(E.Nordstrom of FederalJack)   The official number of votes counted in the 2011 Iowa Straw Poll is 16,892. The general breakdown of the total is as follows:

4823 – Michelle Bachmann
4671 – Ron Paul
2293 – Pawlenty
1657 – Santorum
1456 – Cain
718 – Perry
567 – Romney
385 – Gingrich
69 – Huntsman
35 – McCotter

Ok, so let’s add up the votes (4823 + 4671 + 2293 + 1657 + 1456 + 718 + 567 + 385 + 69 +35 = 16,674). But wait a minute, the total votes counted were 16,892 right? So, of the total votes counted in the Iowa Straw Poll amounting to 16,892. The ten candidates listed above garnered 16,674. Well that leaves 218 votes unaccounted for.

So where did the remaining 218 votes go?

MSNBC has reported that the 218 is actually only 162 votes that are a “scattering” of ballots for candidates receiving less than one percent of the votes. Ok, fine, so who are these candidates? In addition, if as MSNBC is reporting it is only 162 and not 218, then where did the other 56 votes go? Hey! Let’s confuse the public even more!


Let’s move on shall we?

FOX News and most other news outlets seem to have solved this mystery. Instead of accuracy in reporting, they simply resort to saying, “Bachmann received 28 percent of the nearly 17,000 votes cast.” No need to count the votes, just say “nearly 17,000”.


To be very clear, Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Michele Bachmann only had 152 votes difference in the Straw Poll.

Bachmann wins by 152 votes, meanwhile 218 votes seem to be unaccounted for publicly. While I am sure there is a very good reason for the missing votes, this is precisely what causes distrust of government and the media.

One other mystery is why media outlets seem to erase Ron Paul from most headlines and instead replace him with Rick Perry.

Two good examples are the Washington Post who have an article posted entitled, “Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll as Perry jumps in” just below the title is a photo of Ron Paul.


Another one is from Salon with an article entitled, “Let the fight for the right begin” just below the title is a photo of Bachmann and Rick Perry, then below the photo the article begins with, “Technically, the margin of victory for Michele Bachmann at Saturday’s Iowa straw poll was slight, with second-place finisher Ron Paul falling just 152 votes (or 0.9 percentage points) short of her tally. But everyone knows that Paul is a niche candidate.”


In closing I suppose we have two mysteries.

1. Where are the 218 unaccounted for votes?
2. Why are media outlets replacing Ron Paul’s second place victory with Rick Perry?

I am sure you all have answers, feel free to comment in.


  • well. i don’t have an answer to 1.

    but an obvious answer to 2 is that we the people don’t own “our” media, and “our” media is not beholden to we the people. the people that own “our” media have vested interests in keeping dr paul out of the white house, even against the will of we the people.

  • The media is criminal. They wont win this battle! Americans are watching now!

  • Could be for David Duke.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • “They wont win this battle! Americans are watching now!”

    they’ve been watching tv, they are still watching and not doing, they have lost the battle, if they even knew there was a battle

  • Is it possible that the technocrasy elite of our present American “unelected government” once again, as it has for the last 5 presidential elections, blatantly rob the American people of their Constitutional right of a properly elected President of the United States? Will the autocratic elite seek to mislead the American people again by using the controlled, biased media portraying the favored Presidential candidate Ron Paul as not being the People’s choice. Nobody is fooled by the treasonous behavior of the corporate, executive, legislative and judicial elite. Continue such deceipt in this next election, and We The People will find our voice. And even the Hague may not be able to save you.

  • Has this ever happened in Iowa before? I mean, is this a normal percentage of unaccounted for votes? I will try to look this up myself, but if anybody else has an answer that would be great. This isn’t being petty. The MSM is going to lie, distort, and smear every step of the way. Those Aholes would be demanding a recount if Paul had won and 200 votes were missing. Get ready for the “Ron Paul had a fired campaign aid who told a racist joke 30 years ago” campaign, brought to you by Marty Peretz, the biggest lying racist in the world. They must be saving that one for crunch time.

  • were going to have to have like an overseear at the of ballot counting. The ONLY WAY TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING AGAIN.

  • I watched Fox coverage of the Iowa Straw Poll. I saw them cut off Ron Paul and go to commercial. WHAT? they are reporting a live event and they cut to commercial. Did they do that to anyone else? No…..SO what did thousands of others and I do, we changed the channel to C-SPAN and thousands of others watched UStream on their PC’s. The Mainstream media better pay attention, wake up and start reporting fair and honest. We The People are getting sick their games…..

