stop crying. When my scared child could not do so, two TSOs called for backup saying “The suspect is not cooperating.” The suspect, of course, being a frightened child. They treated my daughter no better than if she had been a terrorist.

It was an awful sight.

A third TSO arrived to the scene, and showed no more respect than the first two had given. All three were barking orders at my daughter, telling her to stand still and cease crying. When she did not stop crying on command, they demanded we leave the airport. They claimed they could not safely check my daughter for dangerous items if she was in tears. I will admit, I lost my temper.

Finally, a manager intervened. He determined that my child could, in fact, be cleared through security while crying. I was permitted to hold her while the TSO checked her body. When they found nothing hidden on my daughter, they were forced to let us go, but not until after they had examined my ID and boarding passes for a lengthy amount of time. When we arrived at our gate, I noticed that the TSOs had followed us through the airport. I was told something was wrong with my boarding pass and I would have to show it to them again. Upon seeing the TSO, my daughter was thrown into hysterics. Eventually, we were able to board our flight.

My daughter is very shaken up about this, and has been waking up with nightmares.

What should have been a very minor, routine security check was turned into a horrific ordeal. All of this could easily have been prevented if the TSO involved had used a little bit of compassion and a smidgen of common sense. There is no reason for any child to go through this, and while I completely understand the necessity of tight airport security, I fail to see how harassing a small child will provide safety for anyone.

I feel compelled to share this story in the hope that no other child will have to share in this experience.


Excerpt from TSA policies:


TSA will not ask travelers to do anything that will separate them from their child or children.

TSA specially trains  Transportation security officers (TSOs) and they understand travelers’ concern for their children. TSOs  will approach children gently and treat them with respect. If a child becomes uncomfortable or upset, security officers will consult parents about the best way to relieve the child’s concern.”



58 Responses to TSA Declares a Scared 4 Year Old Child a “High Security Threat”, Proceeds to Terrorize Her and Her Mother

  • Unfortunately, the mindset of "Commonsense" is all too common. At the moment is "Well if you don’t like it, don’t fly". They have already started on the Railways and on the Roads. "Well if you don’t like it, then stay at home. It is to keep you safe."
    One of the purposes of 911, was to limit or remove your right to travel. If they had come out and just closed the airports, there would have been an immediate revolt, and business and government would have been irreparably damaged. Soon you will be in the "Soviet" environment of having to apply for travel documents to allow you to fly (for your own safety of course). Then it will be an "Internal passport" to travel beyond your city borders.

    "And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward."– Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

  • "They are taking our rights away, left and right. And we havent hung them yet as the traitors to the Constitution, they swear to protect and that is INCLUDING the Bill of Rights. (That is OUR RIGHTS, and THEIR RESTRICTIONS!)"

    "They" as in the Government, the TSA as one of the executing agency’s.

    Again, Taylor Caldwell, The Devils Advocate. The TSA might be doing the best thing for the Americans that has happened in a long time.. Each and every American is challenged on their commitment for freedom, it is easy to swear and pledge all day long… And then to go back on ones knees and serf ones day away Fur die herren.
    And them knees get hurtin’ after a while.

    And Common Sense, if it was only the Blue Shirts, but there is the Gestapo in a motherland form of Homeland (in)Security and a spagetti of Alphabeth agencies, besid e the "Polical Enforcers" aka as the cops or "Police". All working together in lots of "homeland" wars to take your freedoms away, keep them away, and kill you if you dare to resist…

    And it looks like, you ain’t got no freedoms left!
    As a matter of FACT now,
    They even made it legal to kill you now on "hearsay". without a judge or a jury of peers to judge the crimes they accuse you off, or for anyone to verify their evidence for such "?" Justified "?" punishment. So the last right, the right to life itself is being denied by our Furher du jour on "political" reasons. And you thought that the lying by the bitch was the worst he has done to get (s)elected to play the upper puppet.. And don’t get me wrong, Bu(t)sh wasn’t much better.

    Needless to add that before they kill you ouside of the Juridical proces, they can torture you worse then the mideval Catholics, because you are not even a human being.

    And all thanks to OSAMA Bin Laden, or as Faux news called him:
    USAMA Bin Laden..

    USA Ma(y) B in Laden..

    Want some ketchup with that?

    Oh and the whooooooooooole Seal Team died that killed Osama. No Wittnesses.
    The body was "Dumped" at sea. No Evidence.

    And the religion of Terrorist(s) Continues on hearsay.. A religion of make belief in SPITE of the 1st, concerning laws ESTABLISHING a religion.

    Best quote upto now.. The proof concerning 911 is a matter of National Security…
    The truth when it comes out, brings the National Security of the USA in danger..
    The truth does.

    Highfive brothers.

    Since no one is acting to protect the American People or our US Constitutional Rights, we must act. We must declare war on TSA. Any where you find TSA. They must be stopped. TSA are Terrorist. TSA are Criminals.

    Its the only thing they will understand.

  • I have written some pretty strange things in comment columns regarding TSA misbehavior and their superiors at the top. It is true i got a pimp busted in 1971 that procured children from a local ‘satanic cult’ for high level officials in Seattle. These perverts still managed to gain cabinet positions in the Bush administration. I would testify the details as well in a court of law. I do not expect it soon.
    If the TSA genetic trash that harassed your young 4 year old daughter believing her to be a threat, they probably thought she was old enough to be considered an adult. These jerks are MOLESTERS. They will not TELL US OUT LOUD WHO DID 9-11, FUKUSHIMA, or why this same group INTENTIONALLY BLEW OUT THE Deepwater Horizon oil well. That makes them molesters FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD. Many Americans have been keeping tabs on the illegal and immoral acts and thousands of fatal assaults by federal officials working out an agenda. I am sorry more American men have not made a point of doing likewise. Do not blame it on the Fluoride. There has been enough clear evidence to have the past four presidents put in prison. Too bad the Council on Foreign Relations controls national corporate news.
    And NO. I am neither a recluse or in therapy and I do my homework because I do not want to flunk and the nation is being intentionally destroyed since the ‘D-Day’ of 9-11. Too much for here.

  • common sense; If they were privet security run by the airlines and treated people the that way you would have a chance to sue them. You could try and sue the federal gov but good luck with that they have unlimited money to wear you down and even if you somehow won who you going to get to make them pay? They are not there for anybody’s safety and the reason they go for the young children is to start early so when they grow up it will just be a way of life. I am glad to hear your voting for Ron Paul if everybody that said I like what he says but he can’t win voted for him he would most likely win. Putting Ron Paul in office looks to be the only chance America has lets hope all the people that have had to put up with TSA BS will vote accordingly.

  • The paranoia among the TSA agents astounds me. Ever since the underwear bomber, they are just completely without common sense regarding who and where they search. In this case they probably figured the grandma had and exploding adult diaper she was trying to pass along to the little girl.

  • I don’t believe anything the TSA says, period…They’re ignorant, un-educated union thugs who couldn’t pick out a terrorist if they signed as one…

    I believe in profiling bc it works…I mean’ the last time I checked, 4 year old girls didn’t fit the mo of a terrorist, unless they were trained in the middle-east…

    Here’s another way of looking at it…TSA Agents = Assholes

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