The North Miami Beach Police’s Finest Are At It Again

(Stephanie Kienzle for FederalJack)   Since they’ve been out of the spotlight for a while, certain members of the North Miami Beach Police Department have been feeling slighted.  Maybe they’re jealous of all the publicity Officer Elizabeth Torres has been getting for her role in trying to put a hex on the city manager, Lyndon Bonner.  That story has gone positively viral!  I’m guessing her, ahem, colleagues are out of sorts at not getting the negative attention they so desperately crave.

Sure enough, the forum over at has been ablaze with the story, and of course, they just HAD to blame someone else for the embarrassment they have again brought upon our city.  And, of course, themselves.  I seem to be one of their favorite scapegoats along with the Mayor.

For no apparent reason, yesterday one of the cops thanked me.  For what, I’m not sure, but someone using the original name of “guest” made a comment, which was followed by yet another brilliant remark from one of NMB’s finest who goes by the name of “FUPAYME.”

Isn’t that special?

First, Mr. guest blames me for Birdseed-Gate, then predicts that Officer Torres will be able to screw the city for $100,000.00, then actually believes the Mayor will be paying that money.  What a freaking moron!

Newsflash, guest:  I had nothing to do with the bird brained scheme (no pun intended, of course) cooked up by what appears to be a bird brained cop.  But, I guess you needed someone else to blame because you really do think you’re all perfect and better than everyone else.  Truth is, you dummies have no one to blame but yourselves for the stupid things you’ve been doing.

Of course, I had to play with the man-child cop and posted a comment on my last blog (since I won’t lower myself to comment on theirs).  I wrote:

Stephanie Kienzle says:

December 2, 2011 at 9:18 am

Message to the dumb f**king cop who posted the ridiculous comment on that stupid leoaffairs website: I had nothing to do with the two idiots who decided to “put a curse” on the city manager. They did this to themselves. Of course, you need a scapegoat so you continue to blame me for all the problems you create for yourself. You also blame the mayor. Nice try. But, while you’re kissing Myron’s ass and helping him dig dirt on his enemies (yeah, we know what you’re up to), keep in mind one thing: Myron is history in this town. I’ll laugh my ass off when he gets what’s coming to him and all of you go down with him. I’m just saying.

Staph Infection

Yeah, I just had to screw with him for sport.

Having to have the last word, “guest” (reincarnated as “infection fighter”) responded with:

Hmmm….  Let’s see.  He’s the one who brought me into the Santeria story, and now he’s telling me I’m obsessed with the police department?  I hate to tell you, buddy, I don’t give you or the NMBPD a moment’s thought until one of you do something stupid and make the news.  DUH!  And, as for that “fat paycheck” we’re financing, enjoy it while you can.

Oh, and…Warmest.

As for the comment by FUPAYME, we already know these cops don’t give a crap about our “dump of a city,” and that all they want is their “fat paychecks” so they can go back to their “clean and criminal free city.”  They’ve made that abundantly clear.

I guess it wouldn’t dawn on FUPAYME and his ilk that if they did a better job being cops instead of shooting their loads on LEOAffairs or “liming at the Nankin,” North Miami Beach wouldn’t have such a high crime rate in the first place.

I’m just saying.

So, yeah, the handful of miscreants who unfortunately wear the NMBPD uniform are showing their true colors yet again.  Unfortunately, we’ve all come to expect this type of childish behavior from them.  Frankly, it’s getting old.  They can’t even begin to imagine how many residents are so over them and are hoping the city doesn’t renew their contract.  At this point, we’d positively rejoice at having the Miami-Dade Police Department as our cops!  This arrangement seems to work out well for Miami Lakes and lots of other cities in our county.  In Broward County, where the Sheriff’s Department has taken over nearly every city, no one’s complaining there.

I’m just saying.

In the meantime, I have an idea for those of you who just can’t behave yourselves:  Why don’t you show up for work, do your jobs, be professional law enforcement officers for a change, clock out, go home and STFU.  You don’t live in North Miami Beach and, other than collecting your “fat paychecks,” you have no vested interest in our city.  So go live your private lives and stay out of ours.  That should work out well for all of us.


Stephanie Kienzle

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