  • Complete garbage, I was just watching the end of a little “news” update about the straw poll. At the end they concluded by saying “bachmann, perry, and romney are gonna have another chance to fight it out.” What happened to Ron Paul who barely lost this straw poll? I have seen this kind of b.s. in just about every piece of “news” I have come across. Completely irresponsible corrupted journalism. I hope this propaganda machine gets disassembled in the coming years. These people that go along with this shit are scum.

  • So who did count the votes? Is there someone watching them count and a second count to make sure of the totals.On the missing 218 votes.Any one see any type of Government official or some “men in black” contact any of the people responsible for counting the votes beforehand.As in making sure the count went the way they wanted it to go.

  • ok , so heres my 2 cents on this. a. obviously the math doesnt add up. But realize fox news was ready if paul won to make the entire state of iowa and all political events in the future be basically a laughing stock or worse . Iowa would never recover from what fox news was ready to do to those odd ball folks. By having Paul place second fox was willing to bring back how great the event is and roll out the winner. had paul won it would have shit canned all coverage and moved on to live coverage of rick perry taking a dump or rick perry picking out new shoes or rick perry eating a sandwich . sooner or later when we get this nomination were going to need other folks’s followers and supporters. It wont be rick perrys it wont be mitt for brains and it wont be fox news’s followers. Bachmann’s folks and cains are Our best shot and getting more rinocrats. that and a shit load of independents and democrats wanting to actually end the wars. so id say we let this terd counting go … am I wrong ? am I caving ?>

  • If they can make money out of nothing, they can certainly make straw poll votes out of nothing.

  • THIS is why we cancelled our Comcast cable two weeks ago, LIES and BS…. we decided to free our minds of the Propaganda, including FOX…. they all suck, they all lie and NONE of them will get our money, our thoughts or our attention.. We have decided to turn to the INTERNET ONLY FOR NEWS …. and then WE WILL TRULY DECIDE… the more I see the media HATE on Ron Paul, the more I want to support him…. this is worse than what they did to Palin.

  • It’s 152 votes NOT 162.

  • RON PAUL 2012……SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! tell anyone who will listen, tell them about this bullshit and what RP really stands for……don’t be fooled! It is up to US to get the word out…..peace

  • The “Jewish media spinning election funding machine” is pushing for Bachmann since she spent time on an Israeli kibbutz (a communistic agrarian camp) in the seventies and that she has made statements that would confirm that she’s a wacky Christian zionist who is commanded to be a slave for the Zionist cause.
    Ron paul isn’t.

  • Speaking of corrupt media, Law states that only USA Citizens can own/control media. Rupert Murd”cock came to Washington in front of Congress and Bingo in a week became a U.S.ofIsrael a instant citizen and allowed to buy out FOX’Jews. Did you know the parent company of FoxNewsmthe majority of ownership stock shares ( is over 80%),owned by–Saudia Arabia King’s family?
    two things of importance–USA is like a large ocean barge tanker–hard to steer, Having Ron Paul as a president and lonesome self and the rest of the crew rabidly effected ain’t going to turn America around. If Ron Paul tries to cut out spending or any of his ideas of not invading Iran– planned accidents/heart attack-he’ll end up in a pine box.along/beside JFK and before he is 76 :^/

  • dirty stinking filthy jew mice
    jews are the children of the devil

  • I’m getting used to the smell of corruption and fraud in the morning although there is a distinct odor of the barnyard when Fox News get’s into the mix. Just considering that the last 20+ years of elections have been fixed, what else does one expect? As long as the American people support the MSM by viewing them as honest and “unbiased” then you get what to ask for. Lies, fraud, corruption and slanted news. I say we demand to know where those missing votes are and forget the percentage ploy that Fox is trying to sell us. Read alternate news people not the biased garbage flaunted by the MSM.

  • Wait until the Florida Straw Poll, its the crookedest in the land. Ron Paul beat McCain a thousand to one but Songbird got the nomination. By the way, Mitt Romney flew in 25 family members on his private jet, had counterfeit voting tickets printed and even though they had no Florida ID, we filmed them voting up to 80 times each. They still had to flip the vote counts on the Sequoia touch screen machines to give Romney the victory.

