The Rogue Cops of North Miami Beach, FL

(Stephanie Kienzle)   I’m sure this won’t be my last column regarding the North Miami Beach cops, but I wish it were.  I’ve already given them way too much ink.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I have always been a staunch supporter of law enforcement, as well as our military, and I have always had the utmost respect for the men and women who risk their lives to keep us safe.  The past few months, however, have been a real eye opener to me as I’ve witnessed several of our city’s cops show what are apparently their true colors.  Ever since the Mayor, Council and City Manager had to tackle the budget problems in order to pass a balanced budget by the September 30, 2011 deadline, word spread throughout the police department that they were looking at major cuts.  Of course, every department in the city, not just the police department, were going to have to reduce their budgets to fill a $7.5 million hole.  Revenues are way down, but expenses have largely remained the same (and in some cases, actually increased), so something had to give.  The general employees were none too happy about it, but they faced reality and hoped and prayed that their jobs were going to be safe when all was said and done.  In the end, 22 of them were handed pink slips.

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The cops, however, weren’t going to take this “injustice” lying down.  With all the arsenal (no pun intended) at their disposal, and with the help of their union bullies, they stormed city hall during every council meeting and budget workshop since July, glaring at and staring down residents and council members alike.  During public comments, they came up to the podium before the council and tried every tactic from pleading their case respectfully to making threats, sometimes in the same speech, to get the council and manager to see things their way.  They tried pulling their heartstrings by bringing up stories of how when they kiss their kids goodbye in the morning it could be the last time, as if the rest of us are immune to any number of ways to die during the course of a day and they’re not.  None of us are guaranteed our next breath, but to these cops, their lives are obviously more important than ours.  When that didn’t work, they tried their usual bully tactics, led by bully extraordinaire union president Mike Pons.  He not only threatened the council from the podium, but he verbally accosted the mayor in the hallway during a break by grandstanding for the news cameras.  (See my blog Channeling Jimmy Hoffa for the story with videos at  When that didn’t work, the cops started posting nasty comments on all Miami Herald articles about North Miami Beach, my website and their own unbelievably crude LEO Affairs website:


 (At the time of publication of this article the forum thread has been removed. Good thing I took screen shots.  See

Of course, when posting their childish and despicable comments, they used pseudonyms instead of their real names, while any residents who responded to them, including myself, used their real names.  Funny how when they can hide behind a  fake name, they’re real tough talking assholes.  They have attacked me and my husband so viciously, it’s hard to believe these are the same people we look to for protection.  It’s gotten so bad that the residents are more afraid of the cops here than the criminals that roam our streets.  How sick is that?

The really sad part is that I personally know some of the cops who are wonderful human beings.  They have told me how disgusted they are with the antics of some of their “colleagues” (I say “colleagues” but really, the shithead cops are nowhere in the same league as the good guy cops).  These people have told me to ignore the childish and nasty comments on their LEO Affairs website because the ones that post there are just a small handful of disgruntled schmucks, and that they in no way reflect the vast majority of police officers in the Department.  The problem is that any time one of the dirtbag cops opens his mouth, including their union leader Mike Pons, it reflects on the entire Department.  It may not be a fair assessment of the rest of them, but as they say, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

The final straw, however, was when I received a comment for my blog that I perceived to be a clear threat to two of my fellow outspoken residents.  This person wrote:

“Mubarak Al-Jazzerri, you don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about.  There has been a tremendous amount of good work done by the North Miami Beach PD.  There is a lot of crime deterred, caught, and handled by the PD.  The speciality units that are being threatened to be dismantled are only going to assist the criminals.  Gangs and criminals only look for opportunities.  The publicity you, Bert DUMBASS K-Hitler Nazi, and city council bring to this city will only escalate the crime in this city.  There is reactive police work and proactive.  The city of NMB was noted for its proactivity.  What you are looking for is a reactive police department and this is an unfortunate situation. As a resident of this city, I am appalled.

SO Criminals here it is:

Mubarak Al-Jazerri Kazan’s address is, I believe, the yellow fenced in house at ________________….have fun and remember he says it’s Mayberry so the police only need one bullet.  Have fun.

Nazi Bert’s address is Eastern Shores _______________________.  Find More at”

I immediately forwarded this comment to the Chief of Police, with copies to the Internal Affairs Division, the Mayor and the City Manager.  My webmaster searched the IP address and discovered that the comment was sent by a computer at the North Miami Beach Police Department. Nice spelling officer.

I was then contacted by a reporter from the Miami Herald and a reporter from Channel 7 News.  Rosh Lowe of Channel 7 asked to meet me for an interview, which I did.

I cannot believe how many residents have approached me to thank me for uncovering the crap that goes on inside our Police Department.  I’m also surprised by some of the comments I have received from people who state that they are not supporters of our Police Department or law enforcement in general.  These are not the type of people you would think of as “radicals,” but people like doctors, business owners, lawyers, etc.  It was pretty surprising to hear some of their comments.

Since I’ve been locked in a battle with the police union, and especially now that the news story aired, the cops here have become even more vicious.  It’s hard to take them seriously because their attacks are insanely juvenile – they’re making fun of my hair and my clothes, and calling me ugly, for God’s sake!  What?  Are we in junior high school?  Then their little buddies chime in and tell them how funny they are.  Seriously?  These are adults?  And they wear badges and carry GUNS?  Man, that’s scary!  Even worse, most of them can’t even spell for shit.  Like cowards, they post their comments anonymously so that I won’t have any idea who they are.  If they didn’t have those badges and guns to hide behind, we’d all see what pussies they really are.

