(E.Nordstrom of FederalJack)   The official number of votes counted in the 2011 Iowa Straw Poll is 16,892. The general breakdown of the total is as follows:

4823 – Michelle Bachmann
4671 – Ron Paul
2293 – Pawlenty
1657 – Santorum
1456 – Cain
718 – Perry
567 – Romney
385 – Gingrich
69 – Huntsman
35 – McCotter

Ok, so let’s add up the votes (4823 + 4671 + 2293 + 1657 + 1456 + 718 + 567 + 385 + 69 +35 = 16,674). But wait a minute, the total votes counted were 16,892 right? So, of the total votes counted in the Iowa Straw Poll amounting to 16,892. The ten candidates listed above garnered 16,674. Well that leaves 218 votes unaccounted for.

So where did the remaining 218 votes go?

MSNBC has reported that the 218 is actually only 162 votes that are a “scattering” of ballots for candidates receiving less than one percent of the votes. Ok, fine, so who are these candidates? In addition, if as MSNBC is reporting it is only 162 and not 218, then where did the other 56 votes go? Hey! Let’s confuse the public even more!


Let’s move on shall we?

FOX News and most other news outlets seem to have solved this mystery. Instead of accuracy in reporting, they simply resort to saying, “Bachmann received 28 percent of the nearly 17,000 votes cast.” No need to count the votes, just say “nearly 17,000”.


To be very clear, Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Michele Bachmann only had 152 votes difference in the Straw Poll.

Bachmann wins by 152 votes, meanwhile 218 votes seem to be unaccounted for publicly. While I am sure there is a very good reason for the missing votes, this is precisely what causes distrust of government and the media.

One other mystery is why media outlets seem to erase Ron Paul from most headlines and instead replace him with Rick Perry.

Two good examples are the Washington Post who have an article posted entitled, “Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll as Perry jumps in” just below the title is a photo of Ron Paul.


Another one is from Salon with an article entitled, “Let the fight for the right begin” just below the title is a photo of Bachmann and Rick Perry, then below the photo the article begins with, “Technically, the margin of victory for Michele Bachmann at Saturday’s Iowa straw poll was slight, with second-place finisher Ron Paul falling just 152 votes (or 0.9 percentage points) short of her tally. But everyone knows that Paul is a niche candidate.”


In closing I suppose we have two mysteries.

1. Where are the 218 unaccounted for votes?
2. Why are media outlets replacing Ron Paul’s second place victory with Rick Perry?

I am sure you all have answers, feel free to comment in.


  • cnn fox abc cnbc ect. you guy’s are the puppets for the global elites the new world order. the sold out mainstream media talking heads sock puppets. bet your kids are so proud of you. teaching thm good morrel high ground like not telling the truth ,hurting people ,aiding and abeding the enemy which starts all of these unconstitutional wars (excuse me a connetic action )were in.the old false flag attacks . cause the crisis offer the solution. get real i know my history .yes so many things to be proud of .but i can understand why you have been not reporting the truth on the ron paul issue. after looking at his application you see right off. he doesnt have the normal requirements for the president of the usa. matter of fact looks more like a application for sainthood 20 some years airforce serving his country. 35 plus years serving the citizens of the usa as a senator and congressman with a allmost not real looking track record never voted on a tax increase never voted on anything that would violate are constitutional rights. married for 50 years yes 50 and to the same woman wow. oh yea and he’s a doctor imagine this. so be very easy to think he dropped his application off for sainthood in the wrong b box cause clearly has way more experience than required for this position.

  • One suggestion that I’d like to make (in addition to dumping your television), is to hand write all of your communications with elected officials. You can bet that in their eyes we are all just SPAM and most likely deleted before the message is even read. Although I must admit I have received more than one “form letter” from the office of my representative, and as sure as his salary is a waste of taxpayers’ money, the form letters never even offer a hint of the subject I was contacting them about.

    If you don’t write elected treasonists, it is a good time to start. IF 5% of the population sent a written letter via snail mail once a week to a congressmutt, that would be in excess of 15,ooo,ooo letters a week. Ten percent would be better and so on. If nothing else our call would be heard. You don’t even have to write anything just send the envelope with a blank piece of paper. That is appropriate considering that is all that we get from them.

    I urge everyone to contact congress and do so frequently and tell someone you know to do so also. Another reason for not e-mailing these purveyors of traitoristic values is that it is about as private as a restroom at a Greyhound bus station.

    Soon they are going to realize that they have pissed on the wrong nest!

  • The wealthy and the powerful are required to SLAP the slaves directly in the face, that is one of the iron clad rules of the powerful and wealthy top tier elites.

    They tell U.S. that about the same amount of votes are missing … as the amount of votes that separate Ron Paul and Bachmann … SLAP, SLAP ! , SLAP ! ! !

    And the SUCKERS and the SLAVES lie down, and whimper and cry. And the world turns round and round and the rich and powerful laugh and order drinks at the country club.

  • Ron Paul is the anti-thesis to the NWO. That is why I voted for him in 2008 and will again in 2012. I’d much rather America returns to it’s original founding doctrines (with the new amendments remaining of course) than lose our culture, nationalism, and American way of life. If we simply reversed 90% of the policies that lawmakers have made since Reagan was in office we would be on a much better track I think.

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