The War On Libya Has Begun (Video Reports)

First U.S. Crusie Missile Launch In Operation Odyssey Dawn


Obama Authorizes U.S. Military Action Against Libya


Libya is going to be more than a no-fly zone operation


First Wave of US Attack on Libya: 114 Cruise Missiles


U.S. Fires Over 110 Cruise Missiles On Libya In First Salvo


British Forces Join the Fight in Libya


Prime Minister David Cameron: ‘Libya action is legal and right’


4 Responses to The War On Libya Has Begun (Video Reports)

  • Gadhafi! Something here just do’es not add up, Libya has the highest literacy of any nation around them 87% this is higher then America. The best educational system of any of nations around Libya . No a man does not make his people smarter that wishes to control them, smarter a people are the harder it is to lie to them and decieve them. “WE THE PEOPLE” should understand this because look at how are government lies and decieves us.The man has used the nations wealth to build it, agriculturally, the infrastructure, not like the people here are lead to believe. “WE THE PEOPLE” should understand a leader using his are her power to enrich themselfs. The war by passed all channels of government that would give legitimacy to the conflict and constitutionali ty. Something is going on in the mideast and the people are being lied to like saudi suddenly we get rid of a leader that we put in.. SOMETHING JUST IS NOT RIGHT HERE, AND SOMETHING I UNDERSTAND WITH GOVERNMENT WHEN IT DONT LOOK RIGHT IT ISNT RIGHT.

  • Mohammed Nabous was the mouthpiece to what was really going on from the united nations. He lost his life asking for help; saying; “they are attacking peacefull innocent people”

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