The Bilderberg Group – Most powerful elite will meet in Athens

 Except for the 30-35 permanent members of the Bilderberg Club, the list of invited people change every year depending on who can influence the developments on the international scene. On the meeting will be present also the management of NATO, politicians, publishers, and journalists.

“The silence law” is the first rule, which all invited to the world of Bilderberg must abide to. This is why the daily schedule remains secret but the current events leave no doubt that the main topic of discussion will be the global economic crisis.

The history of Bilderberg Club passes through secret meetings in distant hotels and discussions, which no one learns about. The three day meetings in the club are covered by a veil of mystery and many conspiracy theories start, which create different hypothesis for the activities in the club. “Times” daily newspaper writes that “the Bilderberg Club is the camarilla of the richest economically and politically powerful people in the Western world, who meet in secret, in order to plan events, which later on just happen.”

The headquarters of the club is in the Dutch city Leiden, and the first meeting of the club takes place in May of 1954 in Hotel Bilderberg, which name has the club. The main rules are that the meetings continue for three days from 08:00am until 08:00pm with a small lunch break. For each topic, the orators have five minutes to put forward their arguments and after that, the rest have 2 minutes each for a comment.

The key figure in founding this club was Joseph Retinger, who is the supporter of the economical and military unification idea of Europe. By using his strong connections, Retinger realizes his idea for a secret meeting, where all discussions are done behind closed doors. He remains the secretary of the club until his death in 1960.


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