EDITORS WARNING: If you have a week stomach or don’t want to have nightmares for the next week then don’t watch the video. Do not let your children be in the room when viewing it and make sure they do not get the link to it.  The video is disturbing to say the least, it is extremely graphic, but the truth about what is going on in Libya needs to get out.  Beheadings shouldn’t be a surprise either considering we are backing the same people we fought in Iraq.  The CIA were behind most of the beheadings in Iraq, it is not coincidence that these CIA controlled “rebels” are doing the same thing in Libya.



And Other NATO War Crimes

By Susan Lindauer, former CIA Asset covering Libya


NATO has been pumping propaganda out of Libya to justify its “humanitarian war” against the government of Moammar Gadhaffi. Until now, NATO has succeeded in large part because ordinary citizens around the world have no access to direct intelligence on which to base their own opinions. As the former CIA Asset who covered Libya at the United Nations from 1995 to 2003 during negotiations for the Lockerbie Trial, I am compelled to break past that propaganda to examine actual evidence.

Responding to numerous requests, I am sharing primary evidence that I receive daily from sources inside Tripoli.  Video documentation comes from Libyan refugees, collected by a fact finding commission called “Global Civilians for Peace in Libya.” The fact-finding team includes Europeans, Africans, Americans and international human rights attorneys, who are preparing allegations of War Crimes against NATO. Judging from these videos, financial damages that NATO will be required to pay Libya should be stupendous, indeed.

Above all, it’s clear that NATO grossly misrepresented its arguments at the United Nations, in order to justify the sanctions, which authorized this military action. Clearly Britain and France trusted unreliable sources and bad intelligence from sources trying to gain power from the conflict.  A more careful investigation shows that it is the NATO backed Rebels who are guilty of atrocities. Sanctions should be thrown out, and NATO should shift its military forces to back Gadhaffi in defending the Libyan people.

Never play truth or dare with a spy

The videos portray graphic atrocities by NATO rebels. There are two important reasons why NATO Rebels would commit these acts. First, in committing war crimes, NATO Rebels have deployed a strategy for provoking panic and confusion at the street level, where they must control the people. They have frightened their opposition into silent submission. Ordinary Libyans can see with their own eyes that Libyan Rebels are all powerful, with NATO enforcers watching their back, and pro-Gadhaffi loyalists had better shut their mouths or face terrible consequences.

At the same time, Libyan Rebels have discovered a way to punch NATO’s buttons, and fire up the engines for the “Humanitarian War–” For some reason, the world is supposed to believe that Gadhaffi’s government—which has no history of attacking its own people in 41 years of rule—is suddenly guilty of the most hideous offenses.

Those of us who have studied Libya closely have opposite expectations. Historically, Gadhaffi has been so tenacious and protective of his people that he refused to hand over two Libyan men for the Lockerbie trial, despite years of U.N. sanctions. Gadhaffi knew the men were innocent, and would not get a fair shake in Court. Simply put, Lockerbie was a false flag operation to cover up rogue CIA involvement in heroin trafficking out of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, during the Terry Anderson hostage crisis. A joint team of CIA, FBI and Defense Intelligence investigators were flying on Pan Am 103 that day, heading for Washington to expose the corruption, when the plane exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. Libya got tagged as the fall guy, but like 9/11, the truth refused to die. And Gadhaffi refused to back down. He stood by his people, despite punishing international pressures.

Gadhaffi’s guess proved correct, by the way. In one of the most shameful episodes of corruption ever at the International Courts, the U.S. bribed two witnesses at the Lockerbie Trial with $4 million pay offs. After both witnesses recanted and confessed to the payments, the only Libyan convicted in the Pan Am 103 bombing, Abdelbasset Megrahi, won a “compassionate release” from Scottish prison in August, 2009, ostensibly so he could go home to die of cancer.

Gadhaffi’s actions reveal a great deal about his character. As a leader, does he throw his people to the wolves? Or abandon them for convenience? Notoriously not. He claims the Libyan people as his own. He protects them no matter the cost to himself.

These videos are the reality check. Ironically, by claiming Gadhaffi’s forces have been responsible for rape crimes specifically, NATO has made a glaring admission that War Crimes are in fact occurring inside Libya. Headlines that Gadhaffi issued Viagra to fuel rape binges by his soldiers played very well on CNN. However former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has determined that the only major purchaser of Viagra bound for Libya was the U.S. Government itself, which handed out Little Blue Pills to older Rebel soldiers to energize them for battle. Judging from rape testimonials coming out of Libya, the U.S. strategy succeeded in the most tragic ways.

