Truth Videos Targeted On YouTube

Truth Videos Targeted On YouTube


September 20, 2008

Editor’s note: This malicious activity appears to be a government op to discredit and take down truth YouTube accounts, although there is no direct evidence of this. “The Defense Dept. places a high-value on controlling information,” writes Mike Whitney. The Pentagon’s Information Operations Roadmap considers the internet “an enemy weapons system” that must be confronted by way of “virtual warfare” and resulting in “full spectrum dominance.”


For all our sakes, this video desperately needs to go viral, so please, if you have any videos on your channel, add a few of them as a video response. Please also rate, favorite, and leave as many comments as you can. That way, this vid will reach the most-viewed lists and get seen by YouTube, and then they’ll have to do something about it. This is the only way we’re gonna expose this fraudster and stop him from ruining it for everyone else. Otherwise we’re all doomed. Every truth channel is relying on you now folks. It’s in your hands.

This has been a tough week for truthseekers on YouTube. An individual has been setting up dozens of fake and cloned YouTube accounts in order to discredit genuine truthseekers and to get their accounts suspended without due cause. This individual has made clones of my channel and has copied my videos, my channel artwork and my profile description. He has done the same to many other genuine YouTube users and has used these clone accounts to post racist and other offensive messages on peoples videos and to their inboxes. He is so arrogant and incompetent that he even brags about his exploits and tells people that he will singlehandedly close down their channels.

I have contacted YouTube about this matter, but they are not likely to do anything unless lots of us complain. Therefore I am relying on all the genuine truthseekers out there to report this matter to YouTube IMMEDIATELY. This is VITALLY important. I have already reported this matter to the police, as this individual has already committed several crimes including Identity Theft, Harrassment, and Copyright Infringement. I urge everyone else to also report this matter to the police so that they can investigate. YouTube will already have logged the IP address of the individual who has created these fake accounts, so there will be no problem in finding out who the person is and bringing them to justice.

Here is a partial list of the fake and cloned accounts that this abusive user has already created:


To report this to YouTube, please use the following URL:…


You can only use 350 characters when you report to YouTube in this way. Therefore you also need to send emails directly to YouTube from your email account. The addresses to send to are listed below. If you are not sure what to say in your email, I have constructed a complete message for you to send. Just copy and paste the text you see on the webpage at the URL below:

If enough of us complain, we can get this abuser banned from YouTube. And if enough of us report this to the police, we can find out who the individual is and we can get them convicted, and hopefully imprisoned, for stealing peoples identities and using those fake identities to carry out harassment.

Please please help if you can. Many thanks.


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    How Free Are We?

    Right now (3/25/2009) I am watching Anderson Cooper on CNN doing this report about the kids being assassins for the cartels and can not help but notice the date on the tape is from 7-28-2006; which of course means that this is old news which is true. Another point that I would like to state is that they talk about Garcia being killed with his wife pregnant wife in the car. Not only do they fail to state that this happened in 2005 they also fail to state that Garcia was a high ranking member in the Mexican Mafia and was involved in the drug trade ( (start watching at 6:45).The truth is that this has been going on for a long time! So what is the advantage of bringing it up now and making a big deal about something that has been going on for years? As did many other people in school I read the book 1984 by George Orwell and realized, like everyone else did, that I would not want to live in that kind of world; but when I look at where we are today it brings up some unsettling similarities. I see people setting up cameras in their homes in the form of computers and phones that allow you to see the person you’re talking to. Do you really think that the government could not access those cameras and see into your homes? There is GPS being put into cars and cell phones which makes it easy to follow your every movement should the government choose to. Even while driving around in my car I see random video cameras set up around the city and also there are now cameras set up on the side of the highway that takes your picture and sends you a ticket if you are speeding. On the news they are saying Mexico may become a failed state but do not go into detail of what that means. It is a term is very broad and does not include details. The term “terrorists” is also being used to strike fear into people. Now I may wrong but I do see something that can very possibly occur in the near future and that is using the Mexican drug war to strike fear in American citizens in order to slowly strip away our rights to privacy and our freedom. I hear of making national ID cards and RFID chips will hold all of your personal information including finger prints and DNA data. I see us heading in the direction of 1984 and I think we need to stand up and look at what is really going on here. We need to stand united and not allow this to happen. It is your everyday, average people who are the foundation of this nation and without a stable foundation everything will fall. This is just my opinion on our current situation and I am practicing my right to freedom of speech. If you agree I encourage you to repost this in as many blogs and places possible and talk to family and friends about it. I am not saying I am right or wrong but just take my opinion into consideration with an open mind.

    Educate Yourself!!:

  • I mean the war haha not my article I included!!!

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