Terror cops to carry SAS assault rifles over fears of gun battles in street

Armed police are to routinely carry SAS assault rifles over fears of running gun battles in the streets with terrorists.

Armed police are to routinely carry SAS assault rifles over fears of running gun battles in the streets with terrorists.

(MIRROR)   Nearly 250 extra Scotland Yard marksmen have been trained on the high velocity Heckler & Koch G36 giving a massive increase in firepower.

The 5.56mm calibre gun will be issued to all Armed Response Vehicles, after security chiefs warned there will not be time to scramble the SAS in a Mumbai-style assault on London.

Instead, Met marksmen, who patrol 24 hours a day, will be sent on what is “effectively a search and destroy mission”. Research on the Indian attacks last December, where Islamists with AK-47s killed 166 civilians, showed most victims in hotels died within 30 minutes of capture.

And police now believe it may be safer to storm a building immediately.

A police insider said: “The gunmen just wanted to kill as many people as possible. Once you’ve decided you can’t wait you are left with only one option – you have go in and get them.

“And the first officers on the scene have got to have the firepower to deal with whatever is thrown at them.”

Just 100 police specialists previously carried the G36. The rifle, which fires 750 rounds a minute, will be set to single shot due to guidelines and kept in ARVs for serious incidents only.

The Met confirmed: “The weapon will now be available to every armed response team, but there is no specific threat to London at this time.”

We need geeks to be police

Computer nerds are needed as police officers to tackle online villains it was claimed yesterday.

Greater Manchester Chief Constable Peter Fahy said existing detectives also needed to be trained to fight the rising tide of computer fraud, ID theft and other hitech cons. Mr Fahy said while traditional offences were falling, villains “with half a brain” were fast moving into e-crime instead.

He added: “It’s a very different world to Dixon of Dock Green [above]. You will have a different force in future, people good at computers.”

The G36 is a German 5.56mm assault rifle, designed in the early 1990s by Heckler & Koch (H&K) and brought into service with the German Army in 1997

The weapon can be stripped & re-assembled without tools through a system of cross-pins. For cleaning, the G36 disassembles into four groups: receiver housing, return mechanism, bolt carrier & trigger group

It can hold 30 rounds normally or an additional magazine can be fitted carrying 100 rounds

It has a fixed notch sight but can carry telescopic sights. It is gas operated and can be adapted to fire rocket grenades.


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