The Real Rothschilds

(Deliberate Coincidences)   This is a three part video excerpt which summarizes the history behind the rise of the Khazars (ancestral source of the majority of European Jewry) or more exactly, those who would be the elite segment of this population and their involvement in international banking and politics. The information presented is a good start for those who believe that the buck stops with some Jewish dude, Mayer Amschel Bauer, who somehow crawled out of a medieval Jewish ghetto and started lending money that he made from coin collecting, to the ruling families of Europe. The rise of elite Jewish banking power is a VERY recent event indeed, when compared to the history of the ancient power brokers of western civilization.

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For those would characterize this material as Zionist disinformation, please note that it is not intended to redirect all of your hatred. It is presented as a tool for redirecting only some of your hatred or however much of it you wish to allocate elsewhere, if you have extra to spare.

For those who merely desire to point out the suspects in order to disclose political manipulation, a good investigator might, in this case, recognize a red herring and desire to go to a level above the historically and relatively new accounting department or “the help.” That bright and colorful piñata presented for the world to beat up on called Zionism or Judaism has served a purpose.

Research in the realm of parapolitics is not an easy exercise in being spoon fed as it is easy to be led down the path of least resistance by information gleaned from the mainstream and even many “supressed” or readily unavailable texts. The process also requires many mid-course corrections, so to speak.

Historically, pogroms against Jews were pogroms against the common classes of Jewry and not the Jewish “fund” managers who held positions below the levels of old-line political and spiritual movers and shakers. For example, the evidence is replete which indicates that certain elite Jewish organizations of the mid 20th century made deals with National Socialist Germany which were far from being in the best interests of the common European Jewish population of the time.

Personally, if forced to point fingers, I blame the child-like herd mentality of humanity for allowing itself to be in the predicament that it finds itself in today (if you are pointing fingers at elected or appointed officials, you should stop reading here because you just don’t get it, only for now, hopefully). Nothing will change unless a sizable portion of humanity can one day rise above its own incapacity to be free (freedom includes the freedom to fail). To begin the process, humanity will have to rid itself of its own worst enemies, the engineered dependence upon messiahs (human authority figures or otherwise) and its persistent state of denial regarding the belief in the benevolence of the various authority figures and the political / legal establishment (a condition which might very well be related to a nasty case of Stockholm Syndrome disease).

Recommended reading…..

“How anyone can think that the Rothschilds are the pinnacle of power is beyond me. Very powerful? Yes. The mind behind the all-seeing eye? No way. We have to look much deeper beyond these Kabbalistically-minded businessmen. While not wishing to diminish the truth about their influence, we must keep things in perspective.” (Link)

“US financial magnate JP Morgan (who escaped death by not going on the Titanic that he was booked to travel on) died appropriately enough in Rome & was a Knight of the Papal-loyal House of Savoys Order of Sts Maurice & Lazarus.” (Link)

“The Jews have historically been used as a hidden order of the Catholic church. They do the things that the Catholic church does not like to be seen doing. Jews are perfect for this job as long as the people rail at the Jews and as long as they rail back at their attackers, no one will look beyond the Jews..” “In the beginning–The Story of the International Trade Cartel” (first chapter: LINK) by Richard Kelly Hoskins, also author of “War Cycles, Peace Cycles,” (book review: LINK).

Video source and suggested reading: “The Brotherhood of Death”

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