The soft-Coup-De-Tat has already started taking over America from the inside

Author: Ben Franklin

Note: I know that martial law is upon us, that a soft coup is being conducted on American soil, that hell is bring broke lose on the American people by corrupt cops and politicians, that only by recognizing America has been taken over that this can be reversed while the window of reversing this tyranny is growing smaller and smaller by the day. We must now stand up for the rights we are losing every single day this secret war on our freedoms is going on. A descendent of Patrick Henry, Patrick Henry Jolly warned that “there may a time in our future where there will be those whom want to take away our freedoms.”

A soft coup has already taken over the United States and has so ever since the civil war and the 1913 Federal Reserve Act that puts our entire economic system under the US Dollar under the control of private entities that are not held accountability to the government. At the same time these same entities can print unlimited money to bribe the politicians through lobbying and funding campaigns at the expense of money becoming as worthless as worthless as toilet paper. The Federal Reserve was only the beginning of a soft coup, it was only the economic hijacking of the United States.

Then came the National Security Act of 1947 which aided in the creation of the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which both are spying on the American people and are conducting black operations which their activities are not disclosed to the American people which can be easily prone to abusive and even unAmerican activities.

Then around the time with the rise of Adolf Hitler General Smedley Butler at the time was being recruited by a group of private bankers, corporates, and other high people to lead a military coup of 500,000 military soldiers to help set up national socialism in the United States. He testified before the McCormack-Dickstein Committee.

As a ear witness to local government corruption in a small town, I now discovered how the soft coup has taken over the local governments to prevent local resistance to tyranny and corruption at the Federal level of government. The forms of resistance they fear is nullification, secession, county resolutions to split a state into two, and even local militias. So now the only way to prevent any resistance to tyranny and destruction of the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution is to take over the local municipal governments which are the towns and cities, county administrations, local newspapers and TV Stations, and last but not least the radio stations. The internet is really the only source of truth and freedom of information however those that report on local government corruption are being put under increasing scrutiny by their police departments. Both activists and news reporters are being put under target, some are being labeled as “Sovereign Citizens”, some are getting criminal evidence planted on them such as child porn and drugs or even other kinds of criminal evidence, some are getting targeted by repeated harassment and false arrests and charges by law enforcement, and cops across the country are arresting people over filming local police abuse of power. The local papers are all being consolidated by major media corporations, local media people are being blackmailed and bribed, and all local papers and TV stations run by the major media corporations all approve every news tip by local boards of directories that decide what news stories to cover and which ones to bury.

For example the town of Mayodan media outlets there never covered the Nullify-NDAA petition, not the RockinghamUpdate, not any of the media outlets in Rockingham County nor North Carolina for that matter despite the fact the local petition was using paper instead of the internet with real signatures which takes a lot more work and effort then internet petitions. The local papers kept their mouth shut, WXII12, FOX8, R0ckinghamUpdate, GoDanRiver which has The Madison Messenger, the Reidsville Review, and all other local papers all kept quiet on the Nullify-NDAA petition and kept quiet on the corrupt politicians in the c0unty. It has also been discovered that the RockinghamUpdate purges news from the last year and looks to be purging old news stories so that nobody can read any archives of news stories which they know private detectives and investigators read in order to build a case, so the media in the counties are purging older news stories to prevent any investigators from being able to investigate remotely online and possibly even by physically investigating this in the county since the paper reserves what investigators can look at in regards to archived papers. If even a small town can have corruption and controlled media, then this is the beginning of how a coup is being documented and demonstrated in local towns and counties. The activist and news reporter Brian Hill the former USWGO Alternative News master shut down his website months after the petition and was never seen from again in the county, I even discovered he sent communications to the local media disapproving of them not covering the truth and threatened t0 compete with his own local Rockingham County news subsidiary of USWGO Alternative News in order to poke holes in the blackout by the local media there. What happened in Rockingham County is happening in other counties as local media is being consolidated by major media elite corporations, local governments are being given federal grants and federal money in return for certain actions to be taken by local government and law enforcement. Municipalities are being strapped for cash and are being thrown into multimillion dollar debt. So local governments and counties are resorting to getting money from the federal and state governments in order to survive and not default into having the counties and municipalities being given over to the banks under default debts and loans.

