The Titanic: The Mass Murder that Created the Federal Reserve Bank and the New World Order’s 20th Century

(STEVE STARS)   Was the Titanic a death trap designed to murder billionaires like John Jacob Astor who withstood J. P. Morgan and Rockefeller’s plan for the Federal Reserve banking system now robbing the entire world, while financing international wars?  Before you dismiss this as “conspiracy theory” you might want to read the book “Futility, the Wreck of the Titan” published in 1898, which predicted this event in almost exact detail 14 years before it happened!  The novel is about a ship called the Titan, the largest ocean liner in the world that sinks in the North Atlantic after hitting an ice shelf—virtually identical to the Titanic disaster.

James Cameron’s blockbuster hit  film Titanic presents a sympathetic view of the disaster which portrays a grandfatherly Captain Edward J Smith, but  there are very good reasons to blame him for deliberately sinking the Titanic as a psychopathic disciple of the Jesuit/Free Mason agenda for world domination.  In light of the evidence, it makes far more sense than the flimsy explanations of why the Titanic was lost to mishaps in accident.  The Titanic was used to lure very wealthy financiers and kill them all at once, and make it look like an “accident.” The myth goes on even today, and is perpetuated by people like James Cameron, who paint this massacre up as a tragedy, avoiding any question that still haunts history.

Almost 100 years after the sinking of the HMS Titanic, there are still arguments, investigations, mysteries and questions about what really happened.  Everyone knows the ship sank, but why did this happen after they ship had been warned over and over by other vessels in the area that they were heading into a brick wall of Ice shelf ahead? Was the Book about the wreck of the Titan the scripting of the murder?  That is the topic of our broadcast and discussion.


Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (04-15-2012) The Titanic Was Sunk On Purpose!!!

Map of Ice field:

7 Responses to The Titanic: The Mass Murder that Created the Federal Reserve Bank and the New World Order’s 20th Century

  • Fuuuuuuuuuu I got so into reading this and now I have to wait until 8 to find out more! That’s just mean man.

  • Yes,..I’ve read before that this was indeed a plan to get rid of the very wealthy that were opposed to the International banksters of today,…and the Captain of the Titanic, a devotee to the Jesuits, followed orders, as they do,..because their ‘agenda’ is the first priority in their lives and they will die to see it progress.

  • I don’t even believe it hit an iceberg.

  • interesting. even after the tragedy instead of taking blame for killing so many people at once they just continued exploiting their grave by not recognizing it as mass grave…shame

  • Watch the movie titanic, it has all the clues to prove this ship was sank on purpose. watch the scene where rose, is walking on the deck with the guy who designed the ship. she said to him, I don’t think there is enough lifeboats, for the number of people that are on the boat. His reply was wow rose you don’t miss anything do you . he goes on to say that some people thought that they cluttered up the deck. Then there is the two guys in the crows nest, or the lookout. the one ask the other if he had seen the lookout scope, he replied to him that he had not seen it since they left port, someone took it so they could not see far off to warn the helm.Then after Leonardo gets invited to dinner with the rich people rose tells him that after dinner they would all go for a brandy and a cigar to complament each other on there success it shows them sit down at the table and start talkink about the federal reserve bank.

  • the titanic did not go down by iceberg. I read that there was an intended explosion in one of the boiler rooms that cause the crack in the hull. another strange fact is that it wasn’t actually the titanic that went down but its sister ship, the Olympian. the company that owns both ships, the white star line, knew that the Olympus had very grave and expensive hull structure damage, so they changed the name and sunk her to collect the insurance. yes, another scam and corruption. it has been going on for forever, we just didn’t have our eyes open.

  • Take no heed of James Cameron and his movie, fictional characters and total fabrication. He`s one of them, part of the establishment, he knows the score about Titanic, his movie was just another element of the cover up. Rubbish film but the idea to release it was a clever one, hides the truth and puts the idea in many people`s heads that Titanic is all about Jack and Rose. As for the binoculars, but they were there all the time, it was the key to the cabinet that was missing. It was still with the 2nd officer who was substituted just before they left Southampton.
    At least one explosion on board, the bunker fire and whatever else by way of an explosive device that may have been planted. We shall never know the exact details but as pointed out in the broadcasts, the evidence is there. And of course it was the Olympic, that was the whole point of the exercise – damaged in a collision with a warship Sept 1911 and fit only for the scrapheap.

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