A List of The Clinton’s Dead Friends


(FEDERALJACK)   Here is a list of the Clinton’s dead friends, bodyguards, and other people surrounding them and the circumstances about their deaths.


15 Responses to A List of The Clinton’s Dead Friends

  • Mafia tactics at the highest levels in our government!?

    Remember, Slick Willy also has blood on his hands from Waco, TX, and Serbia, among others!!!

  • holy shit man. wtf??

  • Not surprised. Evil Scum.

  • This is to much, we the people are a bunch of cowards. I just want to know what the hell the American gun owners are waiting for. If you don’t act just give the dam guns back and don’t use the 2nd amendment as a excuse to be playing target in the back yard with your big boys toys, driving me crazy and not to let the babies sleep.

  • is there a text doc of this list because this vid takes time others don’t have the patience for.

  • I hear rumor Clinton is related to the Rockefellers…. true ? They do have a fond relationship nonetheless….

  • He is a Rockefeller

  • If Bill Clinton could get laws changed and run today he would win the election for president again "THIS IS THE SORRY STATE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" . "PEOPLE GET THE GOVERNMENT THEY DESERVE", just as another old saying holds true "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it". The ideology of the government is far different then during the last depression there was no trickle down during the FDR plan, though works programs the government put money in the working peoples hands to build a true economy. The FDR plan was not prefect but it sure beats the ideas of today TARP , Quantum easing, all lies ,robbing "WE THE PEOPLE" blind. Why hasn’t the Glass Steagall act been put back in place, the act FDR backed in 1932, that protected the nation till Clinton in 1999, with the help of the Republicans removed the act. Knowing that an unregulated financial system was the cause of the last depression. Clinton set us up for this in 1999 and still their are no laws in place to stop the stealing in the financial industry, who are still robbing the people blind . But very few know BECAUSE THEY DO NOT REMEMBER HISTORY, if Clinton could run again he would win "PEOPLE GET THE GOVERNMENT THEY DESERVE.

  • It’s nice to see that someone else remembers Waco. Between that massacre and Ruby Ridge, I really began to loathe Janet Reno and the Clintons. I remember the recession was soooo bad during Clinton’s reign and now we are seeing that again, too.

  • Maybe if she had been better at undertaking fellatio, she would not be such a heartless bitch now

  • Yet he refused to give the order to take out Bin Laden 3 times when he had the chance.

  • Some; do not know the Mentor for Hillary and Obama. His name is; Saul Alinski. Reading his book, Rules For Radicals, is a must if you want to understand the reason; dictating their way of thinking. The Republican Leaders; would also be very wise to read; Rules For Radicals; and gain knowledge in fighting the Democrats.

  • Don’t ever Trust the Clinton’s or any Lib

  • This is amazing…I don’t know any people who have had this many acquaintances and friends in their lives who have died by suicides and suspicious deaths surrounding them. strange, but could happen to a co rupt group much like the clintons…I became suspicious of them after the Vince foster death…they said he shot himself, yet they know that he did not die where they found his body, there was no blood found at the scene…so, who moved his body?

  • Yet the feds do nothing and in fact help in the cover up of these murders. Just what one would expect from the crooked democrats.

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