The Casey Anthony Distraction

(BOB TUSKIN)   Many have caught on to the most recent distraction, Casey Anthony. This article will serve to illustrate the various elements of  this distraction.

This, as with many of the other media fluff, is not necessarily distracting from a certain issue or issues, its purpose is a bit more complex. It follows a trend of programming, playing on emotions, namely fear.

Everyone reading this with the exception of the “pedophile powers that shouldn’t be”, Has an emotional reaction to the Casey Anthony story. The energy vampires understand this, and they allow for the trauma to fester in peoples mind.

This plants a seed, allowing for your mind to fantasize about a select issue, that is more like “reality” TV than news.

The all seeing eye CBS reported “Casey Anthony cried, dabbed her eyes with a tissue and looked away as pictures of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee’s skull were displayed in the courtroom Thursday morning.”

This is News? It may touch on emotions I have no doubt, but is this worthy of the amount of energy and resources spent on it?

I could list the multitude of real issues that are not covered at all or destroyed by the 5 minute attention span…

Mass Pedophile rings with elite involvement…

According to the National Center For Missing & Exploited children “800,000 children younger than 18 are missing each year, or an average of 2,000 children reported missing each day.”

Yet we see the media obsess with that one or two poster children, ie Natalie Holloway, JonBenét Ramsey, and Casey Anthony.

So PR firms aka the mainstream media control minds using these stories to keep you captivated.

Never mind covering the CNP or Bilderberg meetings, they have ample content with the Casey Anthony Story. One persons situation trumps reports of mass murder in Israel and the Blue Blood’s plans of debt slavery and eugenics.

Did they forget about Fukushima?

My list of important things could go on and on but, I think it is clear that there are so many more important things to cover.

Learn about gardening, don’t get caught up in the distractions.

4 Responses to The Casey Anthony Distraction

  • Bob you are absolutely correct.Distractions from so many horrible crimes perpetrated on the viewers of these very propaganda machines.Senseless wars;Global takeover power plays;Monsanto crimes against humanity chemtrails;Fukushima has gone into unknown territory with 3 melt throughs increase in infant mortality may be linked to fallout!And so many of these people go about there mundane lives absolutely oblivious.Sorry to get on a rant;consider me a new listener..thanks for your work; VJ.

  • I quit watching mainstream media news years ago not only because of their biased, dishonest reporting but because of all the nonsense and distractions. I quit watching most of Fox News about a year ago for the same reasons. While the treasonously corrupt politicians, bankers, CEO’s and media talking heads steal us blind and intentionally destroy this once great country they give us endless, nauseating coverage of Natalie Holloway, Casey Anthony, Michael Jackson, the Royal Weddings along with their other Royal nonsense. The lamestream media is done and sorry to tell Fox, but any station that regularly features seriously flawed people like Al Sharpton, Karl Rove, Ellis Hennican, Kirsten Powers, Alan Colmes, Rumsfeld, and any of the Bush’s or Clinton’s, is only fair and balanced at feeding us nonsense. I don’t have the time for any more of their bs.

  • finally i see someone who feels the same way i do about this case. this case is boring and by the way who is casey anthony? she is no one special, she wasn’t on any movies, talk shows, commericals, etc. i just don’t know what makes her so special? there is way more interesting stories out there than hers, so why are they making such a big deal over her case? her case appears to be bigger and covered way more than the oj trail. and i know something fishy is going on because whenever i try to give a negative comment, like i am doing now, it won’t let me post my comment. all i know that this it is so clear that this is nothing but a distraction and i am scared of what is really going on in this world right now to have such a distaction.

  • this is a fake. it’s nothing but a distraction by the government cause the government is up to something and they want everyones attention on casey anthony. everyone i know really are not in to this case either but, it is in your face so much that it is hard to ignore. i dont know what the government is up to and i dont even care, i am just making a comment. i really dont care what the government does, cause i trust them 100% with my life and future. all this has to take place in order for us to move to the next level. i say it is okay whatever the government is doing to benefit themselves or to benefit us. but there are a lot of people that would put up a fight, so i am guessing this is why they have to distract the ignorant, the weak, the uneducated, with a casey anthony story. and no i am not mind controlled. and just cause i have tattoos of the all seeing eye and of a phoniex bird, doesn’t mean i am mind controlled. i just understand the truth and the truth looks bad, but it is not bad, it is good, for our protection, and from GOD, believe it or not! I Love You!!!!!

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