Anunnaki means : ” Those who from Heaven came to Earth ”

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  • the big picture is like a real life horror movie!

  • very interesting vid ,it would be nice to use more them 10 per cent of the brain as well.i wonder what we could to then,i have also seen what appear to be a star at first, it started moving and then split in three sections into a triangle ,then traveled a bit like that and formed back together and then seemed to go move on in a triangler line in space ,this was in second valley forest south australia when i was camping ,i found out later from a ufo researcher in adelaide 3 other people seen it ,and one got a pic it was like a ball of light.a few months ago i seen a silver ball type thing with a black bottom as i was looking at a chemtrail jet ,the silver ball seemed still then it started moving slow ,i looked away for a second ,looked back and it was gone.this was in valley forge pa. i found other reports of these ball things on the net ,reports of black ones as well and bolting across the sky ,if you go out on a clear night and that is not as often with the poison chem clouds covering the sky,around 4 to 5 in the morning look up and sometimes there are small lights moving across the sky one night i seen like 8 in a hour .we are not alone !

  • It’s good to see others interested in the Sumerian history. For those who want the real truth, take time to actually read all of Zechariah Sitchin’s books. You’ll be amazed at how our true history has been distorted, hidden, edited, etc.

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