So now the consolidation and control of local towns, cities, metropolitan, counties, and even states are under way and may have already happened in some parts of the country. Police across the country are being militarized like a quasi-paramilitary police forces. Police are being quietly federalized as police in parts of the country are wearing black uniforms and are quietly working under the Federal government and federal task forces, one of them is the Internet Crimes Against Children task force and other federal programs. Of course anyone whom gets too close to the truth is either dead or falsely imprisoned or set up with a crime never committed.

A few examples are the Rolling Stone news reporter Michael Hastings had his car exploded after he tweeted that federal FBI agents were following him then his car exploded and evidence has shown that it was not a car wreck but that his exploded by some other external force such as a car bomb. Aaron Swartz was hung in his house to make it look like he committed suicide, then his to-be-wife also I think died months after she was investigating this. There is a lot of other examples of news reporters being killed or set up as criminals but there are too many just to document in this one article as it takes time to research and build a case on all the tragedies that are now happening to the activists and the press.

In fact before the rise of communism or any totalitarian regime, the press and political activists must be extinguished one by one. Then  the consolidation of media has to take place in order to keep complacency. Then the removal of political activists by either killing them one by one by blowing them up or shooting them or setting them up as criminals which is easy to do these days. It is easy to plant files on somebodies computer and is easy to do through government created backdoors in every computer and router using the telecommunications act. It is easy to plant child pornography as anyone even remotely accused of it is treated far worse even a Jude/Jew in Auschwitz Germany. Same with drugs and other infamous crimes such as rapes and murders although far more messy then just planting a few child porn files in somebodies computer since all you need to convict somebody is possession which is 9/10’s of the law. Even with customs, if you are found with something illegal regardless of whether it was planted, you are treated and found guilty then thrown in a foreign prison. It is easy to convict somebody of child porn and is easy to set up, it is easy to set someone up then convict somebody of drug mules. All of this concerns me yet Infowars, ActivistPost, and others are keeping their mouths shut and just throwing them to the wind, one of the people they are throwing to the wind while wrongs are being committed against them is Andrew Rose by the corrupt District Attorney Robert Parks whom keeps delaying the criminal trial. If it is this easy to convict people without having to prove they are wanting to harm children then any IT Tech can plant child porn on somebodies computer then drive off with the child porn to set another person up relentlessly without remorse. These set-ups are being fueled by the War on Child Porn witchhunt and the War on Drugs. Hacker groups like Op Pedo Anonymous are skeptical claiming that kiddie porners can lie and as long as they demand proof be given that people are being set up before they conduct in inquiry to prove people are being massively set up, people will continually be set up with child porn without remorse. That is why Anonymous is supposed to conduct investigations so that each person set up with child porn can be proven innocent but to no avail as they are treated like witches by the new inquisition. It costs lots of money to hire a private investigator or detective and that is only half the battle, then it may take years to prove innocence of child pornography and that is only if the evidence has not been destroyed by the perpetrators, then even if evidence is found the person may be set up with another crime or even be murdered or hung like with Aaron Swartz. As long as groups like Anonymous give this attitude like “Oh we assume your guilty, show evidence you been set up or else we won’t investigate to prove your innocence,” for those whom cannot afford lawyers nor private detectives, will be set up with child porn and will never get out of them. cheap news reporters whom run alternative media blogs all run the risk of being set up and will never be able to prove innocence unless someone in their family can afford to hire a private investigator to help exonerate the defense. People being set up is not farfetched in the least in regards to drugs and porn. This is the hardship activists and news reporters now face that dare to challenge the system, that dare the challenge the illegitimate takeover of our country. More may have their cars blown up or being mysteriously murdered or may end up in some mysterious criminal investigation and raids that popup out of the woodwork.

This is the coup that Americans across America now face. News reporters and media outlets being controlled or destroyed, local governments and counties being federalized and consolidated by debts, the federalization and militarization of local law enforcement and county Sheriffs, and much more horrors await us as America is slowly being converted into a totalitarian police state. Stealth, consolidation, indoctrination, and incrementalism are all being used to complete the paramilitary coup that will forever end the United States as we know it and convert the country and other countries around the world into fascist dictatorships which will reign hell and evil among the citizenry. One of the only ways to end this is to break the silence and one of them is FederalJack and small time alternative media websites which hasn’t been consolidated yet…

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