Toy ‘buyback’ shows utter incompetence of gungrabbers at reducing violence

()   The City of Newark held a toy gun “buyback” on Monday, WABC 7 reports.

Several dozen children clutching water pistols and cap guns were lined up to exchange their fake weapons for books and non-violent toys…

The event, we are told, “was organized by a grass-roots group called Stop Shootin’ Inc.  It offered children donated goods including hockey sticks and pucks from the New Jersey Devils, basketballs and Barbie dolls in exchange for toy guns.”

Hockey sticks and pucks.  Really.

Let’s look at what a few seconds on Google yields (hey, it’s good enough for the Violence Policy Center, so fair is fair):

  • [B]oy killed with hockey stick‏ – YouTube
  • Police probe death of public schoolboy, 12, killed by hockey ball
  • Man killed with hockey stick Court told of semi-clothed man and woman found in bloodsplattered bedroom.
  • Neighbour says man killed raccoons with hockey stick
  • Family of girl killed by hockey puck gets settlement
  • Referee killed by ice hockey puck

I could go on and on. And no, of course I’m not making a case that hockey sticks are inherently dangerous.  If deployed by evil people, practically anything can be used as a weapon—even dangerous “assault newspapers,” that have no use other than to subvert the Founder’s Republic.  Still, let’s do the same search for toy guns.

Guess who appears to be doing the brunt of the killings there (Surprise!).

But back to the “buyback”:  “Man Accidentally Shoots Self Near Newark Toy Gun Exchange Event.”

Good grief.

It figures that incompetent Bloomberg’s coalition member Cory Booker would use this as proof that nonsense like this little media event is just the ticket to rein in harsh reality: “Newark’s 2011 Murder Rate 71% Higher Than 2010 So Far.”

As long as these boobs are calling the shots, don’t look for any true solutions.

 Toy ‘buyback’ shows utter incompetence of gungrabbers at reducing violence – National gun rights |

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