The Satanic Hand Sign – Zero Doubt

Most of the following small sample of photos of the elite giving the sign of Satan are from
Change? Figure it out yet?
Known as Cornuto, this sign is a centuries-old symbol of Satanism
Remember the George W H Bush library is at Texas A & M,
the symbol for which is “thumb up” or “gig ’em”, not the Texas
Longhorns “hook ’em” sign of the rival school
Arch Zionist President of France
Prime Minister of Italy
Tom Ridge pre-Chertoff Homeland Security Chief
Richard Cheney
Goldfingers…sorry gang, it’s true.
McDonalds CEOs
Zionist Televangelist Pat Robertson
Zionist Pentacostal Faith Healer Benny Hinn
King Abdullah flashes cornuto to Vladimir Putin
Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra
Council on Foreign Relations logo
Any quesions?

2 Responses to The Satanic Hand Sign – Zero Doubt

  • Their all gonna burn in HELL and I wish I could be their to see GOD punish them for all the pain and suffering they have brought along with their bosses,The real ones who control the world.

  • are you kidding me….most of them are doing the sign laguage for i love you… you not know any thing about sign laguage…..not have any def friends or any thing….you’ll call any thing satanism these days won’t you….seriously….do you not have any thing better to do but be a pretentious & assuming….some thing tells me some body needs to learn to read a bit…just because you can type doesn’t mean you should be allowed to….

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