The Video the Pentagon doesn’t want you to see!

(POPEYE)   This is literally the video the Pentagon doesn’t want you to see. After watching this video you won’t look at the war propaganda pushed by the government the same way ever again. The invasion of Iraq was illegal, and immoral. The first step in fixing the mistakes that were made is admitting that mistakes were made. Whether you took part in the murders or not, we are all responsible for allowing this to happen in our name, based on lies fed to us by the powers that shouldn’t be, in order to feed their own twisted agenda of world domination and death.


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  • Who is that chick talking at the end???

  • Dr. Dahlia Wasfi. I interviewed her last month. It’s on the radio show archive page, there is a link for it on the right side of the website.

  • The only thing more appauling than the training of our US military, is the US government. And where are the punishments for these crimes?

  • How pitiful
    time to change this

  • America’s war on the Islamic world is not a defence strategy or a war on terror; it is an energy policy that uses terror against civilians and sovereign states to achieve America’s illegitimate ends. Anyone who refuses to see this is part of the problem an an enemy of the principles that America claims to be founded on.

  • "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel".
    – Samuel Johnson

  • Abilene, Kansas, home of Dwight D. Eisenhower, who warned us of the congressional military complex,
    because it is in close proximity to Ft. Riley, Kansas, is succumbing to water, food, soil, and air contamination from depleted uranium munitions being used for training exercises by the US military, not to mention civilian and military personnel living within quite a large radius of Fort Riley. What will it take
    to awake U.S. citizens to the absolute facts about this monsterous impending disaster that is being
    wrought upon mankind, nature, and morality. Have the redcoats returned to overthrow our constitution?

  • That soldier should cuddle a grenade.

  • Waking up the sleeping people!

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