    When we brought this up, we were threatened with physical violence. It seems this is how Republican polls, primaries and balloting has always been done in Florida. One good thing is that the head of the state Republican Party that I complained in vain to is now in prison.I’m sure he dipped his beak in the Romney bribe.

  • Michelee Bachmann has totally hijacked the tea party! She is nothing more than a Neocon Zionist shill.

  • I gave up on The TV 30 years ago, because you just have to listen to many voices radio , people on the street, etc, always be searching, Get the video cameras out record these crooks changing votes, etc expose them for who they are, let their own actions condemn them, Turn off the “nothing Box” TV for this campaign And begin to listen, put the TV networks out of business , stop getting hypnotized, Then we can round up the banksters and criminals in gubment and put them all in a mexican jail they don’t even deserve to be in jail in this country, Listen , Listen, Listen to voices, attitudes, actions, not a sales job on tv, the hypnosis will be gone and clearminds will prevail and the only candidate that makes sense will be elected, he would not be the total answer, but the best start among this set of mouthpieces to get the country on track again, so that the people will rejoice and see what freedom was meant to be again,

  • You guys ever hear of write-ins?

  • PLEASE everyone cancel your cable NOW! And flood the Fox networks as well as ALL the other faux news outlets with messages that we the people KNOW what they are up to.

  • I’ve been thinking for awhile now that in order to change Washington, we have to somehow change part of mainstream media. Any real ideas?

  • I like this site cause I don’t have to say anything. You guys are great! I’m just reading. I’m not a strong leader but I am a good follower..

  • Press treatment of Ron Paul is absolute proof and justification of “conspiracy theorists” around the world. In fact, next time someone calls me that I’ll pretend to cough and say under my hand….”Ron Paul”!!!

  • I didn’t read the comments so I am sure that I am just repeating what others have already said. I have been a fan of Ron Paul since the last round of elections where I voted for him in the primary. (Regrettably I went for Obama in the election.) The mainstream media despises Ron Paul because he threatens the militarism with his anti-war stance. He threatens the financial oligarchs with his stance against the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul did not vote for the war in Iraq; he did not vote for the bail outs of the banks; he did not vote for the Patriot Act. Ron Paul is not for the uber rich but for the saving of the middle class. Consequently, the mainstream media hates him and that says so much more about where they are coming from then anything else. What happens if the power of Ron Paul’s anti-war message, his anti-oligarchy message, and so on gets through anyway and ordinary people vote for him. There you have the answer for the missing votes: fraud. And what happens if it looks like he is about to win? How far would they go to prevent him from becoming president? All the Republican contenders with the exception of Paul make me nauseous and I would never vote for Obama again either. As Max Keiser says, we have a kleptocracy or maybe with some of these new candidates a theocracy and even to the religous this has no appeal. I could go on but won’t.

  • Reported shenanigans at the 1995 Iowa straw poll:

    Representatives from each candidate are supposed to be allowed to view the vote counting. In 1995 case, representatives from all but 2 candidates were barred from witnessing the vote count! I’m quite curious to know how it went down yesterday in Iowa.

  • Revolution is the Solution!

  • Blah, Blah, Blah, aren’t you as sick and tired of our politicians b.s. as I am. I can’t believe the incompatance in our government, their all just a bunch of hooligans looking out for their own pocket books and not being public servants at all! Tired of government and the phony media services in this country, all lies,lies and more lies! It is time for change and truth and yes we can handle the truth any and all of it but first you must realize that the truth will set us free but not before we get really pissed off from finding out just how bad our government has lied to we the people that they say they are protecting, PLEASE STOP GAGGING ME WITH CRAP!

  • If everyone starts calling all the news affiliates both local and national, this includes tv, radio and print, it will be hard to ignore us all. I’m on hold with ABC right now as I assume I will be for some time. Remember evil wins when good men do nothing.

  • Because Ron Paul is lunatic. He propogates your unfounded conspiracies and doesn’t believe Iran poses a threat to the world. Who cares if their planes can’t reach America? They can still bomb Israel, Germany, England. Let’s just sit back and let another maniac try to take over Europe. Worked well in WW2, we got Pearl Harbor. As for the polling data: maybe people make mistakes (counting error), or maybe the Iowa staw poll is an informal meaningless ploy at a local state fair (results probably counted by two-three high school educated farmers), or maybe (as you would all love to believe) the Iowa State Fair and straw poll is part of a vast conspiracy to draw attention to the next hand-picked leader of the country. Dumbasses.

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