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  • Here is my solution. The fact is, the leadership of the Dems and the Reps are united in the destruction of the United States. That is why the tax credit for sending jobs oversees has not been repealed. That is why the HB-1 visas for foreign workers are still given out with a fine free hand. That is why none of the money allocated to create jobs ever reached the ground, but got handed out to big crony organizations who studied the issue until the money was gone. (FDR used to send govt checks directly to workers; job creation began on the ground).

    They want the middle class destroyed, so that we will be helpless when they crash the economy and hand us over to whatever fantasy future theyre planning, with more complete power for them. Don’t know why they want all that “power.” They’re so bad at doing anything useful with it.

    There is no point in trying to elect someone different. All Dems and Reps are vetted by the leadership councils. The leadership is corrupt and venal. They will not choose anyone who is not as corrupt and venal as themselves, nor anyone who is smarter. That is why, in every election cycle, the people running get stupider.

    There is an answer. We must secede. All 50 states should secede simultaneously. At present we are all well-stocked lifeboats attached to the Titanic. The U.S. is going down. The leaders have knocked holes in her to make sure she will. The states need to secede, and thus we will cut off the head of the Federal Government in one fell swoop.

    If we secede, we will no longer be at war. We will no longer be in debt. We can get rid of the Federal Reserve, that private leech of so much of our wealth, by each state creating its own state bank and printing its own money. Each state can issue low-interest infrastructure loans, and that will put people back to work. Low-interest loans to start local businesses, and for student loans.

    This is the box that we can step out of, just be deciding to do so.

    State government is already fully operational. With only slight modifications, we can go from being a state to being a nation. If we all pay a fraction of our federal taxes to our state governments, our states will all be solvent again. (Except North Dakota, which is already solvent, because they already have a state bank).

    If we secede, that will be the end of TSA, of Homeland Security, of the CIA, of the NSA, of the IRS, and the military industrial complex. If we take the opportunity to ban any official of the Dems or the Reps for life (because they are all bought), we will have a short period during which all politicians are pretty much acting for the good of the people who elected them, until the rich figure out how to game the system again.

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