The Bad Guys

These videos look awfully like Al Qaeda to me. But don’t take my word for it.  Look at the evidence and decide for yourself. A warning: these videos are graphic and horrific. They’re posted at on, because it’s got hefty security around its site and rock solid courage to speak truth to power. will not back down.

The first video shows a Libyan rebel beheading a Libyan soldier. If it looks like Iraq, well golly, the highest percentage of foreign fighters in Iraq (and Chechnya and Afghanistan) came from Eastern Libya. Unhappily for NATO, there’s no avoiding that this video was shot in Libya: The men are speaking a Libyan Arab dialect with its own distinct accent.

The second video shows several dead Libyan soldiers with their throats cut, lying in the back of a truck. The killings violate the Geneva Conventions of War, which protect enemy soldiers after capture. In the excitement, NATO Rebels encouraged a frightened on-looker to video the butchery and claim that Gadhaffi’s forces were responsible. Afterward, the man with the video grabbed his family and fled the Rebel stronghold. That’s how the video reached the fact-finding group in Tripoli.

A third video shows gruesome footage of a Libyan rebel cutting up the rotted flesh of a dead soldier and forcing it into the hands of Libyan Prisoners of War, so they must eat it.

It’s so barbaric that it defies understanding how NATO could have envisioned these Rebels as holding any leadership potential at all.

Rape As a Weapon of War

Worst than you thought, right? Most notoriously up to this point, it has become evident that Rebels are using rape as a war-time punishment of pro-Gadhaffi or “neutral” families that don’t automatically embrace the Rebel cause. In Islamic culture, the whole family suffers stigmas after rape, a sort of communal punishment.

Right now a team of female human rights attorneys are interviewing rape victims. Two rape testimonials and other eye witness reports are provided here.

However these are not the most graphic stories. The problem is traveling hundreds of miles through checkpoints and bombs. By explanation, as of June 22, non-governmental fact finders are traveling 200 miles to video a boy who got castrated and both eyes gouged out by NATO Rebels as punishment for refusing to join their paramilitary unit.

Other video getting collected comes from a father, who describes the kidnapping of his virgin daughter from a pro-Gadhaffi family. After dragging her out of the house at gun-point and taking her to a rape party, NATO rebels cut off her breasts with a knife, and she bled to death.

Human rights investigators are waiting to interview a Libyan Woman from Zawia who survived a brutal gang rape that cut off her breasts. Miraculously, horrified on-lookers  saved her from bleeding to death, when the excited Rebels ran off, firing their guns in the air. She’s been hospitalized, but she’s too physically and mentally damaged to handle the interview. International human rights attorney are standing by.

We urgently seek an American sponsor so this Libyan woman can undergo reconstructive surgery in the United States or Europe. On June 19, Gadhaffi soldiers fighting for Misurata rescued another rape survivor. The young woman had been kidnapped and held hostage for 20 days. Rebel forces gang raped her every single day, round the clock, until Gadhaffi’s forces broke through their lines and saved her life.

So much for NATO’s humanitarian mission. Clearly NATO has been grossly deceived, and should cease at once from protecting these Rebels who are monstrously abusive to the Libyan people.  U.S. tax dollars are training a New Taliban to intimidate the Libyan people into submission, while the West plunders Libya’s wealth.

But NATO failed to take into account the spirit of the Libyan people. Libya has a powerful history and traditions of resilience in defending its sovereignty from foreign invaders. Libyan families and Tribal Leaders are determined to seek financial damages from every NATO and Arab country that supports the rebels. So long as NATO provides training, uniforms, military assault rifles, jeeps and transportation, ground advisers and air power—-NATO will be forced to take responsibility for these crimes. Financial damages will come out of funding for NATO’s own citizens—out of education, health care, government pensions, universities, roads, bridges, you name it.

Patrick Haseldine, a British expert on Libya’s conflict with NATO, has calculated current British financial damages at $2.8 billion.

All of it begs the question why NATO governments should want to support these Rebels in the first place? Indeed, all of us should ask some important questions.

Should President Obama spend hard-earned U.S. tax dollars from the Middle Class to finance this War?  Should America assume the role of training Al Qaeda forces and function as Al Qaeda enforcers? While our great nation bleeds red ink? While Americans struggle to find jobs and fight off foreclosures? Knowing that our soldiers are exhausted from two other failed Wars—fighting these same Al Qaeda Rebels in Iraq and Afghanistan?

And why exactly should America prop up NATO, so that the British and French can relive their glory days of Empire?  Is it worth risking our Empire and prosperity? Really?

