The Pentagon’s Virtual Army At Work On Youtube

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  • I also noticed that.
    Another thing I noticed is that whenever I watch videos about important socio-political events, the “relevant videos” displayed afterwards are all completely irrelevant & lead me off to Bliebler/Gaming/Camwhores/Pop-Culture etc.

    This is independent of my previous visited videos (cleared cookies&flash-cache).
    It’s almost as if they are trying to steer you away from relevant data, and tempt you with returning into the commercial-consumerist fold.

  • I just had a quick look at the video. I have to agree, the comment section there looks suspicious.

    Maybe it’s just a redneck with too much spare time or it’s really the “pentagon-zombies”.

    If this is real, you (we) have 2 choices:
    – disable comments at all.
    – Create a bot net yourself and fight the same way back.

    Now that’s Infowars!

  • amazing the gov’t would waste time with this 😉

    especially since it’s so obvious and ineffective

  • Federaljack i just came from your site on you tube and when I try to give a thumbs up or post a reply I get redirected to sign in and I’m already signed in; but it doesn’t make it to the sign in. Page gets refreshed.
    I was also being port scaned by 2 different addreses and when I did a back trace of their IP there was zilch information. No info whatsoever.

  • Its taking a very long time to download your videos. It appears they are attacking anybody that attempts to interact with your site.
    I don’t have that problem at other peoples videos.
    This is at you tube by the way.

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