Think What We Think… or Else: Thought Control on the American Campus

In 2007, the University of Delaware’s Office of Residence Life used mandatory activities to coerce students to change their thoughts, values, attitudes, beliefs, and habits to conform to a highly specified social, environmental, and political agenda. Following FIRE’s campaign, which called the attention of the national media and the blogosphere to the Orwellian program, university President Patrick Harker terminated the program, effective immediately. This video explains the program’s invasive thought-reform activities, the horrified reactions of students and the press, and FIRE’s response.Watch video.

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  • This is going on though the whole system, grade school, high school, college, thier is a mission here and is to take the Americans great history are leaders, the causes, the idenity of the American spirit. “WE THE PEOPLE” have though out the history of this great nation, been rebellious and have not like injustice. But it does seem today these ideas are being taken from us with out people taking notice, I hate to say this but the American people put way to much faith in there government. They take more money, more personal freedoms, from the people every day, long as the person is not directly affected by it they seem to not care. Looks to me the American people have forgot “united we stand divided we fall” and government is out of control.

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