These videos reveal a whole different truth. The CIA will probably get mad that I have released them. But good Intelligence Assets are supposed to deliver brutal honesty. We’re not supposed to hide ugly truths. We’re supposed to get information that leaders—and communities— urgently need to make the most informed choices in policymaking. It happens to be very, very ugly intelligence. But it would be wrong for me to spare you.

In my opinion as a former U.S. Asset, the United States should break ties with the Libyan rebels and cut off financing immediately.

You can decide for yourself.


Susan Lindauer worked in anti-terrorism covering Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Malaysia at the United Nations. Her team gave advance warning about the 9/11 attack. She is the author of Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq.


  • correction, first video is from Iraq, a while ago.

  • Nope. It comes from Libya. The shocker is that Libya’s rebels are behaving EXACTLY like Al Qaeda fighters in Iraq. That’s my point. A good number of these rebel fighters cut their teeth fighting in conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Balkans and Chechnya. The highest percentage of foreign fighters in Iraq came from EASTERN LIBYA. At the time, we speculated what would happen when they returned home. Now we’re seeing it. And it’s ugly isn’t it?

    More videos will be posted in the next 24 hour. We’re processing the videos right now. So please check back on Federal Jack.

  • From the Global Fact-finding delegation in Libya that provided the video:

    We have confirmed the video of the young man in the beheading comes from refugees at a hotel on Airport Road. As you know, refugees are streaming into Tripoli from all over Libya, escaping the rebels — Misurata, Benghazi, etc. They had this on their mobile phone. Our translator watched it, and said he knows they are Libyan, because they are speaking in Libyan Arabic which is different than other countries Arabic.

    Dr. Yousef Shaker, who is the most prominent news researcher in Libya, and his aide also watched the beheading video. They confirmed for a second time that the dialect was absolutely Libyan, which is distinguishable from any other Arabic speaking pattern. Sheikh Marsouk, one of the Tribal Leaders and his wife both confirmed with horror that these were Libyan men speaking. They blessed the poor man who was slaughtered like an animal. We cannot get testimony from the victim – but this has nothing to do with Iraq.

  • I did not watch the videos, but have no doubt in my mind were they came from. These are dirty wars we are fighting. I just has to watch Harper and his minons vote on ground troops with alomst no oppisition. As I Canadain I am disgusted with my government, but sadly not surprized. We need some real leaders who can affect real change, and fast.

  • These pigs think because they say “allah akbar” they are doing this garbage in the name of religion??? Good greif.

  • Just one question left.
    why the hell does no one react to Syria?
    any videos on that one?

  • Operatives all show themselves as was evident by the way in which explosions went off, placement, etc…
    Then there is the transforming bullets, where an AK round turns into an M-16 round…
    There has been no battlefield honor since Korea…as in do whatever it takes to ‘win’.
    There were many false reports from actions I was involved in in Nam…tons of them.
    Kind of like the movie ‘Flags of Our Fathers’…or ‘Casualties of War’…add to those “The Deer Hunter’, and yo have a fairly accurate picture of the reality.
    No one has ever answered the question, ‘why do these fields always require blood’?
    Then too, no one seems to be able to put a stop to it all either…
    Cumulative effects, veteran to son, unto our children’s, children’s, children…
    It won’t stop until no one goes.

  • excellent work covering this horrible shit federal jack and Susan Lindauer. It’s amazing to me what people will do for money.

  • Please forgive me for doing this: For the sake of affirmation, readers of Federal Jack deserve to know that Libyan readers on another blog have confirmed the identity of the beheaded man. And I believe the comment from one of those readers is terribly important, because it shows how Libya itself intends to deal with these Rebels.

    Aisha: this man who was beheaded is Hamza al-Gheit Fughi . beheading hepened in march (around 20. march) . he is from Varfala tribe, Libya, Al Kaida rebels did that. Varfala tribe will avenge his martyr blood, and al Kaida will be thrown out of Libya!!we dont care about Nato terorists, we will fight till the end, and wont forbid colonisation of our country!
    Susan Lindauer
    June 26, 2011 – 10:43 am

    Pay attention to what Aisha says here: The Libyans know who this man is. His Tribal family has claimed him as a Martyr, and they have sworn Vengeance for his death. In Libya, the Rebels are called “Terrorists.” That’s not Gadhaffi talking. That’s ordinary people. From the LIbyan vantage point, NATO is backing “Terrorists.” And they are not going to tolerate it.

    by Susan Lindauer on Sunday, June 26, 2011 at 12:50:39 PM

  • Hi Susan, thank you for this.

