Texas Man Detained In Psych Ward, Nursing Home Without Due Process

 Texas Man Detained In Psych Ward, Nursing Home Without Due Process

(FEDERALJACK)   A man says that after he drove himself to a hospital for a surgery, social workers detained him against his will and he was then put into a psychiatric ward, and ultimately a nursing home. In a wild exhibition of state power, the man has been a prisoner without due process and no way to free himself. On February 21st, Charlie Fink, of Arlington, Texas, drove himself to Methodist Richardson Medical Center for a scheduled hernia surgery. Fink, 85, was scheduled to leave three days later. But to his dismay, he was locked in a room against his will and told he may not leave.

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  • National-wide asset stripping operations conducted under the color of law. Billions of Dollars are involved. When the elderly have to be admitted to the hospital for one thing or another they are being questioned about their “paperwork”. If they are found to NOT HAVE a will, a durable power of attorney AND a Directive to Physicians AND have no identified family members (siblings, children) they are whisked into the states’ guardianship programs and placed in out-of-the-way nursing homes as quickly as possible, usually never even allowed to attend their own commitment hearings. As unwilling “wards” of the state, their liquid assets are immediately accessed to pay court-appointed guardians, attorneys and others. As soon as their liquid assets have been used to pay for court-appointed “servicers” any real estate they have is sold to raise even more cash, leaving them to die in the nursing home. This is not a one-off instance.

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