The Michigan State Police are using portable devices to extract personal information from citizens smartphones

(MASS PRIVATE I)   The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan urged the Michigan State Police (MSP) today to release information regarding the use of portable devices which can be used to secretly extract personal information from cell phones during routine stops.

For nearly three years, the ACLU has repeatedly asked for this information through dozens of Freedom of Information Act requests, but to date it has not been provided.

“Transparency and government accountability are the bedrocks of our democracy,” said Mark P. Fancher, ACLU of Michigan Racial Justice Project staff attorney. “Through these many requests for information we have tried to establish whether these devices are being used legally. It’s telling that Michigan State Police would rather play this stalling game than respect the public’s right to know.”

Several years ago, MSP acquired portable devices that have the potential to quickly download data from cell phones without the owner of the cellphone knowing.

The ACLU of Michigan expressed concern about the possible constitutional implications of using these devices to conduct suspicionless searches without consent or a search warrant.

In August 2008, the ACLU of Michigan filed its first FOIA request to acquire records, reports and logs of actual use.

Documents provided in response confirmed the existence of these devices, but MSP claimed that the cost of retrieving and assembling the documents that disclose how five of the devices are being used is $544,680. The ACLU was then asked to pay a $272,340 deposit before the organization could receive a single document.

According to CelleBrite, the manufacturer of at least some of the devices acquired by MSP, the product can extract a wide variety of data from cellphones including contacts, text messages, deleted text messages, call history, pictures, audio and video recordings, phone details including the phone number and complete memory file dumps on some handsets.

2 Responses to The Michigan State Police are using portable devices to extract personal information from citizens smartphones

  • Cryptome released the CellBrite Cellphone Smartphone PDA Spy Guide today, April 20, 2011 (1.6MB)

  • Sad but true, thinking that your Fourth Amendment rights have been violated, most don’t even have a clue that while in the United States, no one gives a damn about your rights or if Obama has a birth certificate and where it was issued. The Constitution has no force and effect except in the political value thereof.

    If you are in the United States, as a U.S. citizen you only have limited civil rights and most of these are flushed down the toilet as often as you use it.

    Wake up, quit sucking on the hind tit of the corporation,if you want to restore this country to what you believed it is, read all the boring stuff and realize where you are at any why you are there. Only State Nationals, domiciled in one of the several states have any say ir rights.

    For We the People

    Ben Hadd,

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