    We all need to see and understand what’s really happening in Libya. The powerful bankster propaganda PRESStitutes are paid to hide the truth so we are routinely fed lies and omissions. Truthless rhymes with ruthless! How can they be so heartless?

    Did the impaled boy survive his atrocity? My tears need to know.

    Thank you again.

    Chris in Central Queensland, Australia

  • Yes, thank you! The impaled boy survived, but there’s revenge afoot! These symbiotic tribal relationships go back generations. When there’s a call for vengeance, the toll of violence mounts on either side. What’s perhaps most worrisome of all is that NATO has started a cycle of violence for no reason at all, but it will now play out. It will consume the next generation.

    The greatest irony is that War mucked up the oil infrastructure of Iraq, such that Iraq no longer performs according to its yield potential. It appears that NATO is in the process of sabotaging Libya, as well, which before this cycle of violence produced some of the cheapest oil in the world. Blood for oil gets very expensive very fast.

  • “It appears that NATO is in the process of sabotaging Libya, as well, which before this cycle of violence produced some of the cheapest oil in the world.”

    The Riba Rout: Add a pinch of usury, several hundred tons of gold and mix it up with the world’s finest extra-sweet crude and you might have “The Real Reason for NATO Attacking Libya.”

    Are we are witnessing “The Last Waltz of the Tyrants?”

    “The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. The banking powers are more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. They denounce as public enemies all who question their methods or throw light upon their crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe. [As a most undesirable consequence of the war…] Corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow. The money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a few, and the Republic is destroyed.” — Abraham Lincoln

    Incidentally, I’m posting this link furiously around the digital world, alternative and mainstream media. I hope it goes viral! Love your work.


  • Great quote from Abraham Lincoln. Some things never change, huh?

  • What kind of human beings can do this to another
    We need new leaders in all of our countries to stop the insanity
    most ppl r sick and tired of the wars and killing in the world
    Stop Bombing Libya !

  • There has to be a replacement of the “WAR,BOOM, BUST,” Economy that the elitists have been using for hundreds of years. I wish I knew the answer.

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  • “There has to be a replacement of the “WAR,BOOM, BUST,” Economy that the elitists have been using for hundreds of years. I wish I knew the answer.”

    Changing the money system so that money could no longer be created as debt (from thing air useing factional reserve) and either making banking run solely by society or forcing banks to only lend money they actually have is the solution. New money would only be created as a public service by an authorization from the society for a public spending needs. That would eliminate the ability create economic bubbles with debt-based money and futuristic spending & gambling. Make bailing out private firms like banks illegal. Easy in principle, I know. Political will, anyone?…

    I think stabilizing the money system (and removing the debt in it) would calm down a lot of the bankster-gangster activity along with their corrupt politician sidekicks so that these kind of wars would no longer be possible. War is expensive — and just as lucrative to the banksters who can create their “money” to lend to those willing to go into war. Find out historical facts between banksters and wars, Bilderberg. It’s revealing. Another great change could be a transfer to a direct citizen-governmental system where people vote for actual things, not persons or representatives (politicians)… this, of course, requires an unbiased media and good and balanced spreading of information through the society and very probably a revised and re-humanized educational system.

  • I have tried to download the page with the Libya videos and cannot get it to load.

    I sent the link to a friend in NJ with much faster internet connection and HE couldn’t even get it to load.

    Is there some way you could put these on a couple of different pages allowing for a shorter load time?

    I live in N. Fl. and have at&t wireless DSL ( aka cloud computing) He lives in NJ and has lightening fast internet, but they won’t load for his much faster service.

    Thank you.

  • The site got attacked. Probably took the whole NSA to do it, and their victory won’t be for long. It’s going back up w/even more security than before! The guys at Federal Jack are very cool! They don’t stand for censorship— especially if you’re driving our country on the basis of extraordinary lies!

  • How about (also) making a torrent release of the evidence videos? Then it would be practically impossible to get them out of circulation. Leaving the initial torrent without any tracker servers would (probably) eliminate attacks against trackers, and DHT + local discovery would eventually do the job of finding the stuff. Slower but far less vulnerable. I think.

  • The videos are not available. I tried 2 browsers and disabled my antivirus.

  • watch the video at the top to see why, we are fixing it.