Since I won’t lower myself to comment on their website, I’ll write my response to all their bullshit right here.  If any of them have the balls to visit, and I’m guessing they won’t, here’s what I have to say:

Budget passed.  Game over.  City 1, Union 0.

They also love to attack me by saying that because my husband is a retired firefighter and receives a pension, I’m a hypocrite.  Why, just today, one of the morons posted on their LEO Affairs website the following:

Re: Staph Infection Kienzle

by Guest » 09/24/11 12:35:41

Tell us, Staph Infection, do you honestly think that the people standing beside you at the council meetings don’t realize what an absolute fraud and hypocrite you really are? You use pension dollars earned from your husband’s union job to operate a website which you use to spout anti-union and anti-pension rhetoric, and you think everyone around does not notice?

If you disagree with any portion, even one little aspect, of what I am saying then please by all means I challenge you to bring this topic over to your blog for discussion. You certainly do not mind cutting and pasting comments on this website when they suit your purpose, but you seem to ignore and to overlook factual and damning comments like mine on your site.

Come on, Staph Infection, I double dog dare you to raise this issue on your site so that all of your blog readers can see your response.

OMIGOD!  He double dog dared me?  Ooooh, I’m SO challenged LOL!

I don’t know why they think he made a killing since his pension is way less than his salary was.  My husband’s pension was negotiated over a decade ago, and it was and is fully funded with the State of Florida, and he worked for over 30 years at his job.  These North Miami Beach police officers only have to work 20 years, and the city now owes over $70 million in UNFUNDED pension payouts.  There is a huge difference.  That’s also not to mention that the city is now BROKE and can’t afford their golden parachutes.  However, there is no reasoning with these jerks, and I’m tired of continuously trying to explain all of this.  So I am now amending my response to any of the idiots to complain about my husband’s pension (especially to the anonymous GUEST who posted that comment), as follows:

FUCK YOU!  You’re just jealous.  My husband got his full pension and you won’t.  Life’s not fair.  Deal with it!  Me?  I’m laughing all the way to the bank!  Happy now?  Is that what you wanted to hear?

I’m so over trying to make nice with them.  Can you tell?

The cops like to scare the residents into believing that crime will increase if we so much as fire one cop.  Guess what?  We already have one of the highest crime rates in South Florida.  Do you really think it will get worse if we have 100 cops instead of 117 cops?  I doubt it.  The asshole union lawyer had the chutzpah to say our budget shortfall is a “manufactured crisis.”  What about the cops’ manufactured crimes?  To hear them tell it, you would think this is a freaking war zone and that all of us should be wearing bullet proof vests and full combat gear.  Puh-LEEZE!  Give me a break!

Of the last four shootings in our city, only one could be possibly considered part of a gang-style “crime spree.”  And even that’s a stretch!  Two of the shooting deaths were by the cop’s bullets.  As both of these incidents are still under investigation, we haven’t been advised if those shootings were justified so I have no opinion on them as yet.

As for the other two shooting death incidents, each one was between two individuals.  One started as an argument in a store and escalated until it ended badly.  The other was between two young men.  I’m pretty sure they knew each other but I don’t believe we’ve learned all the details.  This might or might not have to do with gang activity.

In any event, it hardly constitutes a “crime spree.”  Based on these statistics, it appears that in North Miami Beach, your chances of getting shot by a cop are just as high as getting shot by a criminal.

In addition to direct verbal and written attacks, some of the cops have posted comments that they will respond to calls quickly from people who supported them, but for anyone who didn’t support them they threaten a “slow down.”  Yeah, that’s just great.  Thank God there’s a Second Amendment for those of us who have to protect ourselves.

They have insulted and disrespected the Mayor, the Council and the City Manager in the most despicable manner and they have no clue how inappropriate they are.  Well, congratulations, idiots!  You just followed your union leader Mike Pons over a cliff.

The residents are totally fed up with their bullshit.  Like I said, it may only be a handful of cops who are spoiled, childish goons.  They may be an embarrassment to the rest of the Department, but if the higher ups gave a crap about the image of their Department, they’d do whatever it takes to rein in the thugs.

Go ahead.  Make fun of my hair.  Make fun of my clothes.  Make fun of my husband’s pension.  Those are just diversionary tactics to try to take away from the real issues, to which you have no valid rebuttal.

The truth is the city is broke, the reserves are in the red, and the residents are mad as hell.  All the trash talking, bullying, name calling and unbelievably juvenile behavior by cops who are SUPPOSED to be professional law enforcement officers is just plain cringe inducing.  Such behavior has caused them to blow any chance of gaining our sympathy.  In fact, it’s only added to our revulsion.

Like I said, it is probably only a small handful of jerks out of a department of mostly fine, professional and respectable police officers.  But, I believe it’s up to the good cops to stifle the ones who are making the entire force look horrible.  That’s just good, old fashioned public relations.  If the North Miami Beach Police Department really cared about its image, it would get rid of UNION president Mike Pons for starters and stifle the loud mouthed jerks who are bringing negative attention to our entire city.

Stephanie Kienzle

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