The Ron Paul Campaign Sabotages P.A.U.L. Festival

(FEDERALJACK)   On this special edition of DTRH Popeye talks with P.A.U.L. Festival organizer Tracy Diaz. They go over the sabotage of the festival by the Ron Paul campaign, and Jesse Benton in particular. Tracy also speaks about the DHS and Police with shoot to kill orders at the 2012 RNC. This incident should show the need to look within ourselves for the answers to our problems and not to an outside source like a politician.

Read Tracy’s open letter to Jesse Benton

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9 Responses to The Ron Paul Campaign Sabotages P.A.U.L. Festival

  • Who is this chick? She worked so hard and gave so much? NOT ACCORDING TO THE FEC AND RON PAUL CAMPAIGN no DIAZ from NY gave a dime. And where did this nut come from. Jesse Benton sent 99,000 messages out that is why only 1,000 of the 100,000 they claimed showed up? Give me a break these people are just ego nuts who wanted to throw a party for themselves with other peoples money. It was never about Ron Paul if it was they would not have competed with his event Sunday.

  • Jesse Benton gave over $2,000.00 dollars to the campaign Tracy Diaz gave $0.00
    Jesse Benton warned Peter Schiff – Tracy Diaz embarrasses Peter Schiff

    Benton FTW Ron Paul would not keep him around if he was that bad, they should all shun Diaz and her crazy friend Gigi the one calling Carol Wells Paul names

  • Sounds like overinflated egos were damaged lol. She sound manic just listening to her

  • Next time you try to comment as two different people don’t use the same email for both. It really gives away your feeble attempt to make her look bad by leaving multiple comments. And Schiff doesn’t need any help looking bad, he does a perfectly fine job of that on his own.

  • not like anyone else is posting on your nutbag conspiracy site? Be grateful anyone did. Want to make a difference for liberty? Get the facts and research the nonsense you post. 2 names come from me wanting to post twice and deciding I wanted to use the name I use on other sites after I used a nickname. Attack Peter Schiff now omg. You nuts all need to go live a cave together. You dont care what is true or what isnt you are just so desperate to blame everyone else for your own mistakes and be aggressionists BOTH VERY UNLIBERTARIAN ways to be. Grassroots or grass smokers?

  • You attempt to engage me in a so called educated argument but you fail miserably because you resort to using logical fallacies, which shows you have no real argument to begin with. Go study the Trivium. And I never “attacked” Schiff, all I did was state a fact. There was no emotion involved, nor was there type of ad hominem attacks on my part.

  • this girl is right on and rightly mad at being wronged,,,,,,,,,,, do these people even know all the things leading up to this,,,,,,,,, the benon saga goes on and on from hooking up to marry in and olsen from rand paul’s campaign,,, then peggy freeman,,,,,, come on people,,, wake up,,,,,,,,, i love dr paul as much as everyone,,, but i’m not gonna ignore bold faced hypocrisy ,,, he and the underlings aren’t infallible,, it sucks but let’s face it,,, shine a light on it and move on
    popeye,,,,, you should get peggy freeman on and then record a call to campaign trying to verify just to get the possble refutes on record
    dr paul owes us some explanations

    keep up the great work popeye,,, just found you,,,, and tolley seays they’re now calling her ,, us the new black panthers,,, whatever that would mean

  • Tracy Diaz is absolutely correct about at least one thing. What kind of Libertarians are you who cannot even support other people’s freedom and/or thoughts? However, in reality the overall problem is us, the Libertarians in general, and he is why. Here is my open letter to Libertarians:

    Dear Libertarians,

    Stop attempting to support politians who do not make the right kind of efforts for the cause. Do I support Ron Paul? Yes. Does it really matter? No. Why? Because he is part of the Republican Party. Why are we wasting our time supporting a candidate who we knew 200% was not going to be nominated? Instead of focusing our attention on someone like Gary Johnson, we fell into the trap of supporting a great person who was on the wrong team. At this point you can even call it the "conspiracy theory" of maintaining the status quo by tricking us to remain focused on Republicans and Democrats. Do any of us have a brain (including myself)? As much as I support Ron Paul, think very hard about the following question. Why are Libertarians supporting Republicans? They are two completely different viewpoints. We need to stop thinking about the individual, in this case a politician, and start thinking about who we are representing and who is representing us. That being said, I vow to NEVER support a Republican or Democrat. Supporting someone because he/she is the "lesser of two evils" is exactly why the United States of America’s future does not seem very pleasant. Has anyone ever considered that if we take ALL of those votes for Ron Paul (Republicans) and give them to Gary Johnson (I only use his name as an example) it will make a huge dent in the numbers? I ask that we stop being fake Libertarians and start supporting the real revolution. I am not only referring to voting. I mean even journalists/bloggers, like Popoye, need to stop mentioning Ron Paul, simply because he belongs to the Republican Party. Are we not able to realize that no matter what a politicians views are, we are foolishly promoting what we oppose? I promose that we all find a local or national Libertarian Party that shares your views, and promote that party ONLY. Let’s stop inadvertently supporting Republicans, Democrats, and the mainstream media by mentioning them, and let’s start promoting real, libertarian issues.

    Juscelino M. Acevedo

  • Tracy there’s a lot of people that dont know about this. I’m sure they will chip in and pay off that debt. I am disabled and dont get much from ssi but I saved $10.00 on my electric, not much but I guess the saying is right, The poor help the poor,lol I was at the Sun Dome Rally and it’s not for the lack of supporters, the movement is gaining more even as I write this. I think the low turnout might be because a lot of people couldnt go for the same reason I and my wife couldnt, We just cant spend money to party when there’s other bills that are not paid, nothing more than that. By the way you do good work, your kind of devotion to liberty is only known to the people that are awake, the rest Dont understand yet.

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