  • I think Suzan Lindauer Yiou did a great work to take som odiosity from Your country- we in Central Europe do not think well about the USA- but I wee there are people like You, who are not evil as the US establishment is!!! The war of USA and NATO against a free nation of Labians- and their revolutionary symbol Muammar Kaddafi (who does not bear any office or function) is a dirty, imperiaqlist war – and as such should it end. In Lybia they invented a new system of power- Dajamhiriya- power of the masses- with no parliemant, no parties, no president at all. Country is ruled by more than 500 peoples comittees – this is ideal for people- they could decide direxctly about things which concern them. In contrary- the West has ELITARY ruling system – with partocracy – which implies corruption, deception of people for the sake of ruling elite, and many other evils. This is something the elites of financiers in the world elite fear most- naturaly they need as well to occupy the oil of Lybia- but it is for them “collateral” as You use to say in USA!!
    So to be more brief- Thank You for Your diclosing this horrible things and showing, whom Your governement is supporting- beasts- not humans- it reminds on pagan sacrifices from 2000 years before- and it happens in XXI. century!!!! Fanatic religionists of all kind allway brought their “gods” human sacrifices- and one would think it could not more happen- but as You showed us- it happens despite all development ion the world. U wish You more such disclosures in the future.. nice day to You.

  • what is happening in libya is unfair. UN don’t deserve anymore any consideration at all.Now they are playing the fireman after making fire. Look at these attrocities,humanity is going back. it is shameful to see that the people we considere as role models hide behind kindness the devil itself.

  • Well this is not true.

    Video 1: I dont know anything about it so I cant comment it.

    Video 2: The guys look like killed in combat, but beheaded. You know it comes blood when you get shot too! He person filming is saying “Let yourself be better than them” so the others dont do some wrong to the killed.

    Video 3: THIS is the biggest lie from you lumberjack. The video is of soldiers of Gaddafi with their mercenaries. They train them to eat dog meat so they become UNHUMAN in war with the rebels and people. These boys are from Africa.

  • Hi, Susan
    Congratulations for posting real and criminal crimes made by so called “Libyan rebels”, a NATO-supported islamist band. Here in Latin America fortunately many people don’t believe what all global channels are broadcasting (Emir of Qatar’s Al Jazzera, Saudi royal family’s Al Arabiya, Western multinational media’s CNN, BBC, France 24, Fox, and so on) on Libya. There’s nothing new about islamist actions around the World: Afghan warlords(so called mujahaidin)and talibans, Iraqi Islamists insidea and outside post-Sadam Hussein regimes, Somalian Al Shabab militias, terrorist Algerian GIA,FIS islamists,and so on. Some days ago, Embassador of Nigeria at Tripoli have denounced killings, torture and rape of innocent Nigerian immigrants perpetrated by Lybian islamist armed bands (“rebels”), that also have a racist thinking supporting Arab and muslim superiority and purity over the rest of Humankind. Go ahead, Susam True and justice is on your side

  • It’s awful
    They are just like beasts!
    I’ve read the Green Book by Moammar Gadhaffi. His main idea was to make a REAL democrasy in the country (different from current democrasy in the majority of countries), Just real democrasy.
    It looks like a stupid crowd have killed a wise man

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  • Only watched the first video (not at all sure i’ll be watching the rest at the moment).

    My initial thoughts….

    1) Was kind of assuming the implement of choice would have been an axe or machette and for the event to be over with in a couple of seconds, so I don’t mind saying that was quite a shock to the system and that I’m sort of regretting not heeding the “nightmare” warning at the top of the page now.

    2) I’m pretty sure from the confident manner in which he went about the task that it was far from the first time he’d removed a head from a human body. Speaking as someone with exactly 0 hours experience in the field of human decapitation i wasn’t at all confident that he was going to be able to get through the spine with that small a knife (i live and learn).

    3) A Portion of the money that comes out of my pay packet each week in taxes is paying for the air support that NATO is giving to that motherf****r.

    4) I wonder how many people are going to stick me on their blocked sender list after I email them a link to this?

  • that why muslim,s prophet told the rest of muslim to unite themself and told to the leader to be fair enough.If they kill each others both sides will go to hell.muslim now not a clear muslim anymore.Some of them do what unvilievers have done,

  • Fridrich Hláva, Slovenská republika …Fridrich…I dont know if or not you will see this.. but please dont judge all American’s from the horrors of USA and NATO action……Believe me trust me , there are millions of us here fighting against this insanity our government does in "our name"….The NWO is alive and well as I am sure you know….there are more of us then there is of them….but all Americans are not war mongers..we want peace also.We dont want to participate in the policeing of the world…we cant even take care of our own problems…. I am proud to be an American.. BUT i AM NOT PROUD OF MY GOVERNMENT,,,our media is controlled..and we are lied to DAILY….It has been slow.. but millions of Americans are wakeing up to truth….and like I said.. fighting the insanity being done around the world….in our name….

  • I relish, cause I found just what I was having a look for.
    You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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